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Watch: Johnson boasts he ‘defied expectations’ of NHS collapse – ‘achieved’ by letting old folk die untreated and hiding health worker deaths

How dare you boast, Johnson?

Boris Johnson returned to the public eye this morning – and immediately picked up where he left off, misleading the public and lying outright about his government’s performance and its impact on the NHS and the millions who rely on it.

Most scandalously, he dared to boast that his government had ‘defied expectations’ by preventing the NHS from being overloaded and that there had been spare ICU and ventilator capacity at all times:

That ‘spare’ capacity has been achieved by sending elderly people back home or to care homes to die knowing they are infected – spreading the infection to thousands of others just as vulnerable.

The number of deaths outside hospitals is more than the toll inside hospitals – and the Tories have kept beds empty and ventilators free at the cost of denying care to tens of thousands of people:

And the Tories have fostered the illusion of a ‘coping’ NHS by persistently understating the number of health workers who have died because of the constant lack of personal protective equipment – even today, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said around 90 have died when the total is approaching 140.

In reality, the performance of Johnson and his party has led to the UK, which has less than 1% of the world’s population, having 10% of global coronavirus deaths, even on the government’s admitted figures – and the real figure is more than 20%.

How dare he boast?

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  1. counting his DWP savings and continuation of turinng us all into obedient zombies

  2. By the accumulated figures, the NHS was short, in fact, short of thousands of ICU beds, rather than having the reserve of 2,500 quoted by his gormless Health Minister. He knows he screwed up, we know he screwed up, so why lie?

    1. As much as we would like to think so, not everyone sees through the lies, unfortunately, especially when outlets like the BBC continue to peddle them.

      1. I completely agree with you PW- the electorate believed the lies and gifted the Tories a landslide under a hard right PM- his policies and friendships with and promotion of those who believe in eugenics suggest Johnson is probably to the right of Thatcher

    2. Because, as has been proven for at least a 100 years so far, they will survive by stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the truth.

      Post modern world. Like the Queen of Hearts believing six impossible things before breakfast. Their truth is the only one that matters and the most we can do is watch them create it.

  3. There will be a case to answer in the international courts when the Truth comes out

    1. There was a case to answer on the Iraq war Joseph,but one of the leading conspirators is angling to return to public office,never mind being tried at The Hague.

  4. I note a spectacular gap in the Skwawkbox reporting : any comment on the dire (and potentially lethal) effects of lockdown on elderly people in care homes.

    … nor is there any mention of the complications caused by transferring vulnerable patients to hospital – or the desirability/dangers of using ventilators on this particularly vulnerable group.

    Because it doesn’t fir the simple narrative?

    By all means raise genuine issues about the vulnerability to Covid-19 of people in care homes – in particular the equipment issues. But do try to give a proper account of what is involved.

  5. One reason why the ‘Nightingale Hospitals’ aka Conference Centres with the sign changed, are empty is lack of staff. They couldn’t find enough British doctors & nurses & can usually ‘import’ ready-mades from abroad that don’t need training. Reluctant to work in Britain; I wonder why?

    By refusing to allow the elderly with Covid 19 access to hospitals or sending them home to die will also manipulate the figures……..lest we forget come election time!

  6. The United Nations’ poverty expert Philip Alston has attacked the UK government’s coronavirus response as “utterly hypocritical” after successive administrations implemented policies of austerity and public-sector cuts.
    “The policies of many states reflect a social Darwinism philosophy that prioritises the economic interests of the wealthiest while doing little for those who are hard at work providing essential services or unable to support themselves,” Alston said, warning that the pandemic could push more than half a billion additional people into poverty globally.

    “Governments have shut down entire countries without making even minimal efforts to ensure people can get by,” he said. “Many in poverty live day to day, with no savings or surplus food. And of course, homeless people cannot simply stay home.”

    “As for the UK,” Alston told the Guardian, “my thoughts of course hark back to the sense of how utterly hypocritical it is now to abandon ‘austerity’ with such alacrity, after all the harm and misery caused to individuals and the fatal weakening of the community’s capacity to cope and respond over the past 10 years.

    “And of course, many of the worst and most damaging aspects of ‘austerity’ cannot and will not be undone. The damage caused to community cohesion and to the social infrastructure are likely to prove permanent.”

  7. I wonder if there is a correlation between elderly vulnerable patients discharged from hospital to care homes and care homes being ‘hot spots’ for SARS CoVID 2.This action alone would have freed up some of the scarce resources. Contingency planning no it’s called ‘ winging it’.
    Cost effective collateral damage – that spinning top must be going like the clappers.

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