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New ONS release reveals 237 health staff and 47 teachers killed by virus in England and Wales up to three weeks ago

New figures hint at scale of Tory cover-up of front-line deaths

The latest ONS mortality statistics for England and Wales show that 237 health and care workers and 47 teachers have been killed by the coronavirus up to 23 April – deaths in the three weeks since are not included.

The government’s admitted figures at the time did not remotely reflect this reality.

The government only told the NHS to start recording staff deaths separately almost a week later – despite Matt Hancock being forced to admit almost a month earlier that he had no idea how many nurses had died and being told that the NHS was not recording them:

The latest ONS figures and the government’s ‘back to work, back to school’ shambles this week put beyond any sensible doubt that the Tories have no concern for the wellbeing of either the people of the UK or of the front-line heroes who care for them and their children.

They do, of course, care about covering their backsides and avoiding accountability.

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  1. All deaths are tragic but as was found with the figures for the ” pandemic ” for the fatalities so far there is very little if any differentiation in the figures for the fatalities. For example, how had previous primary health condition such as heart problems, respiratory problems or cancer? How many were over the age of 60 ? How many died solely from Corona -19 ? Are there any figures from the ONS and the myriad of other sources which seem to be compiling this information which have statistics which actually differentiate the different probabilities for the causes of these tragic deaths?

    1. OK so tell me just how many Nurses / Dtrs and health care workers died this time last year in our NHS . You just need to use your own eyes and brain never mind any of the figures quoted to realise this is NOT NORMAL .
      Although I understand the need to question this lying turd of a Govt , you also have to be very careful not to undermine the reality of those deaths and so ” normalise”them .The length and depth of the pandemic in our society , enhanced by the utter murderous insanity of Cummings and Johnsons decisions is by any standards not normal .
      It is notable that the WHO figures this morning ( the ones that the Govt are reporting ) is showing a decrease in the new deaths and more importantly a decease in the new infections rate , it will be interesting to note those figures in 2 or 3 weeks time after the fuckwits omni-shambles diktat of back to work everyone .

  2. My stepdaughter is in the process of making arrangements to ‘get married’ Her fiance’s mother died 2 weeks ago in hospital, from ‘respiratory failure’. 2 days ago his father developed similar symptoms & 1st contacted ‘privatised NHS 111 & told that his father should take paracetamol. He ‘phoned an ambulance instead, but his father died ‘untested’ within hours, from ‘respiratory failure’ in hospital, not Covid 19

    1. Dear Steve Richards, so very sad to read of your stepdaughter’s fiancé’s double loss in such short time. Condolences to them and you too. R.I.P. to the deceased.

      Steve, tragically your experience is similar to many. Particularly the privatised 111 failure, the “take paracetamol” response, and his death soon after recorded as “respiratory failure” and not Covid-19.

      His death Steve, will not be reflected in the official figures, as he like several thousands were deliberately untested.

      The official UK figures of tested deaths to date 12 May will be near 43,100. There is a lag in certification so expect the ANNOUNCED figures to be nearer 40,500. The TRUE figure though, ie EXCESS deaths to date, may actually be near 51,000 in the UK. R.I.P. to all of them.

  3. …………I wonder what would have happened if BoJo had dialed 111? Would he have been advised to just take paracetamol?

    1. Steve, he would have been rushed to St Thomas’ and given the best care….unlike over FIFTY thousand EXCESS UK deaths up to 1st May. In some weeks there were as many as EIGHT THOUSAND EXCESS DEATHS per week.

      Care home and community EXCESS deaths will increase tragically in the next months. This to be expected as without adequate timely testing and early availability of ADEQUATE PPE, Care homes have been made warm petri dishes of Covid-19.

      Additionally, as care home core staff are extremely poorly paid, they often work two or three jobs to survive. Workers are not lazy as Edwina Currie, Duncan-Smith, johnson always imply. ALL core workers should be paid much more. At least three times as much in my opinion. But, “the many” have been trained to undervalue their ESSENTIAL service. Neither bankers nor MPs are palmed off with the sexist drivel that theirs is a vocation.

      ANYWAY, since essential workers go from “petri dish” to “petri dish”, all very warm for the well being of elderly and many sedentary residents, the staff act unwittingly as super SUPER spreaders amongst the most vulnerable. Lets not forget, they have their own families who are then at increased risk.

      All above are pretty basic and obvious, to most people, even Tories. I believe they chose to ignore the obvious OR they are the most incompetent and dimmest of people.

      It is understandable that many may think the latter, ie this Tory outfit are the most incompetent and dimmest of people. Think of this. For the many who only listen on radio, what level of intellect would choose, for several weeks running, to use slides of graphs, then say, if you look at this and that, it shows this and that❓❓❓

      Not once have i heard the “scientist” or the minister present information for the listener. It is the equivalent of a sports commentator on radio saying nothing that gives the listener info other than THEIR interpretation of the score. Not who scored. Not how many goals or runs.

      Thats the embarrassing quality of this lamentable murderous government and the “scientist” they choose to follow. Prepare to see most of the jokers in the honours list. Honours for securing thousands of deaths. Honours for criminal joint enterprise. Honours for incompetence. Honours for callous deadly negligence. Anyone could do better.🌹🌹🌹

  4. Rob, let’s look at which organisation started the ball rolling by calling it a “ pandemic “. It was the World Health Organisation which based its assessment on a statistical model developed by Professor Ferguson and Imperial College.

    His previous estimates for other epidemics have been proven to be dramatically wrong. For example, he said 200,000,000 could die from bird flu final result about 176. He said hundreds of thousands would die from swine flu final actual result less than 100. He said 65,000 people in the U.K. would die from foot&mouth final result less than 500 which resulted in farmers losing their entire herd of cattle plus sheep and ruined many of them some of whom committed suicide plus destroyed the beef industry for a long time. His model was so incorrect that DEFRA sacked him. Yet, in the latest epidemic, Corona -19, his predictions have been taken as gospel by WHO and declared it a “ pandemic “.

    Moreover, he predicted that 500,000 people would die from it but after pressure from outside he revised it down to about 20,000. Its also interesting to note that in assessing the figures for it both possible and confirmed are being lumped together as Corona-19. However, many of the symptoms have similarities to influenza. In addition, there does not appear to be a differentiation in terms of primary health conditions ie heart, respiratory illness such as emphysema or cancer.

    Furthermore, in producing the fatalities there does not appear to be a break down in ages when these figures are being pumped out by the MSM, the State Broadcaster, WHO or the government. Anecdotal evidence from various people in the NHS and ordinary people that I know seems to confirm to a certain extent what is happening. For example, the next door neighbours father died last week cause of death on the death certificate was Corona -19, yet, he was suffering from cancer, had heart and respiratory problems and was 90 years old plus there was no testing for the Corona -19.

    In addition, my cousin who works in the NHS told me that many of the wards are empty because the NHS will not do the routine operations plus the expected “ pandemic “ in the numbers predicted by Professor Ferguson’s model have not materialised. Furthermore, the fatalities rate is very low which means that there is a very good survival rate. Agreed, the old, infirm and people with underlying serious health problems are most at risk and as Sweden plus other countries have recognised it does not warrant the complete incarceration and incredible damage it will do to people’s livelihoods, education and all the services a modern society needs in order to function. Cui bono?

    1. Not having studied the model, isn’t it formulated on the basis that if nothing is done, this is the way it could go?

      1. Jack, you are overlooking the fact that Professor Ferguson 3 prior statistically modelled forecasts were not +-3% but 176 *10*10*10*10*10*10 % incorrect approximately in one case and in another he was out by a factor of 10. Which begs the question . If his statistical models for epidemics are so grossly inaccurate as in the last few cases I have illustrated , why should the next one be any more accurate. As Einstein said if you keep repeating a mistake , don’t expect a different result if you repeat it. !

      2. And were’t those model’s results also based upon an assumption if no preventative measures were taken? I’m not arguing, just asking.

    2. @brianbotou

      I’ve read several doctors blogs on covid. The most common theme is how quickly people die. I haven’t stopped thinking about the one, especially where he mulls over the possibilities of death from people he sent home. It was really rammed home when he spoke about the bill after. Like it’s a garage. This particular chap skipped a fair few listable items (which he lost money on), but it’s easy to see how your life can disappear in one bill…

      Ferguson is untrustworthy, by both action and track record. It’s obvious that the situation is being exploited by various interests, but it doesn’t mean this isn’t a situation that demands respect. Ask Belly Mujinga’s daughter if she doesn’t believe this is real…

      The biggest problem is we’re led by inept idiots. “Room Next Door” has shown this brilliantly in the last week.

  5. I know we are not supposed to call voters stupid but what else do you call those who voted to have Bozo as their PM? especially since so much was known about his previous ‘form’. Were they misled, ignorant, bloody minded, masochists or sadists who love to see others being tormented.

  6. Is it ‘good solid British common sense’ not to return to work where it is not safe
    Is it ‘good solid British common sense ‘ not to return to work where an employer has not followed government guidance
    Do you support unions who defend employees where this is the case
    What is your advice to bad employers who flout health and safety laws
    Will you prosecute such employers
    Blah blah fishcake

  7. Who investigates deaths at work
    Was the lack of PPE a factor in deaths of frontline staff
    Why did your government run down emergency stocks of PPE and ventilators
    Why did your government not replace stock that was out of date
    Why did you refuse to join the EU purchasing scheme
    Has this or will this lead to deaths of frontline staff
    Testing, who gets into this country
    Testing, care home staff cannot live on statutory sick pay, they are not going to present for testing, what’s the solution
    Testing, how many have already had the virus
    Testing, how many frontline staff are still self isolating due to lack of test
    What is the science on different age groups
    What figure constitutes herd immunity

  8. But the figures he quoted for example in the bird flu, swine flu were by an enormous amount in error and very little if any precautions that I can recall were applied in any depth in the U.K. In regards to foot and mouth, his figures were so inaccurate he was sacked by the department responsible for the epidemic DEFRA because on his recommendations millions of cattle plus sheep were slaughtered ( unnecessarily) regardless of whether one or none displayed any symptoms whatsoever because DEFA forced the farmers by and large to do it. In all of this of course was the human cost farmers plus the families bankrupted, the beef industry closed since neither the U.K. population nor export markets would eat U.K. beef, despite the Tory minister famously eating a beef burger on TV. All based on the erroneous estimates of this man and his college. To err is to be human but to continually err and then expect people to have faith in his “ estimates “ about a “ pandemic “ is a guess to far. Which comes back to my point Cui Bono?

    1. Ferguson’s doomsday predictions this time were funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…

      There is your cui bono

      1. Think of an onion and you have unpeeled one layer so B&MGF are but one part of it since they have cross holdings in many many other International Pharmaceuticals eg The Welcome Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline etc. Ask yourself which investors in addition to B&MGF are poised to make, and have made Kings ransoms from past epidemics, huge sums from this “ pandemic “ and you are on the road to answering that question.

      2. brianbotou – Oh for goodness sake, you do love your silly conspiracy theories.

        Bill Gates simply doesn’t need to make any more money. I would contend that given his obvious interest in providing cures and or vaccines for 3rd world diseases and the woeful failure of big pharma to address these issues I would think it quite logical for him to buy substantial shareholdings in these companies because as a substantial shareholder he will be able to directly influence their R&D programs. Any profits that his foundation makes on the shareholdings in pharma will obviously be available for use funding his foundations work. Your silly conspiracy theories just don’t make any sense in the context of a man who is giving away billions of his own personal wealth.

  9. Brian B ,
    Regardless of any forecasting techniques used by whomever , they are forecasts , guesses , bit like the weather forecast and while Ferguson may have been wrong and could be wrong now it is but a forecast .

    BUT we do have factual and actual figures such as they are ( subject to Johnson fiddling downwards ) and I ve never in my life ever seen numbers such as these dead in this country in such a short space of time . You can argue and debate over the mechanisms of what constitutes a pandemic world wide , an arbitrary number ?
    Until we have mass testing and tracking ( unlikely under Johnson ) then one has to use other methods to contain the outbreak and that is by quarantine.
    That this is not by any stretch of the imagination average or normal flu etc ,,, it is beyond doubt and sure as hell I never remember 230 plus dead NHS staff with any flu virus , so please do stop trying to minimise and normalise this CV19 as some sort of bad case of the flu ,, it’s not .
    Perhaps sadly in a few weeks or maybe a months time we will see if reducing the quarantine and getting everyone back to work will result in a spike in the deaths , I hope I am wrong and you are right , as that means more people live

    1. There is no may be about it. Professor Ferguson was dramatically wrong in the last 3 epidemics which he predicted could happen using computer statistical models which the WHO have now based their evidence on to call it a “ pandemic “.

      Let’s look at the figures being quoted constantly by the MSM, the ONS, the NHS and so on. They are not being differentiated by the people who have underlying serious illnesses such as cancer, respiratory illness like emphysema, heart problems, dementia and so on. They are not being differentiated by age, for example, the vast majority of the tragic people who died were over 60, over 70, over 80 and some in their 90s. Moreover, they are not differentiating between those who died solely from Corona-19 and those who didn’t die from it.

      In addition of course , how many people will become a fatality because instead of receiving the surgery or treatment they would have had in due course of events are being denied it because of the “ pandemic “ and from isolation plus all the economic consequences which are going to affect many people’s livelihoods. The economic forecasts are extremely bad. Let’s hope they are just as inaccurate as Professor Ferguson’s forecasts!

      1. brianbotou – Well unless you are rather perversely claiming that Covid-19 doesn’t qualify as a pandemic then I’m struggling to see much value in these endless discussions about Prof. Ferguson.

  10. This is interesting:


    To Catholics and all people of good will

    Veritas liberabit vos. Jn 8:32

    In this time of great crisis, we Pastors of the Catholic Church, by virtue of our mandate, consider it our sacred duty to make an Appeal to our Brothers in the Episcopate, to the Clergy, to Religious, to the holy People of God and to all men and women of good will. This Appeal has also been undersigned by intellectuals, doctors, lawyers, journalists and professionals who agree with its content, and may be undersigned by those who wish to make it their own.

    The facts have shown that, under the pretext of the Covid-19 epidemic, the inalienable rights of citizens have in many cases been violated and their fundamental freedoms, including the exercise of freedom of worship, expression and movement, have been disproportionately and unjustifiably restricted. Public health must not, and cannot, become an alibi for infringing on the rights of millions of people around the world, let alone for depriving the civil authority of its duty to act wisely for the common good. This is particularly true as growing doubts emerge from several quarters about the actual contagiousness, danger and resistance of the virus. Many authoritative voices in the world of science and medicine confirm that the media’s alarmism about Covid-19 appears to be absolutely unjustified.

    We have reason to believe, on the basis of official data on the incidence of the epidemic as related to the number of deaths, that there are powers interested in creating panic among the world’s population with the sole aim of permanently imposing unacceptable forms of restriction on freedoms, of controlling people and of tracking their movements. The imposition of these illiberal measures is a disturbing prelude to the realization of a world government beyond all control………

    1. Allan – Surprise, surprise the Catholic church is out of touch with reality. Perhaps they are concerned that the longer this goes on then the more people will realise they are an irrelevance. Plus all those empty collection plates must be playing on their minds.

      1. Buggerit, now you puny humans are stealing MY thoughts before I’ve had them.
        I wanted to make the ‘collection plates’ point MYself.
        Watch yourself – I haven’t forgotten how to smite and your name just went in MY Book. Not that one, MY other Book.

      2. Steve, what was it about the passage you quoted from the Paul Waugh article (in the Huffpost) that you thought would be of interest to me and that you said had been largely over-looked?

    2. It’s an excellent site for trying to get analysis which is not bought and paid for by the right wing billionaires and the the myriad of hedge funds that own the MSM, TV channels and the State Broadcaster in hock to the governments of the day. Besides of course the International Pharmaceutical giants and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. You have also struck a nerve so keep on trying to let light into the darkness!

      1. brianbotou – You do seem to be a little obsessive about conspiracy theory,

  11. Empty collection plates must be a bigger shock than I thought – I’d have held back the CV-19 population adjustment until they’d saved up a bit more cash if they’d prayed to ME for that instead of droning on and on every MYday about wanting ME to stop the gays having sex…
    “Reason to believe” is a joke, given that they think I said the earth was flat, that it was OK to stone unbelievers and fornicators to death, that I made the world in 7 days just a few years ago, that there were devils and witches and monsters and that you got sick because you didn’t pray to ME hard enough.
    Yeah, I’ve looked into their souls and they’re all about the individual’s freedom all right – freedom to do what they pretend I told them I wanted – when all they really want is to keep the cushy jobs they lied to ME to get.

  12. SH. It seems you are struggling with reading comprehension so let me help you being a good socialist. Ferguson using a mathematical statistical model said that there would be 200,000,000 fatalities from bird flu actual number less than 200. Next, using a similar statistical model he said there would be 65,000 fatalities in the U.K. from the foot& mouth disease causing Jacobs Creuzfeld disease similar to dementia actual number less than 500 which also destroyed the U.K.beef industry ruining many farmers and he was sacked by DEFRA for incompetence. His next foray was to use a statistical model to declare the Swine Flu would cause hundreds of thousands of deaths actual number less than a few hundred. Most people plus organisations would have rapidly ascertained that Professor Ferguson was incompetent at forecasting fatalities from epidemics.

    However, the World Health Organisation believed this man’s track record was irrelevant and proceeded to accept his mathematical statistical analysis plus numbers to declare the Covid-19 a “ Pandemic “ whilst there is a wealth of evidence from many many renowned Professors, Doctors in the fields of the applicable medicine who profoundly disagree with his estimations and the WHOs declaration of it being a “ pandemic “. Hope that was not to difficult for you to follow but I won’t hold my breath as you seemed to believe in the promises of Sir Keir Starmer whilst he was touting for votes.

    1. brianbotou – To be honest I really can’t be bothered with wasting my time arguing with anyone misguided enough to claim that the worldwide spread of Covid-19 isn’t a pandemic. As for your comment about the leadership election can you honestly claim that the other 2 candidates were worthy of a greater degree of trust than the candidate I voted for? Who did you vote for in the leadership elections/

      1. I don’t really care what you think or not it’s totally irrelevant to me because all you seem to able to offer is cliches, innuendo or some form of ad hominem as a get out clause.

        Moreover, you didn’t observe but I stated many professors, Doctors in the relevant applicable medical fields profoundly disagree with a man who is proven to totally incompetent something which you cannot or will not address and the adoption by WHO of his estimates without allowing any peer reviews from any of the very respected medical researchers in their fields so it’s not just my view.

        Now, you have been told by many Labour members and supporters what this man would do, including me, and everything we said is coming to pass another thing which you refuse to address. I can honestly say that many members knew that they were going to faced with a Hobson’s choice of a man who was a member of a right wing anti democratic organisation funded by a right wing billionaire and pursued a political prisoner to continued to be persecuted plus of course his refusal twice to accept democratic decisions a coup the first time and a disastrous architect of a second referendum or a Blairite who also participated in a coup plus of course a continual undermining of the democratic socialist Labour or a person who acquiesced to allowing a Conservative supporting Zionist affiliated organisation to have a veto on Democratic Socialist Labour Party internal policies.

        To sum up there was no one in the leadership race worth voting for and many of us knew it as witnessed by the barrage of posts condemning the rigged leadership contest.

      2. brianbotou – I stand by what I said above, are you still denying that the worldwide spread of Covid-19 isn’t a pandemic.

  13. SH. Oh dear you are using a cliche again which you have no idea why it was first brought into popular use , by whom and for what purpose. Now, if you any proof that the right wing billionaire owned MSM and the State owned Broadcaster are impartial sources of information or the B&MGF plus the international pharmaceutical corporations are making these enormous donations to the WHO, the myriad of organisations connected to them just to be philanthropic. Let’s see your evidence like I have asked you on many other occasions or is quoting well trodden cliches your only retort!

    1. brianbotou – I thought I’d made it clear that I’m simply not interested in your daft conspiracy theories. Besides ought else it is you that is banging on accusing others of wrongdoing so it is up-to you to provide the proof.

      So getting back to reality for a moment. who did you vote for in the leadership elections

      1. Steve, what was it about the passage you quoted from the Paul Waugh article (in the Huffpost) that you thought would be of interest to me and that you said had been largely over-looked?

      2. I have to laugh you keep using the term but are totally ignorant of why, by whom and for what purpose it was used. Once again I see you are trying to use reverse logic. It may comes as a surprise to you but you are making the accusations therefore the onus is on you to provide the relevant proof which I have asked you numerous times, yet, you cannot grasp that simple request. “ getting back to reality…” oh you have me in stitches said the person who swallowed the knight of the realms promises. I told you who I voted for nobody for the reasons I outlined which you seem unable to grasp. Now, you are becoming very tedious again and I have more important things to do so Bon voyage and try to use your critical thinking skills instead of swallowing bilge.

      3. brianbotou – “I told you who I voted for nobody for the reasons I outlined which you seem unable to grasp.”
        So not having voted you now think the best way forward to electoral success is to do everything you can to undermine the result of an election you didn’t take part in. Do you want Labour to win are are you just happier playing the eternal victim whilst bleating from the sidelines that if only we’d listened to you everything would be different.

        “Now, you are becoming very tedious again and I have more important things to do so Bon voyage”


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