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Video: Tory social care minister squirms as interviewer keeps asking why she voted against pay rise for nurses

Whatever you think of Piers Morgan, he did his job here

Tory Social Care minister Helen Whately

Tory MP and social care minister Helen Whately squirmed visibly this morning when Piers Morgan wouldn’t stop asking her whether she voted against a pay rise for the nurses she claims she values so highly.

As she tried to wriggle out of a straight answer, Morgan kept asking – and when she finally admitted that she did, he listed a string of other shows of Tory contempt for NHS staff on the front-line of the battle to save patients from the coronavirus – no testing, no PPE, no protection – and played footage of Tories cheering as they won the vote to block a pay rise for NHS staff:

Love Morgan or hate him, the UK needs more of this kind of interview from its broad, instead of the usual supine acceptance of whatever misleading drivel and excuses Tory mouthpieces choose to spout – or even worse, making their arguments for them.

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  1. All very well.

    Yet there wasn’t a peep from ANYONE in the MSM about it (Toerag reaction) at the time.

    Moron – Never the vanguard; forever the opportunist.

  2. Will you play it tomorrow, moron?

    …And Friday?

    …and next Monday?

    …And Tuesday?

    Ad infinitum, until the bastards crumble?

    nope. what you’ll do is carry on with the stories of those particular days until another opportunity – one should you hhave taken at the time, like this one – comes up to set yourself as some sort of ”people’s champion”.

  3. As for the MP

    …ANOTHER one begins EVERY fucking sentence with: ‘So…’


      1. Yes, it has the effect of completely ignoring what someone else has just said and can sound very dismissive, like the speaker is heroically getting the conversation back on topic after whatever irrelevant thing the other person has just been saying, as though the speaker thinks his/her opinion is so much more valid than what the other person has just said.

        It’s actually probably just a stalling tactic, while the speaker collects their thoughts and/or nerve (a bit like starting a sentence “Umm…” or “Err…”), though I suspect it has really arisen out of our increasingly narcissistic environment.

  4. Let’s not forget that had our wonderful ex-leader NOT forced the PLP to vote against austerity and for the interests of the 99% (the working class), the vote would have had a near-unanimous majority.

    The centrism of Harman, Miliband, Cooper and Blair is as reactionary as anything produced by the British Union of Fascists, Putin, Trump, Farage or Johnson.

    A transition to socialism and a dynamic economy which better serves the Many should be the single objective of the Labour Party. Did you hear that Sir Keir?

  5. Morgan may be an obnoxious git at times but at least he can ask questions and follow up and challenge politician’s often pathetic answers. The BBC thinks its prime job is to give government ministers an easy ride and polish their ego. Mind you the BBC are shit scared of offending anyone these days. The most ridiculously overpaid bureaucracy, self satisfied, arrogant and patronising bunch you can ever meet. Making them a subscription service could teach the complacent bastards a lesson. Can you imagine if the government passed a law saying Sky was compulsory and you could be jailed if you didn’t pay your monthly fee!? That’s what the BBC enjoys and they need shaking up. The living example of ‘arrogant metropolitan elite’.

  6. It’s purely incidental that Mercenary Morgan happens to be asking tough questions of a hapless Tory.

    His primary focus will be – as he breaks off to check the hits and the viewing stats and the approval ratings – “How’s my media career faring? Will this get me a more lucrative prime time spot somewhere else…?”

  7. To indicate that I like Piers Morgan in any way would be an exaggeration, but I enjoy the fact that he annoys Guardian readers & Ian Hislop, but there are many other TV presenters who get my nomination as ‘Personal Opinionated’ Journalist of the year.

    Last night on BBC’s News Night, Kirsty Wark echoed the populist ideology that ‘old people’ are a price worth paying to start the economy & the elderly must be made to pay for the protection received in this economic mess. She believes that the young have been made to pay for mistakes made by privileged baby-boomers in the quest for inter-generational fairness & the old must pay. One example she gave was young people have to pay to go to university, but baby boomers got grants.

    Dear Ms. Wark, most baby-boomers were never given the opportunity to attend University.

    1. Boomers undoubtedly had economic advantages over their kids’ and grandkids’ generations but like their parents they’d expected to be able to leave society in a better condition for their kids than they’d found it.
      They had no idea of the evils Thatcherism would wreak, they just wanted the electricity back on.
      In the late 70’s it was nowhere near as easy to buy a house & raise a family on a single skilled man’s wage with the wife at home as it had been for our parents in the 1950’s.
      I didn’t blame my parents for that, I blamed successive governments favouring the rich. I still do because it’s still true.
      Neoliberals hiding untaxed trillions offshore while propagandising a poorly-educated youth that “greed works!” (and that their own parents are to blame for their poverty) is still the problem today.
      Save the planet – torpedo a superyacht.

      1. All baby boomers are from the same social class & therefore enjoy the same privileges? This is a joke!

        I was raised by my grand parents who could never afford to buy a house (but they did have an allotment). Both my parents were unskilled & had numerous jobs, usually @ the same time. My dad was a professional footballer for some years @ Carlisle & Huddersfield, with Bill Shankley. I seldom saw them. except occasionally @ weekends (usually Sundays).

        We never had a bathroom (galvanised bath hung on kitchen wall); no washing machine (large sink & mangle); no fridge (larder); no TV (until late 1960s). Only time I showered was when I played football.

        The make do & mend generation from the working classes suffered excruciating poverty & austerity in the 1950s & early 60s. Full employment did not mean decent wages.Yes, they never had it so good says Tory MacMillan, closer to the truth, the poor never had it at all. Only the bourgeoisie prospered.

        Nobody went to grammar school; nobody went to University. My grandmother had 3 cleaning jobs even in her 70s, but would still scrape the horse manure from the road after the brewery dray horses delivered to the pubs. Now the elite smug middle classes, oozing wealth from a lifetime of privileges & careers in MSM are demanding more. “Just gimmie some truth!”

  8. It takes no genius at all to figure out that public anger at Tory greed and incompetence is growing and jump on the bandwagon.
    I never watch him but my impression is he’s the type that calculates the populist line on every issue before deciding on which side to pontificate.

    1. Is public anger at Tory greed and incompetence growing? I really hope you are right David McNiven but I can see little evidence that this is the case.

  9. ”Mind you the BBC are shit scared of offending anyone these days.”

    That the bbc have commissioned several series of ‘citizen khan’ instead of strangling it at conception, merely because they’re shit scared it’ll offend Asian communities if it was pulled, offends me.

    Even Asian people I know find it as amusing as an unflushed toilet.

    Back to topic….

    Let’s see moron pull hancock about the payrise vote cheers. Not as if he hasn’t had a chance to previously, is it?

  10. More remarkably three Labour representatives ,including M r Starmer,have been interviewed on the BBC this morning and anti semitism has not been mentioned once. How different from when ,for example ,Nick Robinson,would be interviewing a Labour MP about something like broadband he would always finish the interview by saying “while you are here I must ask you about this latest anti semitism scandal”. Still I suppose the latest scandal doesn’t fit their narrative.

  11. Steve,
    Absolutely agree.
    There was another report the other day from some ‘ think tank ‘ that stated that the Government should cancel the triple lock on state pension. In this way Pensioners would contribute toward the Government /NHS who have especially protected them in this Coronavirus pandemic.
    Couldn’t believe how anyone could come out with such a statement
    when MSM is full of the neglect, old people are suffering at the moment.And are in fact being sacriced.
    Lambs to the slaughter.

  12. I’m no fan of Morgan, but my God he’s not holding back on his interrogation of Tory ministers who appear on GMB, thinking all they have to do is trot out meaningless ( wrong) statistics and platitudes and sound bites.
    None of them have done their homework and in possession of facts.
    Lazy, ignorant and arrogant Ministers, proving once again they hold the public in contempt.

  13. It comes to something doesn’t it when P. Morgan is more vocal, more accurate and more incisive than many, or most of our MP’s when taking on the Tories. But then, the most preferred attributes for a LP MP these days seems to be their ability to say little, be humble, be ‘kind and gentle’.
    Presumably this is one of the unwritten rules referred to regarding the LP gentry and fellow travelers which says, ‘Do what you’re told, don’t rock the boat and just take the money’. Glad to say we’ve some honourable exceptions in Lpool. I hope they’re going to be very vocal, though still waiting……

  14. The Coronavirus Crisis
    Government Not Classing Over-60s As At-Risk as UK Not a ‘Developing Nation’
    David Hencke
    15 April 2020
    Why is the UK only defining those over-70 as requiring shielding during the Coronavirus pandemic, in contradiction to guidance from the World Health Organisation?

    The Government is diverging from World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines to treat people over 60 as requiring shielding from COVID-19 because it believes that the guidance should only apply to developing nations and not the UK.

  15. This is very odd. Why are so many members of the party so surprised and offended by the actions of the ruling class? I mean, really. How many people voted. for Max Headroom? Was there a left winger for people to organise around. Corbon had half a million behind him and the outcome was a bloody defeat. Your comrades are being expelled during lockdown yet still some believe that the left can win the party and Country. They will not be allowed to do so, not ever. The left from wherever needs a real rethink because they have only begun to attack the workers and we are defenceless. I have no idea how we go on from here. I’m old and in the way dnr. Give the youth the baton. A clean slate uncorrupted and willing to stand out for Socialism. I will listen to all ideas but not from Labour. Stay safe comrades.

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