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Video: footballer Gary Neville accuses Boris Johnson of fuelling racism live on Sky Sports

Impossible to disagree.

Gary Neville on Sky Sports

Footballer Gary Neville has achieved the seemingly-impossible – bringing ‘Mancs’ and Scousers together in agreement on something.

Neville accused Boris Johnson, live on Sky Sports, of fuelling racism in the UK:

Gary Neville is, of course, absolutely right. Johnson – who has called black people piccaninnies, muslim women as bankrobbers and letterboxes and spoken dismissively of African nations – is a figurehead for racism and racists.

But he also despises working-class people, hard-working single mothers and their children – and has slashed services and scoffed at those who said he was endangering lives. He can’t open his mouth without lying.

In short, he has done just about everything that should unite ordinary, decent people against him.

Vote Labour – for decency, humanity and the good of your family and community.

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  1. and on top of that, Jonnie Piffell will not deliver any meaningful Brexit. Even if he wanted, (and he doesn’t), BORIS JOHNSON IS TOO LAZY. He cannot cope with serious work. He is a chancer and charlatan. An irresponsible spoilt selfish user. He is allergic to truth and accuracy.

    Delivering Brexit calls for serious sustained work and a grasp of tremendous detail that would challenge the best of us. Johnson lacks those abilities and the intention. Hus only concern is being PM. Johnson lies for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and for IT lessons with Acuri at public expense.

    How many more terrorist will roam free while Boris Johnson has IT lessons with yet another Acuri? Spend millions on another Private Garden Bridge? When will he privatise his dad and the well hidden common-sense lounger Jacob Reece-Mogg? When will the JinJon BloJon Cenotaph disrespecting liar privatise himself? When will he send Liz Truss to the pork market? Where has Truss been hidden? Will Johnson privatise his children?
    How can he care for Britain yet not care for his own young child? What sort of creature things spelling is more important than caring? The son of a father with the same attitude. Spelling the name of a story book liar is moe important than teaching his son to value people and honesty.

  2. Nice one Gary, nice one son!
    Oh apparently non-socialist, not officially recognised by Labour, and self appointed Labour Against Anti-Semitism are to hold a demo tomorrow opposite Parliament which no doubt will get bucket loads of media coverage,
    So here’s a little poem for them:
    I stood on the socialist front line, facing the Barbarian Far Right.
    Putting myself at personal risk.
    But on our side the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism were not in sight.
    And like Mr Rosen, I checked and checked again, but still they were not there.
    As WE stood against the Barbarians.
    To meet their ignorant and hateful glare.’
    Diverse working people of the World Unite!

  3. Well done Gary Neville,But it might just cost him his commentry job on the airwaves,Celebs are expected to be on message and not step out of the line unless its to spout lies about Jeremy Corbyn,or take the Pi55 out of him and the Labour party..

    1. but he is brave! STAND UP BOLDLY for what is right‼️

  4. Ah Pinocchio hay his nose gets bigger by the day whot about his water cannons he bought with tax payers monies sold hay for scrap

  5. “In short, he has done just about everything that should unite ordinary, decent people against him”.

    Which reveals just how few ordinary, decent people we have and what a generally shit people we are!

  6. Just wow! A murdoch employee complains about murdoch media inspired racism on a murdoch platform…

  7. Having worked @ Blackburn College & predominantly with muslim students. who were some of the friendliest; most polite & intelligent students I have ever had the pleasure of working with; the first time I heard women who wear the burka described as letter boxes was by female muslim students who believed it to a barbaric mode of dress. I despise everything that BoJo is & represents, but letterboxes as an insult?

    1. I assume you mentioned this on skwawkbox at the time Johnson made his comments in relation to women wearing burkas Steve? And I assume they – your students – DIDN’T cite ‘bank robbers’, or watermelon smiles etc, etc?

      PS I thought I’d just quickly check to see if you DID in fact mention these students of yours on skwawkbox at the time, and you didn’t, although you DID post a comment that day in another thread/article SB posted that day. I assume you didn’t see the skwawkbox article about Johnson’s comments OR – in the light of what your female muslim students had said – think to check to see if skwawkbox HAD posted an article about it AND, as such, tell us about your students having said the same thing re ‘letter-boxes’.

      I wonder how the women who wear burkas felt, at the time, about Johnson saying such a thing. What d’ya think?

      1. The following is from a Metro article published in May this year:

        A number of Muslim women have expressed alarm at the prospect of Boris Johnson becoming prime minister.

        The MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip is reported to be the favourite amongst Conservative Party members to succeed Theresa May, after she announced she would be stepping down on 7 June.

        However, a number of Muslim women have expressed their concerns about Boris’ commitment to racial and religious equality after he compared Muslim women who wear the burqa to letterboxes or bank robbers in a Daily Telegraph column last year.

        Although Mr Johnson was cleared of breaching the Conservative Party’s code of conduct, with an independent panel finding his comments to be ‘respectful and tolerant’, his recent leadership bid has meant his comments are being highlighted once more.

        Hmm, so he was cleared of breaching the Conservative Party’s code of conduct, was he, with an independent panel finding his comments to be ‘respectful and tolerant’. What a joke!! Now imagine if a LP politician had said something similar, not only would the corporate media et al have been condemning him or her for saying such things, but if the LP/NEC had THEN cleared them of breaching their code of conduct etc, all hell would have broken loose. But they WOULDN’T have done of course, and at the very least the person concerned would have been suspended immediately.

        NB And as I’m sure most people know, there was a 375% surge in racist incidents in the week following Johnson making his remarks, and Johnson undoubtedly knew that by saying such things, he was, in effect, giving license to the racist thugs out there to abuse women in burkas on the street, as they no doubt DID.

      2. And what was even MORE sickening is that Rowan Atkinson – in a letter to the Times, which was widely covered by the MSM – came to Johnson’s defence/rescue (along with some Tory MPs), saying that he thought his remarks about letter-boxes and bank robbers was funny. Needless to say, the ONLY people who were amused by such remarks were the racists out there!

      3. One of the problems of the McPherson Report post Stephen Lawrence has established the convention that racism is in the eye of the beholder. If an individual thinks it’s racist, then it is. That also includes anti-Semitism, which if the EHRC accept this definition, many Labour Party members will be proven guilty,
        I refuse to walk on eggshells & you will not be surprised to hear that I agree with my female muslim students & as Charlie Hebdo proved, in any democracy we all have a right to be insulted. The price we pay for Freedom of Speech.

  8. ‘as Charlie Hebdo proved, in any democracy we all have a right to be insulted. The price we pay for Freedom of Speech’


    Even that Elon Musk successfully defended his ‘pedo guy’ defamation suit on the grounds it was an insult.

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