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Johnson’s guilt: UK has less than 1% of world’s population – and 10% (really 20% or more) of world’s C-19 deaths

Figures tell the truth the Tories and the ‘mainstream’ media won’t

The Tories and their friendly media are telling us this morning what a boost to the nation it will be when Boris Johnson is back.

The UK population of around 65 million represents less than one percent of the global population of over 7 billion. Yet even the government’s admitted death toll – 20,732 as of today – represents 10% of global deaths from the virus:

But the reality is far, far worse. First the SKWAWKBOX and now even the Financial Times and the Office for National Statistics warned that the real number of coronavirus deaths in the UK, including the hidden carnage in care homes and other non-hospital deaths, is more than double the official total – approaching 50,000.

More than 20% of the global death toll so far.

And the UK’s figure is likely to be higher still, when the real hospital toll – hospitals say the government is only reporting around half of the deaths they are seeing – is known.

Johnson’s insane ‘herd immunity’ plan – the ‘take it on the chin’ approach that has only been modified but not abandoned – is a cull of our vulnerable that, at best, is criminally negligent. Given what Johnson knew in advance, it is more than that.

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  1. On Marr yesterday when Marr said that Sir Patrick Vallance had said 20000 deaths would mean we had done well the BBC health editor,Hugh Pym, corrected him saying Vallance had said it was the best possible outcome. Marr was correct and it is by far from being the first time that Pym has defend the government over covid. No surprise then that Pym is a close relative of Francis Pym who was a conservative Secretary of State under Thatcher. The irony is the lunchtime news on the BBC suggested you couldn’t trust North Korean media as it was a government mouthpiece.

  2. Wait for the dont panick virus denials that our resident tory bots espouse.

    1. The Virus Deniers on the UK’s main site for them (that was originally set up to offer an alternative to the Guardian) have gone a bit quiet of late. Maybe they’re accepting that maybe there is a virus around but they have been very embarrassed that their Top Man is Jair Bolsanaro and their chief grass root supporters are armed RW US groups who desperately want to save the big corporations as the alternative seems to be socialist Nationalisation.

    2. Do try to catch up, Joseph – it’s the ‘Panic’ narrative you back that comes courtesy of the Tories – not from those of us who question it and are genuinely suspicious of the extensions of their power.

      .. There again, it’s all part of the inconsistent record of the ‘Gullibles’ Guardian’ – backing Tory policy and narrative whilst pretending to radicalism. Remember Brexit?

      And now we have the same organ backing extended measures that will worsen the lot of the already impoverished and disadvantaged, and also add to their numbers – as well as increasing related mortality, mental illness and social dysfunction.

      It’s a funny sort of ‘socialism’.

      But let’s be generous, and put it down to terminal confusion, rather than studied trolling.

      1. ITs looking like I only have to mention Tory and up pops Dick

      2. That’s a bit nasty. Losing the argument badly? How’s Jair?

      3. The actual problem here Paul is the distinct lack of ‘argument’ – as opposed to evidence-free assertion. The main stuff I see here is about fictional or decontextualized numbers, made up out of thin air because the reality doesn’t fit preconceptions. Not great science – which might lead to a bit more scepticism.

        And, Joseph – it was you that first mentioned the ‘Tories’. Is your memory and ability to deal with facts really *that* deficient?

        Today’s quick vaccination fact for those swayed by fictitious Ghost Train stories and simple ‘They should’ve’ solutions : a quick correlation between percentage population tested and proportionate deaths between countries is less than 0.2 – so lack of testing – even if a good idea – doesn’t explain country differences in outcome.

        Yes – it’s complicated – but it isn’t as serious as was feared, and Ferguson’s modelling was way out. A sane person would see that as good news and take comfort rather than looking for the extension to a damaging lockdown aimed at preventing Tory egg on face.

      4. RH, “percentage population tested” is too broad and too vague to be of use.
        Testing’s value is in enabling contacts of the infected to be traced. Without intelligent targeting testing is a waste of resources.
        Tracing and isolating clearly requires far more effort than testing, possibly by a factor of ten or more.
        Any testing done by the Tories will be poorly aimed and on the smallest scale possible – just enough to say “We did test.”

        For Trunt or anyone else to blame China when NO nation had effective defences in place is beneath contempt.
        Anyone not seeing the retard behind the mask after the jaw-dropping ‘disinfectant’ episode and the intelligence-insulting attempts to pass his stupidity off as sarcasm can hardly be considered fit to vote.
        Every US citizen with half a brain would rise up in great vengeance and furious anger at such an insult from a moron like Trunt – if they hadn’t given the dumb fuck a nuclear button for his sixty-thirteenth birthday.

        I know I said they could have free will and everything but we really do need to consider making an eleventh suggestion to restrict the franchise to the ones who can pass a few simple tests of reasoning.
        Gabriel, I thought I asked you to remind me about that after they blew up the last universe I gave them?

  3. You have to wonder whether the total deaths from a Covid-19 will ever be known. Since it began in the UK the Govt has concentrated on concealing and obfuscating the true situation- and not very successfully, take the nightly charts with two lines for UK deaths, one for ‘in hospital’ and another, weeks out of date of ‘other UK deaths’. Then the expert spin doctor (a real Doctor for a change!) asks us to notice how the the UK hospital deaths are so much lower than Spain or Italy at some time in the past as if nobody will notice that if you put the two lines together we are indeed performing worse than any other European country. They will fight bitterly to maintain an outrageous fiction. Starmer won’t dare even squeak a tiny protest his New Party is so terrified of getting criticism from the Rightwing press.

    1. Absolutely right Paul Joseph and Jim. Spot on. Not a surprise that the UK death rates are so high. Johnson is good at talk. He makes fools of the gullible. He takes us all for fools. The facts: Patients desperately needing care are deliberately excluded from all NHS hospitals, including makeshift hospitals in Docklands, the NEC Birmingham and five more in England.
      MILLIONS were spent erecting these show pieces. Spun money wasting white elephants. WHY? Because they are almost totally without specialist staff and equipment. “Journalists” were they competent, would ask WHY?

      I posted earlier that not a single patient has been admitted to the Birmingham Nightingale Hospital. To fool the public the makeshift hospitals are being put together but i doubt if there was any intention of saving lives. Why the failure to staff and equip them? Why have “journalists” failed to ask?

      ZERO patients treated in the 500 bed Birmingham Nightingale Hospital.
      26 patients at the 3,600 bed Docklands Nightingale last week. Let it sink in. 3,600 beds, almost no staff and equipment weeks after opening. 26 patients. 3,600 beds.

      Try matching johnson’s theatrics with harsh deadly facts. His delivery is ok and infinitely less sick making than that irritating smarmy slime propelled WMD Tony 45 minutes Blair, the war monger, war criminal Middle East “Peace Envoy”… George Bush clearly has a devilish humour. But johnson’s rhetoric conflicts sharply with choices he made. RESULT? Our fatalities are excessively high, disproportionate with our population.

    2. It’s surprising as to how long the gov. managed to keep a lid on the levels of ‘other Covid deaths’. Jane Harries did mention it a month ago, but said it will take three years to get the true figures. However, the Beeb seemed to completely miss what Harries said, and kept shtum about it. The figure of three years will only apply if no10 decides to investigate — and we all know that they won’t. Private investigations will take as long as they did for the Spanish Flu i.e. 100 years. How convenient.

    3. The total number of deaths FROM Covid-19 will NEVER be known cos they’ve been conflated with deaths WITH Covid-19 and pretty much every other premature death going thanks to those helpful scaremongers in the MSM.

      1. A friend who works as a ‘senior’ administrator in a hospital on Merseyside told me that “death certificates for Covid 19 in hospitals are few & far between because it is a notifiable disease……much simpler & easier to write respiratory failure due to pneumonia. Accurate statistics for Covid 19 should include all deaths related to respiratory failure”.

    4. It’ll take a couple of years but iirc excess deaths is the figure you will want.

      It’s this data that shows flu spikes etc. The problem is that by the time the true accurate data appears, anything bad (post 9/11 legislation for example) will have been pushed through. Our government has already shown its bothered more about our reaction than their response.

      There was a spike in the last decade (either 2016 or 2018).

    1. You really dont get it do you sunshine.This is a Tory disaster and we make them own it….Thats how the beast is destroyed.So pack up your toys and go play with your arrogant friends and let the blame go where it belongs the conservative and unionist party RH

      1. Don’t be silly, Joseph. It’s a new virus, with definable characteristics that are gradually emerging as less lethal than feared, although much is still unknown.

        I’m not the ‘arrogant’ one – arrogance is repeating clueless ideas because reality doesn’t fit your fantasies. All I’ve been doing is just paying attention to what is actually happening.

        As said – ‘socialism’ isn’t simply ranting incoherently at the Tories (and in the process missing the real story of what their game is).

    2. – it’s still not as bad as a bad ‘flu season! –

      Except that a flu season, regardless of its severity, has a beginning and an end, with pollen season being one of its markers, whereas this virus so far appears not to have one.

      Moreover, the current measures to reduce the incidence of infection have never once been instituted in my lifetime during any epidemic in the UK, including the Hong Kong flu of the late 60s.

      It would surely stand to reason that had we just carried on as normal the situation would be far worse than it is, never mind the NHS staffs’ struggle to cope as things presently stand.

      I had to attend the ophthalmology clinic at my hospital today, where I have been going for several years now, and have never seen anything like the measures currently in place.

      Normally packed, today there was just one other person in reception and only myself attending the clinic. Plus you weren’t even allowed in the hospital without an appointment. Do you honestly think they would be doing this without very good reason?

      It’s all very well quoting statistics but for those in the front line it’s a very different story, some of whom are very close relatives of mine. In my experience the people who like to talk about the theory of a situation seldom know what’s really going on at the coal face since they’re not the ones getting their hands dirty.

  4. Just heard the “speech” in full. How insensitive and inaccurate is it to say “some may look at our apparent success “. It’s estimated that when care home deaths are included we could have the highest per capita death rate in the world,yet he claims a success and nobody in the media expresses disgust.

    1. It gets curiouser and curiouser. Even the MI5 vetted SAGE – Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, gave warnings re care homes. Similar urgent concern was posted on since over a month ahead of the curve as usual.

      Jan 22nd SAGE first met, then twice weekly since. At the START of Covid-19 they “‘flagged’ care home vulnerabilities as posted here on yet johnson’s main responses were hot wind and diarrhoea of empty platitudes about saving the NHS and singing mindless happy tunes. But ZERO CARE for care homes and people dying horribly in their own homes.

      1. It has now been revealed in two policy documents published on March 19th and April 12th that government officials told hospitals to transfer elderly patients into care homes, and set out a blueprint for care homes to accept patients who had Covid-19 or had not even been tested.

      2. That is extraordinary. It either means there was an active Mad Dom plan to keep going for herd immunity coupled with the eugenic urge to rid the State of the expensive elderly who are so unproductive and sitting on vast assets or its a glimpse into the utter calcification of British politics which now resembles Tsarist Russia (or indeed GB in the 1880’s) with its hidebound Col. Blimps and Reactionaries dominating politics and the media. It’s like a war time govt except there isn’t a war and the Tory Party runs the whole show. Mr Starmer is too polite to even ask what they’re up to, let alone presume to be asked for an opinion.

      3. Paul….. “Zero care for care homes” Nail on the head Paul and I blame Johnson’s government and the soothsayers for my brothers horrible death in a Care home.I never swear but some of you supporting Tory murder have a lot to answer for.,you are a f….ing disgrace to humanity.

      4. They justvsawcthe care homes as a dumping ground and moved elderly patients out of hospital beds to free up space, despite some of them suffering from the virus. They thought no one would care, and that that’s what we do, dump our elderly in care homes never to see the lightvof day again. They didn’t consider the carers without the correct PPE, going to the shops, going homecto their families and traveling on public transport, some of them agency staff moving from home to home. I noticed there was little training on infection control where my dad was.
        We also heard care home managers in Brighton saying that they had been told ‘your residents won’t be admitted to hospital’, so even for help given with an oxygen mask, that means.

      5. It seems to be also designed to minimise deaths in hospital which absurdly is the key data sought by the Govt. “
        Keeping them out of hospitals and sending them away to die to make the figure look better on TV news is a horrible policy that one day somebody should answer for.

  5. And I bet that crireria for who gets help and age barrier to treatment wont be expected to apply to their aging MPs and Lords and Ladies.

    1. Dick if you don’t like socialism get out and join the limp dems ,or just throw the towel in and join the Conservative and unionist party.Theyre arrogant and uncaring as well

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