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Video: ‘smoking gun’ of BBC bias as front page showing Johnson’s insult to working class left out of paper review

Shameless, appalling bias-by-omission to protect Tory leader and flaunt impartiality rules
The Mirror’s damning front page

The BBC’s habitual bias-by-omission was on appalling display on Thursday night as the BBC News review of the following day’s newspaper front pages made no mention whatever of the Daily Mirror’s headline on a gross insult to working-class people by Boris Johnson.

The Mirror regularly features in the BBC’s twice-nightly press reviews – but not on Thursday:

The Mirror’s front page was available in time for the review.

The BBC saw fit to include – twice – front pages about the Tories’ petulant dummy-spitting because Channel 4 replaced the cowardly Johnson with a melting ice-sculpture after the Tory leader chickened out of yet another round of public scrutiny.

But it found no time for a far more significant piece of news – Boris Johnson’s appalling insult to working-class people in a general election campaign where Johnson will be judged by working-class voters across the country.


Bias by omission is a standard BBC tactic – but it has been used to the point of parody by the BBC in this general election.

And tonight was a smoking gun of the broadcaster’s willingness – no, not willingness, eagerness – to hide the truth from voters and deprive the people of this country of a properly-informed choice at the ballot-box.

It must not be allowed to succeed. Spread the word.

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  1. I posted the following on another thread earlier, but most people had probably read it prior to me posting this, so here it is again:

    Just came across the following Guardian article in which the BBC claim that they DIDN’T tell Jeremy and his team that Boris Johnson had confirmed:

    Jeremy Corbyn’s team agreed to take part in the series of one-on-one interviews with the journalist after the BBC told them the prime minister would definitely be doing a similar broadcast next week. However, a BBC source strongly denied they had told Labour that Johnson had confirmed.


    They are obviously lying through their teeth, as there is no way on this earth that Jeremy and his team would have agreed to do the interview with Andrew Neil unless they had been told that Johnson would be doing one of course. I mean the very idea that they would have said to Jeremy and Co that Johnson hasn’t confirmed yet, and Jeremy agree to do an interview anyway is just absurd and totally improbable.

    It was of course all a set up. And I have no doubt that it also included rabbi Mirvis and the Times!

    NB Given what happened in the Andrew Neil interview with JC, it would have been impossible for Neil not to have brought up the various racist and bigoted stuff that Johnson has come out with if he interviewed HIM, and THAT would have been pretty damaging at this stage, so it was NEVER going to happen, and Jeremy was tricked into doing his interview.

    1. Withdraw their broadcasting licence. Not fit for purpose. Always got a good excuse for their “accidents”. What’s the next excuse going to be ?

      “We were going to show the full unedited clip but the dog ate it”

      1. Aidey Aitchdee agree with you,Theirs no cure for a culture of the BBC and if we win ..,we will not have the time to try converting a culture of elitism and establishment,far more iimportant issues with the victims of this alleged Tory government.!

    2. Afterthought: I know Jeremy was questioned about A/S in the ITV leaders debate, but am I right in thinking that BJ WASN’T questioned about his racist and bigoted remarks in recent years. And if that’s so, was it also the case in the QT ‘Leaders Special’ program last Friday?

  2. Piffel on working class men are drunkards.Well I will admit that Johnson’s an expert on drunkenness and debauchery,but has he ever associated with working class men?… He seems to spend most of his time avoiding the working class and any form of association.But then again I don’t know what he gets up to after dark?,but I am sure the police do.

    1. Well he drank tea with some of them the other week. This site ran a photo caption competition about it. Perhaps they laced his cuppa with vodka. That’ll be it!

  3. Just reading about Kuenssberg and Huw Edwards being used to front Tory election campaign posters.. Seems the BBC are worried that they may seem biased.I wonder how the Torys could assume that and millions of others.just from watching the News and just about every other programme.Do they have any input in watch with mother or any other childrens programes like QT?

  4. “Thursday night”

    What happened this morning on ‘”What the Papers Say” ? I rarely ever listen to ‘Today’ – which usually give the right-wing press a free run in that segment?

    1. “What the papers say” should be re-named
      “What Rupert Murdoch thinks”

  5. I fear that the focus on obvious and entirely predictable media bias misses a key feature of the scene.

    … Which is not h the crude expected and intended bias, but the absorption of a taken-for-granted narrative into journalism.

    Take the following example by Gary Younge about racism in today’s Groan :


    It is mostly a good article by a very good journalist, with a solid record.

    But not how, implicitly, the accusations of ‘antisemitism’ within the Labour Party are simply taken to equate with other actual manifestations of racism.

    That is the sort of unconscious bias that does damage.

    1. And the process of omission is is one of the most effective tools of bias. At the same time as the Mirror story is being ignored by the bulk of the MSM, so is this rebuttal of the ‘Chief Rabbi’s fiction by the esteemend Michael Rosen (from the Canary). As always, Rosen is devastatingly to the point and irrefutable :

      It’s that plain truth that the ‘honest’ and ‘brave’ Groan seems not to have picked up. As Rosen says with devastating irony :

      “To say these things has invited Jews and non-Jews on twitter to call me a ‘kapo’ (a Jewish concentration camp guard), a ‘used Jew’ (that from the editor of ‘Jewish News’), someone who ‘dons the cloak of Jewishness’ (a Jewish DJ and actor), one of the ‘useful Jewish idiots’ (from the commentator Dan Hodges), ‘a cheerleader for Soros’ (from Lee Harpin political editor of the Jewish Chronicle), and a plea to the BBC to not employ me to present ‘Word of Mouth’ (from the QC Simon Myerson and the campaigner against antisemitism (!) Euan Philips).

      Clearly some people think that the best way to combat antisemitism is to be antisemitic.”

      1. Says drunk, criminal (?) feckless upper class right wing Neo-Liberal poliitically thick barbarian! Oh this working class man about 10 years ago suggested for free harnessing the free energy of the sun with solar panel farms to address climate change which led to over a trillion dollars spent on this by Govts around the World.
        Johnson bring criminal?
        One, Tories supported £145m of tax cuts for hedge funds then hedge funds donated £50m to the Tories, legalised corruption?
        Secondly when the Tories voted to bomb in Syria, the first action was against oil refineries and petrol distilling stations, but were these staffed by civilian workers at the time (and when IS comes to town you have little say)?
        If so this was a TORY CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!
        Perhaps the Tories should not be in Parliament but should be in prison?
        Lock them up! Lock them up!

  6. Or. as Monty Python once might have said:

    “I’m afraid that Boris Johnson can’t be with us tonight but we have got his fridge.”

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