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This is Jack. He’s 4. He lay 4 hours on Leeds hospital floor last week – with suspected PNEUMONIA. Vote Labour to end NHS collapse

NHS doctor David Wrigley has posted an image that heart-breakingly depicts the impact of almost a decade of Tory policies and underfunding on our National Health Service.

The image shows a young boy, Jack Williment-Barr, ill with suspected pneumonia – and lying on the floor of Leeds Infirmary for four hours last week, after its under-resourced Accident and Emergency department couldn’t cope and the hospital had nowhere else to put him:

Young Jack, ill with pneumonia, on a hospital floor because of Tory policies

Dr Wrigley commented:

This is a picture Boris Johnson doesn’t want you to see. It shows Jack lying on the floor of Leeds Infirmary for 4 hours last week. He has suspected pneumonia.

There were no beds and the A&E staff couldn’t cope. You have a big decision this week. Please vote to stop this chaos

Young Jack waited more than double the ‘four-hour target’ for treatment – and did not receive a bed until thirteen and a half hours later. Happily, he is now doing well and was discharged from hospital.

NHS performance has reached all-time low after all-time low under the Tories.

There is only one party in a position to end the Tory-inflicted underfunding, fragmentation and privatisation that has created such chaos and collapse in our NHS that the service is now in ‘winter crisis’ all year round.

For Jack. For your own family. For the many. For the NHS and all who work in it or rely on it.

Vote Labour.

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    1. signpostnotwindchimes at 5:03 pm

      Labour are prioritising this, its in our manifesto.

      1. prioritise are interviews and on the doorstep. The manifesto of a Jeremy led government is huge, if your controllers read it. So we must focus. It is unrealistic for the most able humans to speak effectively or the electorate to digest properly in this home stretch a multitude of policies, especially the less tangible ones with URGENT traction TODAY, BEYOND the metropolitan comfortable priorities. Get it🌹🌹🌹

      2. My goodness‼️ You poorly programmed machine‼️‼️ You are even more determined, cold and sinister than i thought‼️‼️‼️

        Any decent human being, Jeremy encourager and supporter would realise i mean prioritise during interviews ➕ on the doorstep. Our Manifesto for the Jeremy led government is huge. So we must focus. Unrealistic 3 days before a GE to expect even able humans to speak effectively on, and the electorate to digest properly a blizzard of announcements and policies immediate, let alone distant aspirations well beyond one parliament.

        This is the home stretch. Too many policies, especially less tangible will not persuade as powerfully as the day to day URGENT concerns of the many.

        The young lad on the floor breaks my heart. It is unforgivable in a country as wealthy as ours.

        You are unmoved but the rest of us cannot help being distressed at the sight. A CHILD. His parents must be beyond distress. Most of us on Skwawkbox cannot help feeling for him and his family. We cannot help feeling. We cannot help you.

      3. signpostnotwindchimes at 6:04
        I really can’t see why you are getting your knickers in a twist. I was simply seeking to emphasise that unlike the Tories Labour has given significant prominence to the NHS and Social Care in their manifesto. Yes of course we have a general campaign message to get across on the TV and radio and I am not disputing that our spokespeople need to be hammering home the core message at every opportunity.

        However the doorstep is surely quite different.

        I have found that asking voters about their own concerns regarding policy or JC and taking the time to address those concerns is far more effective than just preaching at them. What is the point of meeting individuals on the doorstep if we aren’t going to personally address what is bothering them. Every time we knock on a door it is a unique opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted.

        The Labour party is by necessity a broad church but surely we can all get behind our brilliant 2019 manifesto. Attacking each other personally is unlikely to help in our joint mission to enact this manifesto.

      4. If Jeremy sees a patient on a Tory ravaged hospital floor, for 5 minutes, let alone a child for several hours, he like any decent human being will not respond with “its in our manifesto”.
        Off with you! Nasty Tory troll. You’ve reached a new low. Horrible scum encrusted Blair pleasured Thatcherite spawn. Type NOW:
        “I want Jeremy to be Prime Minister with a huge majority on Friday🌹”.

        If you can’t bring your degenerate masters to let you type that, then off back to hell with your bile ridden sulphured cash stuffed foreign determined but destined to fail controllers.

      5. signpostnotwindchimes at 9:39 pm

        I really can’t be arsed with any more of your immature nonsense. You are belittling the plight of this poor child, his family and the brave Dr who spoke out with your ridiculous virtue signaling. You should be ashamed of yourself FFS grow up.

      6. Just as expected. You can’t even bring your self to type:


      7. Does it count if I cut and paste it instead.


        How old are you?

      8. signpostnotwindchimes – It seems that years of Tory government may have seriously damaged your sense of proportion and judgment to the extent that you’re attacking the home side.

        Nothing said justifies that strange outburst. You have a point about the need for focus in general – but all that Steve has pointed out is that, in fact, a major focus of the Labour manifesto and campaign has, indeed, consistently been on the NHS.

      9. Signpostnotwindchimes – Steve isn’t attacking Labour, are you alright duck?

    1. A useful collection.

      … even if there are those who will still think that he’s just an amusing bit of a geezer.

  1. I don’t know why Labour isn’t pushing this, or the fact we had to save the NHS after 20 years of Thatcher and Major’s devestating cuts of the NHS, it’s just history repeating itself with hundreds of patients on trolleys in corridors and this poor lad on the fking floor

    1. could not agree more tvliverpool. NB some pretend they misunderstand the need to focus on max 7 key issues like this, PRIORITISE, emphasise and push push push. Obvious to you and me and even those here who wish it were kept quiet. Wonder why❓❓❓

      1. You’re not allowed to show anger or passion signposts.

        Only if it’s about remaining in the eu or antisemitism are you allowed to get mad.

        Incidentally, (bit not COincidentally) those two topics are the mainstay of the ‘centrists’ within the party, but far be it for me to suggest a link between those who post most vehemently about those topics on here and their centrist masters directing them.

      2. Having passion isn’t the same as just having an incoherent and misdirected rant.

        There’s enough stuff in the MSM about the ‘left’ being a bunch of idiots without you giving them evidence.

    2. Don’t know why Labour isn’t pushing what? Do you mean THIS specific incident, or the NHS in general? I assume it’s not the latter, because as just about everyone knows, Jeremy and Co HAVE been prioritising the NHS all along during the campaign, and if it’s the former, well you must be living in Cloud Cuckooland if you think the anti-Corbyn/pro-Johnson MSM are going to give it any coverage. Along with signpost, whose every other post is criticising the LP and finding fault with them, and it’s funny isn’t it how he suddenly became a prolific poster on skwawkbox just after the campaign started!

    3. “I don’t know why Labour isn’t pushing this, or the fact we had to save the NHS after 20 years of Thatcher and Major’s devestating cuts of the NHS…”

      It might have something to do with downplaying New Labour’s (neoliberal Labour) record of PFI, outsourcing etc. which were all crucial to the re-structuring of NHS ready for transition to a US style insurance based private system probably with a poor quality, rationed safety net service.

  2. Heartbreaking and you feel powerless! It really is up to working people as citizens to rid us of these Damn Right Wing Neo-Liberal Tory Barbarians!

  3. ‘NHS Heist’ film now freely available on youtube and sound is much improved. Share with everyone in run up to GE.

    1. Pilger’s ‘Dirty War on the NHS’ available in cinemas and online screening 9th December fee £10.

      Note. Pilger’s twitter saying online screening on 10th but link to register for screening says 9th December. This needs to be clarified. Pilger says Monday 10th so I think it may be his error. Of course Monday (tomorrow) is the 9th Dec.

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