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Here are the flights arriving tomorrow from virus hotspots – with no checks on passengers

Flights continue into the UK from the world’s worst-hit coronavirus hotspots. There are no checks on incoming passengers, making a mockery of the government’s ‘lock-down’. Here are tomorrow’s arrivals at Heathrow

As the SKWAWKBOX has reported, flights continue to arrive every day from the world’s hardest-hit coronavirus hotspots.

The UK is entering its fourth week of lock-down, with constant calls on UK residents to respect social distancing and travel restrictions even around their own towns, the government is allowing flights to arrive daily from even the places with the highest infection and death rates.

Without a single check on the health and coronavirus status of those arriving – not even a simple temperature check:

The flights arriving into Heathrow tomorrow are as follows:

New York is currently the world’s worst affected, with mass graves shown yesterday on BBC News, while Iran and Madrid have long been hard hit.

Yet the government is allowing passengers from those areas straight into the UK, unchecked, making a mockery of the nationwide lock-down.

The Tories are trying to create the impression of action against the coronavirus, but any examination of their behaviour shows that they are still recklessly pursuing their eugenics-driven ‘herd immunity‘ plan.

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  1. “Escape From New York” flights won’t be full, it’ll just be first class ticket holders spread well apart around the plane. I wonder if the ones slumming it in tourist class seats will get a discount? Or pay less of a premium, which amounts to the same thing.
    Very good business for the airlines – pilots and in-flight maidservants not so much.
    Rich folk are different to us anyway – it’s the poor who spread disease, not the rich, and when they get here they’ll be sealed up tighter than a frog’s arse in their well-guarded mansions.

  2. Are the Tories incompetent or are there other reasons why this gov’t sat on their hands for well over a month & still allows flights to arrive unchecked from Covid 19 hot spots from all over the world?

    If “it’s the economy stupid,” How soon will international Banksters announce a decision that hard choices will have to be made & the world economy starts again, only this time, with a workforce more desperate for jobs. The price of labour will be drastically cut as the gig economy; zero hours contracts & self employment become the norm in a global, labour saturated market. The 1st rule of economics is supply & demand…..this applies to the price of labour too.

    Large corporations have already been catered for as Quantative Easing allows them to buy back their own shares @ zero interest. Markets are awash with cheap money, but with little investment. Wages have been stagnant for generations & ‘zombie Banks’ can recapitalise. Time to cull the herd, but who will pay the price?

  3. A mockery of the lockdown indeed. It’s either breathtaking incompetence, or deliberately herd immunity driven. It’s quite tempting to think of the whole Hancock fiasco being quite deliberately planned, a minutely choreographed Norman Wisdom type ‘falling over all the time’ comedy cover, for the serious business of ensuring, one way or another, that the virus spreads in the population, as planned from the start. Except they aren’t really competent enough to plan something like that and execute it so well, it isn’t funny, and Hancock doesn’t have his cap on sideways…

  4. Shit, Macron’s going on about re-animation now.
    That explains the phone call in French at 5 o’clock this morning and Milla taking the ‘heavy’ bags into that black van.
    She prob’ly just didn’t want to worry me with the “Z” word.

  5. Just when are the opposition parties going to ask the Govt. just what they’re playing at?…..What’s going on here?…

  6. Needs a FOI request to border force as to numbers entering/transiting and their origin airports/nationality; some of the flights will be mainly for other reasons (belly cargo, slot protection, keeping aircraft and crew in certification), but passenger numbers will give a fuller picture beyond the kneejerk outrage.

    Also looking at flightradar24/ there are a number of private aircraft still flying (mostly non essential).

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