Johnson claims AGAIN to be ‘driven’ by science and public health – while AGAIN ignoring them: no masks, low-paid back to work and children back to school

NHS and WHO deeply concerned about emergence of serious coronavirus disease in children, while SAGE committee has said masks should be worn in public. So Johnson’s speech ignores masks and gives date for schools to re-open

In Boris Johnson’s speech to the nation this evening, pre-recorded so it wouldn’t disrupt his weekend, the Tory leader claimed again that his approach to relaxing the lock-down is ‘driven by the science, the data and public health‘ and by the need to save lives – and not by ‘mere hope and economic necessity’.

Johnson also talked of a journey ‘down the mountain’ of the pandemic, but even a cursory examination of the facts shows that the mountain is more likely to be made of bull****. Because Johnson’s measures involve directly ignoring and contradicting the science – and will cost more lives.

No masks

Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster revealed this week that the government’s SAGE committee – its key scientific advisers – have concluded that the UK public should now be wearing masks in public settings.

But Johnson’s speech made no mention of this whatever. Instead he told people to rely only on social distancing while increasing the situations in which they will be mixing.

Back to work

While the government’s existing advice – also supposedly based on the science – was that people should work from home if possible but stay home from work regardless, Johnson is now ordering those who cannot work from home to return to work.

A situation that will mainly apply to the low-paid and to people from ethnic minorities – the very people that the science and the data show are far more likely to be killed by the virus.

And back to school…

Johnson is also planning to send the nation’s children back to school, starting with the youngest – those in reception classes, year one and year six – and moving on to teenagers who have exams next year.

But the NHS, along with the World Health Organisation and the US Centres for Disease Control, is deeply worried about the emergence of a potentially-lethal complication of coronavirus infection in children – and potentially one common to respiratory coronaviruses – in the form of ‘atypical’ Kawasaki disease: serious inflammation of the heart and circulatory system. Around 90 children have been affected so far, with three dying.

This complication was first discovered in the UK and London is a global hotspot – yet instead of keeping children at home until the risks are thoroughly investigated and understood, Johnson wants to send them back into close contact at school.

One parent’s response to Johnson’s back-to-school plan

Yet again Johnson showed how little the Tories care for truth – and even less for the lives of ordinary people – and he did so in the most blatant and dishonest of terms, no doubt driven by the Tories’ corporate backers and their ‘economic necessity’.

It would have been just another day in the Boris Johnson office – if he’d actually been there instead of sending a recording to stand in for him.

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  2. He’s talking gibberish, as we knew he would. We knew before her took office that he’d be a ditherer. He’s also afraid to take responsibility, and leaves it to others to carry the can. First it was Hancock — now it’s the general public. “Sorry mate, if you went back to work and got on a train, it’s your fault you caused another virus outbreak.” Let’s be shot of this immature, spoiled brat!!

    1. It’s a SH** show. Callous irresponsible LAZY johnson is putting the full blame on his hancock. I hear johnson gave hancock the finger at a heated meeting. While causing thousands of excess deaths, johnson and his hancock exchange rude words and gestures. TORY “competence” which Kier Starner “worked night and day” with Mandelson and Blair to achieve.

  3. I only discovered today that Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK Government chief scientific adviser, was president of research and development at GlaxoSmithKline from 2012 until his appointment with HMG in March 2018. I would contend that information in itself is enough to make Tory claims that political decisions are “led by science” stuff and nonsense. It seems that the so-called SAGE committee is indeed well-balanced; some of its members are eugenicists, the rest are in the pockets of big-Pharma.

    1. And labrebisgalloise, i just found out today that Dido Harding, the ex head of TalkTalk, who was gifted the post to oversee the sinister tracking App, .. Dido Harding is a TORY PEER. They certainly have this pandemic stitched up in their evil interest.

  4. johnson proves the need for us to pause and ask ourselves, is there nothing WE could do differently? Nothing?? Do people really believe we have no choice but to be doomed by a charlatan like johnson??? Do we really believe after taking a long reflective walk in fresh air., that it is better to ignore obvious failings?

    I believe that a fewer than a handful here and in every single branch and CLP are excellent infiltrators. The language and messages are exactly similar as i’v encountered here. Maybe i’m over cautious. Yet, better safe than sorry. Think of the brother of Reverend Richard Coles, so embedded he was amongst Climate campaigners that he had a child with one of the genuine protestors. He also was an agent provocateur. HE arranged the violent protests. Better safe than sorry is wise. Meanwhile ENJOY their taunting game and LEARN.

    Tony Benn, Ken Livingstone, Galloway, many have spoken of curious happenings over their long years. I know for a fact that even candidates to be school heads are vetted and alerts have been “set off” because they had relatives in CND. Not them, their relatives!!!

    The curious few who read every post and try to brow beat the rest of us to support Stoma or ignore unforced errors to ensure we make them again have the same language and brow beating as some i’v encountered. They go even to highly fired abuse to other posters. You can tell it is not passion but rather an attempt to discourage improvement and ensure we continue to lose.

    THINK, who has the time to read everyone’s post❓ Who are the only ones who repeatedly ask posters to identify their sources, who they are, what do they do❓ A week or two ago one of the despicable trolls tried hard but poorly to extract info by implying someone was ONLY a care worker. THINK: Would any genuine person on the “Left” ever think of key workers… the people who keep this country WORKING, as “ONLY”❓❓❓ Which of the three trolls slipped up❓❓❓ HINT: It was not two or three new ones.

    1. Typical Tory party broadcasts…ful of propaganda and slogans for the peasantry to whistle whilst they WORK!.The Contempt it shows for the population by the Public schoolboy Johnson and most of his “Chums” is obvious and disturbing.The plan to Subdue the population and murder the non productive will carry on helped through parliament by draconian laws lasting uo to a couple of years by our resident knight of the realm and another Public school boy Sir keir strimmer …God save the Queen and bugger the rest of you peasents?And wasnt the Labour party supposed to represent the working class?

      1. Joseph okeefe11/05/2020 at 2:19 am – “Public school boy Sir keir strimmer …”

        You could more legitimately claim that Jeremy was a ‘public school boy’, he attended a fee paying prep school. Keir as you well know was already attending his Grant Maintained (state funded) Grammar School when it went private because of government diktat. The then government put transitional procedures in place to ensure that all current pupils (incl. Keir) had their school fees paid by the state whilst they continued their education at the school.

        I find your continuing repetition of the above rather perverse because you already know full well that you are distorting the truth. I have already provided you with proof of the above via links and direct quotes from Hansard. Why you continue to devalue your arguments by distorting the truth is a mystery.


  6. Brought to power by Kier Starmer who “worked night and day to STOP CORBYN”. Stoma worked night and day to “undermine Corbyn”. Stoma worked with the plotters to coup and slander Jeremy with BLATANT AS LIES. SH is Stoma’s cheer leader, protector, propagandist infiltrator. SH it is despicable that you promote a traitor like Stoma. But then again you are traitors alike.

    1. Funny how you talk about Starmer working with the plotters to slander Jeremy with blatant lies etc, when all YOU ever do is trash Jeremy, as you have done on numerous occasions in the past seven or eight months since you started posting on here.

  7. And once again the beeb gives the toerag of the moment another easy ride this morning.

    Today it was raabid**. And he was allowed to say how ‘successful’ they’ve been – once again unchallenged by the (totalitarian) state broadcaster or it’s agents. He had a grin from ear-to-f**king-ear all the way through, he couldn’t believe his luck at just how powder-puff the beeb’s wallahs are.

    **Ever wondered why raabid’s top lip is massive? I reckon it’s to keep his nose as far away from the mouth that spews such utter stinking bilge.

    Meanwhile, over on ITV, once again it was left to piers moron – who tore tory failure andrew (Get your Irish passports here) bridgen a new one. Even co-host reid decided to take a hand in the unchecked butchery.

    I’d say moron’s growing on me, but he isn’t. He himself still has questions to answer regards phone hacking, but at least he’s doing what he’s paid for right now – the only one doing something expected of a journalist in a so-called ‘free press’.

    1. Dr Bob
      Is very good as well,
      Never thought GMB had it in them, thought Brexit was a shitfest but Covid19 takes the biscuit

  8. “Send the plebs back to work”, but avoid public transport. “Work from home when & where you can”………….how many working class tradesmen; manufacturing or construction workers & general labourers (male & female) can work from home? The class struggle manifests itself yet again, something the smug politicians & the hoi polloi working in MSM appear to be ignorant of. In a world where earning a crust through the sweat of your labour is viewed with disdain; you will be the first to be part of the social experiment without regard to Health & Safety. ‘We live in interesting times’.

    1. Yes, interesting times, not a fan of sadiq Khan but there seems to be dual power situation going on with the Mayor no doubt under pressure from the transport unions and others over the huge implications of pushing Londoners back to work too soon. – ‘
      Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has urged people to continue staying at home and not to use public transport after the government’s announcement of changes to lockdown measures.

      He told BBC Breakfast there had been a 10% increase in the use of the London Underground on Monday, compared with the same time last week, but said the figures were still 94% down on last year.

      “The key message from the prime minister last night and me today is do not use public transport – public transport is there for essential workers,” he said.’

      Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham echoed his words.

      “We have certainly seen more people out and about over the weekend, and this is my concern. It feels premature to me to make what are quite substantial changes this morning,” he said.

      He urged people in the North West to be “very cautious” and take time before making major changes as “we are in a different position to London”.

  9. The message from the prime minister is that those who can not do their job will be ‘actively encouraged’to return to work. I wonder what that ‘active encouragement’ will be.

    1. Nothing but a wicked evil nasty sinister worker killing government “active encouragement”, Carlene. Extraordinary and sad Carlene, it breaks my heart to see how successful they are at their hoodwinking of the many to risk their own lives.

      Even more extraordinary and heart crushing is to see how very intelligent, very able, very well meaning, nice decent people are so wrapped up in a thick layers of self comforting virtuous blankets plus extra righteous duvets, that they fail to realise we must ACTIVELY expose the myths.

      Even after seeing with their own eyes CLOSE UP for several decades, the workings and dynamism of the Right Wing outfit, STILL decent people divert their attention from the BASIC VITAL need to BROADCAST a POSITIVE alternative with even more regularity, more determination, more imagination, than the the Right Wing MSM.

      The successful corporations broadcast their adverts on every MSM outlet, at least every fifteen minutes everyday. Yet despite observing the success of that, almost all of us who know a better world is possible, stay silent. As if waiting to be proved right. Then blame the MSM. Blame the system. Blame the Bilderberg Group. Blame the Trilaterals. Blame Zionist. Blame Trump etc etc etc. Yet even with the means to launch spirited defence and alternatives… silence. Invisible. A determined refusal to face to real basic world.

      So instead of joining in the defence like you and many here Carlene, i know many well meaning people are reading more books and chatting politely about old theories. All in comfortable detached metropolitan agreement.
      This VERY DAY Carlene, as I have seen FIRST hand since the Open Selection Branch vote meeting, intelligent well meaning people are chatting nicely about theory in ENDLESS zoom meetings. Heaven help us all🌹🌹🌹

      1. So how many well meaning people do you know exactly signpost? And what are these old theories that you claim they politely chat about? And when you say ENDLESS zoom meetings, how many are you talking about exactly AND how would YOU know what they are chatting about?

      2. Why do u ask so many Qs AH? After all u know everything??? Your methods may deter some but not all. Still u server your masters well. Hope u can buy whatever tat gives u pleaser with your takings. U sell your soul for that AH, tat. U value tatty tat things more than people’s precious lives. I’m not in the mood 4 your tiresome tatty games tdy, so piss off.

      3. Why do ask so many Qs AH? After all, u know everything??? Your methods AH , may deter some but not all. Still, u serve your masters well. Buy with your takings, whatever gives u pleasure and shuts u up. Continue selling your soul for that tat AH. Suits u. U clearly value buying more and more tatty tat things more than people’s precious lives. I’m not in the mood 4 your tiresome tatty games tdy, so piss off AH.

      4. Ah, so you’re lying through your teeth again I see, and THAT of course is why you didn’t answer any of my questions. Because it’s ALL complete fabrication isn’t it signpost.

  10. Just a thought but…………would it not be more expedient if public transport ran @ 100%+?

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