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Video: Johnson takes journalists’ phone, puts it in pocket to avoid looking at photo of sick boy on NHS floor

Boris Johnson takes ITV reporter’s phone away from him rather than look at picture of seriously-ill Jack Williment, who spent 4 hours on hospital floor with suspected pneumonia
Boris Johnson and the picture he tried to avoid looking at

Cowardly Boris Johnson has been caught taking a journalist’s phone and putting it in his own pocket during an interview – to avoid looking at a picture of four-year-old Jack Milliment-Barr, who was photographed lying on an NHS hospital floor, where he lay for four hours because there were no beds for him.

Johnson blustered, rambled and sneered, but ITV journalist Joe Pike persisted in asking him to look at the picture – and the camera just captured Johnson’s movement in putting the phone into his coat pocket.

And then the reporter outed him:

Eventually forced to look at what he wanted to hide, Johnson stumbled and bumbled but had no adequate words or excuses.

The Tories have cut more than five million bed spaces a year from NHS hospital capacity.


This is the footage that should end Boris Johnson. Such disdain and cowardice in the face of the consequences of the Tory cuts and policies that Johnson supported has no place in public office.

The Tories want to hide these realities from the public – but this video and strong journalism have exposed just a tiny part of the horrors inflicted on our society since 2010.

Ignoring a sick four-year-old is beneath contempt – and Johnson was caught yellow-handed.

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  1. This is the footage that should end Boris Johnson.


    But as long as there’s the gobshites being shown on EVERY vox pops n the news on all channels who are saying they voted labour all their lives but now cannot & will not because of their stance on brexit, or because they dislike Corbyn…

    This’ll remain on ITV and will be 3rd or 4th article down the list before it’s mysteriously deleted or lost

    1. Some fucking idiot has helped her out with that. Problem solved.
      Laura Kuenssberg
      ‏Verified account @bbclaurak

      So Matt Hancock was despatched to Leeds General (sorry not just Leeds Hospital), to try to sort out mess, hearing Labour activists scrambled to go + protest, and it turned nasty when they arrived – one of them punched Hancock’s adviser

      1. Apparently an exaggeration – you’ve probably seen the footage by now. Protester waved an arm as a Tory spare body approached from behind. No assault took place 🙂

      2. Only thing IS, it DIDN’T happen, and is/was pure invention. No wonder Hancock was ‘dispatched’ to Leeds Hospital!

  2. You’ll notice de piffle actually looks at the phone for about a second and a half..@1:42

    ..Call me a cynic but I reckon he notices the screen had gone off and he looked for that long just to give the (false) impression he looked at it with due (i.e. non-) consideration.

    He’s a shithouse of the lowest order. But we already knew that.

  3. A seriously ill 4 year old boy was left on a hospital floor for 4 hours & staff did nothing?

      1. A bed of coats & an oxygen mask post triage is whose best? Not a bed, not even a trolley………just a bed of coats on the floor for 4 hours after a diagnosis of pneumonia. Are you serious?

      2. Steve the cancerous growth scroat IS serious. It + its linked A R S H BOTS continue trolling. They pretend to be genuine by their act of criticising AS, to DELIBERATELY anger genuine contributors here to post something that the MSM can use against Skwawkbox. ⚠️WARNING⚠️ don’t take their bait⚠️ Also, note their years of unprovoked abusive language to those who express any view against the neoliberal same old same old. Even to a first poster. The A R S HBOTS, without provocation try to bully and silence the contributors with insults. And they lie just like their paymasters.
        I’m sure you are not fooled. No one else should.
        🌹🌹🌹 ps and JEREMY FOREVER no matter how slim the victory🌳🌳🌳
        ps ps and for good measure as they never stop monitoring SKWAWKBOX.ORG
        heart lands heartlands Heartlands HEARTLANDS L A B O U R T R A D I T I O N A L voting WORKING CLASS h e a r t l a n d s
        w o r k e r s heartlands labour jeremy corbyn hard working jeremy corbyn for the hard working labour heartlands JEREMY CORBYN🌹🌹🌹
        exploded yet???

      3. Steve Richards, I understood it was “suspicion of” pneumonia and that the child had since returned home.
        Perhaps I misheard or the narrative has changed?

    1. Steve Richards, most likely no beds. Conservative ideology destroyed the safety net. I.E. in the past, Bed Managers, who were senior Nursing Staff, not someone from the top heavy and TOP PAID revolving door money “managers” without a jot of medical nor surgical experience, knowledge… nor CARE. No Consultant, Registrar, House Officer, nor even Junior House Officer would have seen AND allowed that indignity and poor care. During the 1990s and even during the epoch of Gordon Brown that would not gave been seen. Please, anyone with an alternative view put me right. I have NEVER seen, during that period, ANY PATIENT, EVER, in diverse hospitals, ANYWHERE, THROUGHOUT Surrey, Hampshire and Kent of patients paediatric or adult ON THE FLOOR. I have never, during the same period heard even ONE situation like that, reported re: ANY other hospital, be it Manchester Children’s Hospital, Guy’s & St Thomas’ Evelina, Birmingham, Leeds, John Radcliffe, Addenbrooks or anywhere else.

      The case is typical of the Tory ideology of no need for resilience. EG. In case of some “God help us Crisis” the Conservative outlook we now lack the capacity for unforeseen circumstances. And, Conservative priorities means we now cannot even cope with day to day demands. Hence Steve, this case of a 4 year old little lad Jack having no bed. Four year old Jack having to be treated on the floor. Specific CLEAR evidence of how Tories have NOT been given the highlighting AND REPETITION they need EVERYWHERE. EVERY HOUR.

      Any with a different INFORMED view, EXPERIENCE ➕ E V I D E N C E , please, put me right.
      Usual suspects, the a r s h bots & their necrotic ingrowth McNiv need not display your ignorance and baseless arrogance. We are tired of you now. You are beyond help.

      1. correction: Specific CLEAR evidence of how Tories have DESTROYED the NHS, have NOT been given the highlighting AND REPETITION they need EVERYWHERE. EVERY HOUR.

      2. ps should have continued: Bed Managers checked the bed numbers for the WHOLE hospital regularly… male beds + female beds… before all the many “genders” were recognised. The numbers would be shared with ALL nearby hospitals, especially during late autumn – Spring.

  4. “…saying they voted labour all their lives but now cannot & will not because of their stance on brexit, or because they dislike Corbyn”

    BBC programme earlier today with a panel of “undecideds” – switched it off on seeing that the first few who spoke had inexplicably made up their minds to be Tory activists in the final few seconds before it went live.
    Audience participation is, weirdly, an anti-democratic programme format. The impossibility of weeding out activists makes it an obvious target for propagandists.
    Same with vox pops.
    We need to fix the BBC. Know what I mean?

    1. Except the talking heads on other stations are saying the same. It isn’t exclusive to the corporation; I’m not so sure it’s all down to selective editing, neither.

      1. The difference being Toffee that we are paying for the anti Labour propaganda on the BBC via the TV licence. I deeply resent funding non stop Tory propaganda and hope that a Labour government will revoke the BBC’s charter pronto.

    2. I could not agree with you more David McNiven. If the BBC want to act as cheerleaders for the Tories, let the Tories pay for them to do so – end the licence fee and let the BBC finance itself through sponsorshiplike every other broadcaster.

    3. I think that some of them are probably genuine but I think some of them could be won over.

      As for ‘red wall’ seats, Marina Hyde recently did an article in which she refers to a study of shifting demographics in such seats. Younger people apparently moving out.

      Yesterday’s Guardian had a letter from a former LD councillor. He had just cast his postal vote for Labour —-drawn to Labour because of Corbyn.

      The television news never seem to show people who have not voted Labour previously but have switched now due to Corbyn.
      And yet, such people definitely do exist.

  5. and as long as there are A R S H BOTS ➕ their metastatic ingrowth the McNiv, that cannot even get themselves to type “OH JEREMY CORBYN”🌹🌹🌹
    Jeremy the BEST Prime Minister ANY country could have on Friday🌹🌹🌹 Any COYLE, Harman, Streeting, Cooper MUST be recalled PROMPTLY after the election BEFORE they launch more coups🤮🤮🤑

    And they can’t type “BLAIR, Coyle, Harman, Streeting, Cooper are poorly disguised WORKING CLASS LABOUR HEARTLANDS disrespecting TORIES”.

    Type all of that A R S H BOTS & your growth McNiv. Don’t cut and paste. Get your handlers to program you to type it. Prove you have typed ALL of the sentiments above SUPPORTING JEREMY and that you disapprove of the Thatcherite self-serving PESTS who are doing their
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    who believe a young child ON A HOSPITAL FLOOR is dealt with by the NHS being mentioned before and in an EXTENSIVE SUBSTANTIAL MANIFESTO which covers LONGTERM AIMS spanning at least three parliaments.

    The GROSS INHUMANITY of the BOTS proves they are nothing but ODIUS devotees of the wicked Wicked WICKED THATCHERITE N A S T Y monstrous eggs – the HATERS of WORKERS in HARTLEPOOL – Mendacious MANDELSON fired i think TWICE for LYING … so Johnson tops him on that ‼️
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    REJECT the A R S H BOTS and their foul ingrowth McNiv who cannot endure even sensing LABOUR HEARTLANDS🌹🌹 🌹

    Their controllers are wetting themselves. Their gravy train is ending‼️ Their selfish greed will not be satisfied at public expense… at workers's expense ‼️ Their SAME old SAME old will collapse on them‼️


    And, no more little children ANYWHERE, having no bed in our HOSPITALS, in one of the TWELVE richest countries in the world. No more.

    Those who cannot cope with even reading this, i say, off to hell with you. off to your home. off to hell.

    1. Either snotchimp is ‘liking’ his own comments or there’s another raving fucking lunatic here 🙂

    1. There are some really idiotic tw.ts around punching Hancock’s aid has just turned this from being a really bad news story for the Tories to a story about ‘Labour’ thugs. I do hope this f…ing numskull isn’t a member of our party.

      1. Steve, footage shows it didn’t happen like that – protester raised arm and Torybod walked into it. No punch.

  6. Cutting up a dictionary and throwing the pieces on the floor like chicken bones isn’t the same as actual writing, spinchimp.

  7. Yes someone seems to have let their heart rule their head and went too far but we should focus on the main tragic story.
    They may not have been a member.
    This is the bitterness the Tories have caused but you should only nail people with peaceful argument!

  8. So fake news! Tories gave tax cuts to the rich & big business to protect them from Austerity so they have been MUGGING WORKING PEOPLE FOR 9 YEARS!
    Watch Out for Boris ‘Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two’ Johnson!

  9. I rarely watch BBC TV News – for obvious reasons. But tonight’s bulletin did a reasonable job, with Johnson and Hancock looking the twats that they are re. the Leeds GI issue, and Corbyn’s appearance in Bristol actually on show.

    Just a fact.

    Note for the naive wishing to get rid of the license fee : that’s what the Tories want. Giving more to the Murdochs of this world isn’t a solution to bias.

  10. Fucking hell

    Ed vaizeys excuse for de piffle: ‘He was freaked out by some journalist THRUSTING a phone under his nose’

    Jesus wept. No fucking wonder vaizey’s spewed it.


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