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Tories mount SECOND lie-bot campaign to discredit true story of sick little boy on hospital floor

Desperate Boris Johnson’s outfit sinks even deeper into sewer

As the SKWAWKBOX published this morning, the desperate Tories have stepped into a sewer of fake news in an attempt to discredit the story of the plight of a sick young boy, which has emerged to expose the horrendous impact of their policies on our NHS and the millions who rely on it.

In the first of a string of disasters and scandals this week, the cowardly Boris Johnson stole a reporter’s phone rather than look at a picture of Jack Williment – the little four-year-old with suspected pneumonia who had to sleep on a hospital floor for four hours because of Tory underfunding.

Soon after, in an attempt to divert attention from Johnson’s humiliation, the Tories claimed one of their aides had been ‘punched in the face‘ by a Labour activist when Matt Hancock went to the hospital to try to gloss over the Tory-inflicted NHS disaster.

But the claim was an outright lie – and proven as such by video evidence, in spite of the eager help of ‘mainstream’ journalists in spreading the false claim.

But the Tories then dived into a sewer to try to discredit the story of poor Jack and created an even filthier scandal by mounting a mass campaign by ‘bots’ – fake, automated accounts – claiming that a ‘nurse’ at ‘Leeds Hospital’ had said the image of little Jack was set up and the story was fake.

The campaign was mounted across both Facebook and Twitter – with many of the accounts deleted soon after spreading the lie. But enough were screengrabbed to show that the campaign was deliberate.

The editor of the Yorkshire Post has published his response to a woman who had seen the fake claim:

But one dive into the filth was not enough for the Tories.

Undeterred by the fact that the story has been verified, they have mounted a second campaign to discredit the story – already verified as true by Leeds General Infirmary management – and it uses another fake ‘nurse’:

Again, the Tories do not have the imagination to vary their story – they simply flood social media with the same fake claim from hundreds of fake accounts and assume that enough people will fall for it.

But their arrogance is drawing more attention to their lies and utter disgrace.

The Tories are a blight on our society and our politics. They have to go.

Vote Labour on Thursday.

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  1. And a tweet from allison pearson. Quelle surprise. That utter crank pearson is to de piffle what magda goebbels was to hitler.

    I hope pearson DOES publish…And that lad’s parents sue the living bejaysus out of the not-even-clever-or-good-looking-enough-to-be-a-bimbo.

  2. @medwar93 has a very interesting history. Also claims to have worked in logistics for decades for JLR.

    Well worth a look.

    Oh, and for the record. I will be voting for Labour on Thursday. Reluctantly, but nevertheless…

  3. The problem is that unless this is covered on TV and Radio News most voters will remain blissfully unaware of this mendacious cover up attempt by Johnson and his cronies.

    It is telling how Johnson is more than ready to falsely discredit an innocent mum because they think it’s politically expedient to do so. How can anyone trust the Tories with the welfare of their family.

  4. It is a very sad reflection on a political party that the only way they can cling to power is to lie, cheat, smear and connive. That’s the government we have been suffering under for the last ten years.

    Totally devoid of any humanity or honour. Lower than rats in a sewer. A pile of dog crap is more honest than a tory.

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