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Excl video: Johnson and candidate blame ‘Labour thugs’ for cancelled visit – but footage shows 64yo nurse assaulted. She speaks out

Chris Green tweeted video claiming ‘far-left’ Labour ‘thugs’ were trying to break into a market hall – but his video showed otherwise and new footage reveals assault on 64yo Labour-supporting nurse by Johnson supporter. She has spoken out
Tory candidate Chris Green and assaulted nurse Pat

On Saturday, Boris Johnson cancelled an appearance at a market hall in Bolton on Saturday, claiming police had cancelled his visit because of ‘security concerns’. It was one of a number of such cancellations in recent days as Johnson’s campaign of hiding from the public continues.

Johnson was supported in his claim by Bolton West Tory candidate Chris Green, who put out a ‘selfie-style’ video claiming that ‘far-left thugs working for Jeremy Corbyn’ were trying to ‘hammer down the door’ to the market hall to get at the peace-loving market traders inside.

Some of the ‘far-left thugs’ in Westhoughton

The media immediately promoted both Johnson’s and Green’s claims.

But police were only called to the hall after Labour supporters complained that a 64-year-old nurse had been assaulted by Johnson’s supporters inside the hall – and shocking footage has emerged showing the assault, in which a man hauls her by her hair and lunges to kick out at her.

The nurse, Pat, has spoken to the SKWAWKBOX about the peaceful protest – and the aggression of Johnson’s supporters. That interview and the footage of the assault on Pat are shown below:

On Monday, the Tories also tried to claim a Tory aide had been ‘punched in the face’ by a Labour supporter – a claim similarly promoted as fact by the Establishment media. But video footage quickly proved the claim was a brazen lie.

Both Chris Green and Conservative HQ were contacted for comment about the misleading claims and the assault by their supporters. Neither responded.


Boris Johnson is a coward who is hiding from the public – and you can never trust a Tory, especially when they are looking to shift blame onto Labour.

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  1. What sort of man attacks a 64 year old nurse – a Tory sort of man.
    This vicious thug should be easily identified. Lets see the police charge him with assault.

  2. “Please sir, that little boy is hitting me” said the class bully to the teacher

  3. I am sorry to say that on my recent visit to Bolton I was Shocked to see the low profile racist! comments in the local press,not realising that the town of my birth had changed so much.Always Labour and open to anyone willing to put a shift in for Cotton or the local mining industry.The town no longer represents the Labour party with an unelected Tory council supported by lib dems and fascist independent councillors(so called). I am not surprised by the violence in the town and can only hope that the decent people of the town send the fascist Torys packing..!Any criticism of the local Tory council and the Tory chairman of the bankrupt Bolton wanderers got me a nationwide ban from the comment section of the Bolton news and all the nationwide press association..

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