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Video: Boris Johnson tells London fire-safety panel “Get stuffed” #Grenfell

This article was originally published in 2017, in the aftermath of the terrible Grenfell Fire disaster. It became the most-read SKWAWKBOX article of all time.

Today, after Tory MPs mocked Jeremy Corbyn for wearing a green tie in solidarity with Grenfell victims and families with no rebuke from their boss and with bereaved families looking on from the gallery, it’s time for a reminder that is as relevant as ever to the nature of the Conservatives:

Does the arrogance of Tories know no bounds?

Video has emerged of then-London Mayor Boris Johnson defending his cuts to fire services in London before a fire-safety panel of London Assembly Members.

When challenged to explain how cutting fire stations, firefighter positions, fire safety officers could possibly not put the lives of London residents at risk, Johnson at first tries to defend the indefensible by simply asserting that his recklessness works and improves safety.

Then, when challenged further, he tells a Labour AM:

Oh get stuffed.

Johnson was warned from all sides. The Tories were warned from all sides. They now have the deaths and terrible injuries of innocent people on their hands.

And it seems they don’t care a toss.

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  1. Yep. That’s the attitude of them.

    But they’ll expect YOU to fight THEIR wars, and while they rake it in, they’ll want YOU to pay for your own prosthetic limbs and your own mental healthcare. Stop whining and suck it up

    And because you’re no longer a serving member of the armed forces, you can GTFO of the barracks and accommodation. Stop whining and suck it up

    No use whining that you’re blind, have only got the use of one arm and both your legs have been amputated. That’s no reason to be unfit for work. If those paralympians can do what they do, there’s no reason you can’t flog tickets for car parks in the freezing fucking cold for 12 hours at a time at minimum wage. And, we’ll make you do it until you’re 70. Stop whining and suck it up.

    Not pay bedroom tax because you need the space for your medical equipment? That just won’t do. We could have 40 eastern europeans living in there AND charge them 10x the amount. Stop whining and suck it up.

    Your kids? What about them? We’ll send them into ‘care’, where, once thoroughly sexually abused, they can either go to prison, or get up chimneys to earn their keep. They’ll get compensation? Ha-fucking-ha. It NEVER happened because we’ll ‘lose’ the files or we’ll just call them liars from broken homes anyway. Stop whining and suck it up.

    That’s the attitude of them. Rodents.

  2. There will be a day of reckoning for such evil that stalks our country.December 13th the removal van is booked,and this time I will make sure that the Tory leader and his floozy hear the voice of the people.Last time it was ted heath and I didnt shout loud enough and the wimp slunk away after joe gormly showed him the Lancashire miners way to deal with the Tory scum…..kick em out!

  3. A raging inferno fed by cladding that had passed all the required safety checks & standards. Universal instructions from Fire Authorities to stop public escaping by telling them to remain on site. Poor communications between all parties involved (including 999) & extremely heavy breathing equipment that some ‘firefighters’ were unable use for any length of time meaning that those trapped on the top floors were never personally contacted & died obeying instructions & trusting in a false promise of rescue.
    This cladding still covers many high rise flats & a ‘Labour Party’ mayor does nothing. The danger is still there & still real.

    1. ” God’s back!”

      He/she has never been away. That’s why the autocrats and plutocrats have been in charge.

  4. BBC Newsnight, on now, is a Conservative Party Political Broadcast.
    Oh, except for Sam Gyimah, who isn’t a Tory any more.
    Has he had a Damascene conversion?
    Has he fuck. Tory in all but name.
    I couldn’t tell if he was one of the LibDems in the bright yellow AntiSmurf dresses today in the HoC though 🙂

  5. ‘Has he had a Damascene conversion’?

    Dunno. If he has, it’ll probably show up on his expenses.

  6. As Noam Chomsky would remind us: the welfare of the population is not really a priority for most governments. That was true of Tony Blair when he ignored warnings about how invading Iraq would lead to more terrorist attacks in Britain. It did.

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