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Watch: rattled Matt Hancock finally admits – Tories only listen to the science when it suits them

Health Secretary implodes under challenge on Radio 4 and blurts out: “scientists can say what they like” but Tories will do what they think is best

Easily rattled: Matt Hancock

Easily-flustered Health Secretary Matt Hancock appeared on the BBC’s Radio 4 last Thursday – and went to pieces under even the mildest of challenges from Tory-supporting presenter Nick Robinson.

As Robinson tried to interrupt him to ask a question, Hancock – who has been increasingly brittle in interviews and was taken apart by Piers Morgan last week – whined and seemed almost about to swear at his interviewer and then blurted out a major admission.

The Tories have consistently tried to hide behind ‘the science’ as cover for their failures and delays – but when scientists say something the Tories don’t like, Hancock admitted “scientists can say what they like”, before telling Robinson that the Conservatives will do what they think is best, regardless what scientists say:

For such a massive admission – one that strips away the entire camouflage used by the Tories for their recklessness, slackness and ideologically-driven madness – it has received no mention from the so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

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  1. criminal intent not negligence and both the biggest transfer of wealth to the elite and NWO exercise this century

  2. Hancock looks increasingly haunted and way out of his depth. His 5 pillars seem to have bitten the dust both figuratively and actually. Who can remember what they even were?
    Even his “seemed like a good idea at the time,” care badges are in short supply.
    Poor NHS, nobody competent at the wheel again.
    It’s bound to end in tears. Let’s hope they’re Tory tears and not patient and staff tears.
    Me, I’m baking for staff on the local corona virus ward. At least they eat cake while they gaze at their inadequate PPE for the next shift.
    What a shambles.

  3. When the top tier Tories are put in separate cells and asked about who was to blame for it all – who stole what and from whom, who sold what and to whom, what promises were given and received, what their real agendas were, who had the ideas, what were lies and what if anything was true – I can’t decide between Hancock, Williamson or Gove cracking first.
    I don’t see any of them holding their piss for long but I forecast a photo finish between those three.

    1. Joseph – Here’s an example of one Tory donor benefiting from a conflict of interest.

      “MPs demand answers after Tory donor hired by Government as Covid-19 loans tsar

      MPs [incl. John McDonnell] are demanding to know why a Tory donor who runs a firm investing in troubled companies has been hired as a Government adviser on how coronavirus business loans should be dished out.
      The move has led to accusations that Chancellor Rishi Sunak ’s appointment of ex-boss Richard Sharp could cause a potential “conflict of interest”.
      The former City banker is chairman at Roundshield, a firm that makes money helping struggling firms get access to cash.
      One financial expert told us: “The appointment will give him a privileged insight into the market where his business operates – as well as knowledge of government thinking competitors would love.
      “I believe it is a conflict of interest.”

      1. This is an example of what is much more to the point in this Covid-19 scenario – which isn’t about excessive death rates (there aren’t any discernible in comparison with other epidemic years). It’s about managerial incompetence (the care home issue is pertinent) and the economic agenda (and, indeed, consequences for mortality) that will develop from the shutting down of the economy.

        The discredited austerity agenda (with its wealth transfer) has just been put on life support.

      2. Well look up Ivan McKee. He has turned down vast amounts of certificates PPE and now he has procured millions from Russia. Now Ivan has big connections to CROATIA and Serbia but you would have thought that even IVAN and RUSSIAN DEALS FROM TRADE MINISTER FOR SCOTLAND WOULD RISE EYEBROWS

  4. The mask has slipped. (well at least it will when and if the next shipment ever arrives from Turkey).

  5. Get your teeth into ‘members interests”
    Keir has clearly abused the system of declaring members interest
    We need to complain and publicise ruling, we need that information on who is behind him out there
    Not least in war on AS Scam

    1. Been saying exactly this for the last month and ignored!.
      Campaign Rules were clear that the “HoC MPs Code of Conduct” rules were to be followed for reporting funding.(aka Interests) ( clause 12)
      The “HoC MPs Code of Conduct” is itself clear that this sort of Interest has to be reported in two stages by two different but complementary procedures.
      1) “Declaration of Interests” – This must happen before non-disclosure may be of benefit.
      2) “Registration of Interests” – This has to happen within a prescribed
      time period after the “Interest” could be of benefit and does not replace the “Declaration of Interests”

      Starmer has complied with 2) but not 1) and has obviously gained a benefit through non-disclosure.

      Basically it is apparent that Starmer was in breach.:of :-
      1) The Campaign Rules.
      2) “HoC MPs Code of Conduct”
      and additionally
      3) The Nolan Integrity, Openness and Accountability principles that all those in Public life are obliged to follow.
      4) Labour Party rules that mandate that all candidates and elected representatives behave with “probity” – i.e. meet the requirements of Nolan principles.

      I have pointed this out now several times to many different people and organisations and met with a deafening silence.

      IMO It’s No wonder the Left keep losing if they allow rule breaking/bending to take place.

      1. iamrawford
        How do we make the complaint
        Thank you for clarification it appears to be a slam dunk
        Let’s get this done

  6. By he time this particular crisis recedes we will have exited Europe and we will be making our own laws .If there is national dissent, then the Corona Virus Act will be implemented to full potential.Any Peterloo or Tolpuddle type protests will be quelled with Martial Law.

    1. Your focus is absolutely right. There is actually a thread running from 2016 to the present.

      One noticeable feature is harnessing self-policing and limiting of views within the population – as well as the more obvious manifestations of actual police behaviour.

      It’s interesting to compare Sweden’s lack of legal instruments in encouraging sensible social distancing.

    2. SM
      To late we crossed a line in 2011 with the nationwide riots, targets were commercial and motive was theft
      It wasn’t a scream from the have nots against the have yachts that came after 2015 GE and was largely responsible for JC breaking through
      We are now closer to civil breakdown than civil war

  7. So very sad Steve H To see just how much “graft” and outright greed goes ,on and on.Whats wrong with these people.When I had some real money invested thanks to sheer luck and valuing my skilled workers,I never once thought of pulling up the ladder and robbing people.I told Ivor caplin and Griffith were to stick their one thousand club and got on with earning money.I T almost s that the world and especially politics is infected with a virus that has know limits power and greed…depressing but thanks for the info. Steve H… Regards ..!

  8. The wrong kind of scientist. I s’pose?

    He’s wobblin’ , alright. But hancock is not enough. Start whittling away at the rest of them.There isn’t one of them hasn’t contradicted themselves from as recently as last week up until today. And fresh contradictions each & every day.

    Pounce on them, mainstream media. You’re at risk because of their crapulent form of governance, too.

    Start demanding the posh wurzel gummidge is wheeled out instead of hiding away in his grace & favour home while sending his foot soldiers out to spin his bullshit.

    He’s not ‘unwell’ anymore (He never was).Last weekend (Saturday, IIRC) there was a bloke released from Blackpool hospital a day or two before, being interviewed on the Tv for a good 5 minutes. There was no-one waiting hand & foot on him. Nobody looking after his wife & kids to aid his convalescence, no chauffeur-driven Jaguar back to his country pile.

    Yet he was well enough for an interview. Why not de piffle?

    It’s time to start making this personal. We KNOW their (in)decisions and incompetence have directly cost lives AND put countless people in mortal danger.

    Including yourselves.

    …What’s LESS personal than that?

    1. Johnson the Coward is hiding away because he has not got what it takes to lead in this situation. A Coward who can’t even lead a bunch of idiots.

  9. Scientists can say as they please.

    That’s right – especially when you’re that harries one, who said it was alright to go to large capacity public events; and who now tells us the UK ‘Has been an international exemplar in preparedness’

    Sack the usless bastard NOW.

    In fact, JAIL it. NOW.

  10. Taken from SICKNOTE’S speech from Greenwich Feb 2020

    ……we are starting to hear some bizarre autarkic rhetoric, when barriers are going up, and when there is a risk that new diseases such as coronavirus will trigger a panic and a desire for market segregation that go beyond what is medically rational to the point of doing real and unnecessary economic damage, then at that moment humanity needs some government somewhere that is willing at least to make the case powerfully for freedom of exchange, some country ready to take off its Clark Kent spectacles and leap into the phone booth and emerge with its cloak flowing as the supercharged champion, of the right of the populations of the earth to buy and sell freely among each other.

    Oh so wrong.

  11. From my sight point they dont want get to work its not normal that one Day are telling something and the next Day another diferent thing the excuse always is the scienfies that a lot of them are full incompetens a few days ago one of them was telling that the lockdown could stay for 18 months until they find one vaccine they think slow and they want to do nothing therefore get to work and you start to look for solutions that is your job less talking and more working

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