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Breaking: Tories turn 2 huge scandals into 3 with mass ‘bot’ campaign to discredit ‘sick boy on hospital floor’

Tories are a stain on our country

The Tories have had a disastrous start to the week. Boris Johnson stole a reporter’s phone rather than look at a picture of Jack Williment – the little four-year-old with suspected pneumonia who had to sleep on a hospital floor for four hours because of Tory underfunding.

Soon after, in an attempt to divert attention from Johnson’s humiliation, the Tories claimed one of their aides had been ‘punched in the face‘ by a Labour activist when Matt Hancock went to the hospital to try to gloss over the Tory-inflicted NHS disaster.

But the claim was an outright lie – and proven as such by video evidence, in spite of the eager help of ‘mainstream’ journalists in spreading the false claim.

But after those twin disasters, the desperate Tories have dived into a sewer to try to discredit the story of poor Jack Williment – and have created an even filthier scandal.

The Tories mounted a mass campaign by ‘bots’ – fake, automated accounts – claiming that a ‘nurse’ at ‘Leeds Hospital’ had said the image of little Jack was set up and the story was fake.

The campaign was mounted across both Facebook and Twitter – with many of the accounts deleted soon after spreading the lie. But enough were screengrabbed to show that the campaign was deliberate.

And, typically of the Tories, not even very competent:

All of the posts used exactly the same wording.

All of the posts claimed the fictitious witness worked at ‘Leeds Hospital’.

No such hospital exists.

Jack was pictured at Leeds General Infirmary (LGI), not ‘Leeds Hospital’ – and both the management of the hospital and the Yorkshire Post that originally published the image and background story have confirmed that the account was entirely accurate.

LGI’s management have also apologised to little Jack and his family.

The Tories are prepared to smear the family of a sick infant to save themselves – and to belittle not only his suffering but the misery they have inflicted on huge numbers of patients, not to mention 4.1 million children living in hunger and poverty.

They are a stain on our nation. Vote Labour on Thursday.

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    1. They’re lower than whale shit. And that sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

      Hope the lot of them die screaming.

  1. “But the claim was an outright lie – and proven as such by video evidence, in spite of the eager help of ‘mainstream’ journalists in spreading the false claim.”

    But I saw this claim quickly refuted on Sky, I think it was:

    There was a man waving his arm about and someone walked into it.
    Totally accidental.

  2. Most sensible people by now have the !measure of the Tory government and its damming in the lies and cruelty.But listening to our mp Ashworth has made me feel sick at the treachery of a shadow cabinet minister.He talks of corbyn to his tory pal ridiculing everything Jeremy Corbyn and we the Labour party stand for On the final 2days hearing that type of ridicule is absolutely appalling…Just Who is this Rat!

    1. Yes, and we have at least one Labour incumbent sending out a ‘I don’t support Corbyn letter’ to his voters.

      According to Andrew Rawnsley, a number of Labour incumbents have told him that Corbyn comes up as a reason for not voting Labour.
      The job of a Labour candidate should be to seek to persuade such people. Why do they not understand that?

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