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Vid: Johnson squirms confronted by mum re working class insult – and nailed over evasiveness re kids

‘What could be more natural’ than to talk about your children – Johnson’s evasiveness exposes his nature

Boris Johnson squirmed visibly – and huffed in arrogant annoyance – when challenged by a single mother over his huge insults to working-class people.

Johnson – still running scared both of further debate with Jeremy Corbyn and of the grilling he was scheduled to undergo from the BBC’s Andrew Neil – may have expected an easy ride from the Tory-friendly LBC station and its right-wing presenter.

But a woman called in to the programme to take Johnson to task – and as Nick Ferrari read back to Johnson his astonishing insults to whole classes of people, Johnson squirmed visibly.

And huffed in annoyance at the cheek of anyone confronting him with his own behaviour:

Sky News also examined Johnson’s conduct. And in an unusually frank assessment it decided that Johnson’s evasiveness over his own children – he is believed to have at least two that are not publicly acknowledged – will be taken by UK people as a sign of his untrustworthiness.


Johnson’s shiftiness and sense of entitlement are clear in the footage – but they are only part of the picture.

That a man who has more children than he is prepared to admit should criticise working-class people and especially single mothers working hard to look after theirs is a sign of a towering arrogance and hypocrisy that nobody should even think about voting for.

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  1. Keebab-ed indeed!

    But how much cuts through the general skewing of the agenda? (The Groan has actually reported it)

  2. Does Doris use hairspray?

    I’m just watching BJ giving his speech and I’ve just noticed that his famously un-kept hairstyle looks like it is held in place by hairspray

    1. My TV was lucky to survive Gisela Stuart’s contribution

      “Boris Johnson’s Conservatives represent the best way forward for traditional Labour voters like me and the best way to heal the country.”

      And she added: “I will not vote for Jeremy Corbyn, but I can vote for Brexit. This is, after all the Brexit election and a vote for Boris Johnson this time around is a vote to get Brexit done.”

      1. That’s rather like pushing for a vote for Hitler to heal the damage done to the Jews.
        Heal the country by voting in the shower of shite which ruined it in the first instance?
        Unbelievable cheek.

  3. I just posted this on a thread from a couple of days ago, but next to no-one is going to see it as of now, so I’m posting it again HERE (yes, it’s a bit lengthy, but i’m sure you’ll find it worthwhile):

    signpost said:

    ‘ phone up ALL MSM and INSIST you [they?] give a different view ie REBUTT the downright wicked lies

    Yeah, I’m sure they’ll take a whole lot of notice!

    And he then continued:

    ‘If the MSM refuse, SHOUT IT FROM the HOUSE TOPS, from every street corner, Speakers Corner … EVERY HOUR, EVERY DAY‼️‼️‼️’

    Yerse, sounds very practical……. I’m just getting the ladder out now!

    Instead of spouting completely useless verbiage signpost – most of which would probably get you locked up anyway – how about doing the most practical and sensible thing that just about ALL of us could do if we wanted to, even with just thirteen days to go (and to save me having to type it all out again, I’m gonna copy and paste it from a comment I posted on JVLs website a couple of days ago):

    As Tony says at the top of the comments, this article by Jonathan [Cook] deserves to be a leaflet – and there’s plenty of other material that could be included in such a leaflet, like the paragraph/passage in the Jewish Socialists Group statement (listed on here under the title: Jews For a Labour Victory) that begins:

    We can see no evidence that a victorious Labour government would persecute, disadvantage, hurt, oppress or delegitimise Jewish citizens. On the contrary, the party’s commitment to equality and to challenging racism and discrimination, are key to its values and manifesto commitments……

    And mention the letters, both published and unpublished by the Guardian by hundreds of Jewish people and academics rejecting the claims AND giving their support to Jeremy (and point out how THEY – the letters – don’t receive any media coverage, unlike the letters attacking Jeremy). There’s literally reams of material to select from. But what I really wanted to say is that A4 is the best size to work with AND that if it’s more than two sides (and I would suggest four sides is good, and six maximum), then hold the sheets together with a paper-clip (as opposed to stapling them), so that anyone who wants to make copies to distribute and circulate can do so simply and easily, and of course underline the heading to the leaflet – and give it a bit of thought before you decide on one – and at the end of the leaflet (underlined again) say: PLEASE COPY AND/OR SCAN AND CIRCULATE TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS AND WORK COLLEAGUES ETC. THANKYOU. And right at the end of the leaflet you could say that if everyone (who is able) makes ten copies of this leaflet and circulates them to friends and neighbours etc, and they in turn do the same, and so on, we could potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people prior to election day if everyone down the line does it as soon as they can.

    And in addition I would also mention The Lobby – ie the Aljazeera undercover investigation come expose (and direct them to where it’s available to watch) – and also mention that of the ten people who participated in the Panorama program and were ‘presented’ – albeit anonymously apart from just one who mentioned her name – as just ordinary Jewish Labour Party members, seven of them were and ARE executive committee members of the Jewish Labour Movement – one of the main groups that has been attacking Jeremy Corbyn and his several hundred thousand member supporters for the past four years – and that one of the other three was their former ‘Campaigns Officer’ until just a few months before the program aired, and that a full list of their names and the positions they hold (or held) can be found on the jewishdissident website in an article entitled Sticky Fingers. Oh yes, and dear Margaret’s ‘200’ LP members that turned out to be only 20!

    We REALLY mustn’t forget to include Margaret!

  4. and, NEVER FORGET, never forget what BORIS JOHNSON said and wrote about the HILLSBOROUGH TRAGEDY & VICTIMS‼️

    The SUN rag SUPPORTS Boris Johnson.
    The Sun also spat on the graves of the 69 dead. Insulted the memories of 69 dead victims. THE SUN SHOWED
    T O T A L D I S R E S P E C T for HILLSBOROUGH families.

    30 years and many millions spent on yet another inquiry / inquest. AND NO JUSTICE. The judge directed the jury. They often do. Then it is reported as a jury verdict. N O ‼️ It most certainly is not !!! It is the judges will.

    But who would support Boris Johnson, FIRED for lying three times⁉️ Dismissed for LYING three times⁉️

    BORIS JOHNSON will NOT deliver ANY meaningful Brexit‼️ He has never intended to deliver Brexit. He is a lifetime EU superstate lover. While he wrote articles from Brussels in the Telegraph to appeal to TORY grassroots, for his child hood selfish ambition, he is on record as saying many things proving beyond doubt that he is with the rest of his family, the “MOST EPIC EUROPHILES” in the history of the world‼️‼️‼️

    Yes, Corbyn is fighting off rabid remainiac MPs, and as ever Corbyn hoped they will give up. THEY WILL NOT.
    Jeremy should be bold, clear, and decisive and deliver to our Labour HEARTLANDS and many non-metropolitan areas. The country voted leave. LEAVE‼️ LEAVE ‼️‼️

    The HEARTLAND voters MUST be RESPECTED. It is not too late. Respect the biggest democratic vote in this country. Nothing will please everyone.
    L E A V E 🔴🔴🔴

    1. I suggest you read the manifesto because you seem to be a little confused about the Labour Party’s settled and published Brexit. Are you sure you wouldn’t be more at home with Gisela Stuart?

      1. Auto type your tosh about the manifesto to my MP NEIL COYLE and his type.
        Ps You Bots, SteveH & Bot AllanHoward Seem one and the same. 2 or 3 cheeks of the same peculiar backside. No❓ Same tone, language & linguistics. Same attempt to bully and silence other posters, be they old or new contributors. Just like the intimidators claiming to speak for us as if we are an homogenous mass of “group think”. Are you BOTS or part of the same well funded, organised AND FOREIGN FUNDED INTIMIDATORS❓
        Many here note, for you two in particular, it is never enough to give your view. You always add your skids of personal abuse to silence others who have a different stance and are not frightened of your foul winds.
        Whomsoever or whatever you are, you will NEVER intimidate me. Get it❓ Or are you two, BRAINLESS automatics❓

      2. If you don’t mind me saying so signpost, your post may chime with a few Sun readers should they happen to stumble on here by mistake, but your attempt to discredit myself is probably the most pathetic discreditation I have ever come across in all my reincarnations, and I kid ye not. As for the ‘attempt to bully and silence’, it’s definitely a phrase that rings a bell, although I can’t quite place it at the moment.

        Anyway, maybe I’ll bump into you at Speakers Corner, or if I see someone shouting from their rooftop, I’ll know it’s You, and quickly walk on by.

        PS I’m just kidding! Get that leaflet together and start printing a few dozen copies off and sticking them through peoples doors etc AND – after all the barstards have put Jeremy through these past four years – let’s get him into No 10* so he can start transforming our reality and undoing all the damage the above-mentioned have done during the past forty years.

        * But then again, knowing Jeremy, he’d probably turn No 10 into a hostel for homeless people (until they can be provided with their own abode) and command us all from his pad!

        To do good unto each-other!

    2. “The HEARTLAND voters MUST be RESPECTED”

      After all this time, the delusional nature of this sort of crap should be obvious : In ALL areas and ALL classes, LABOUR voters were majority REMAIN.

      Do catch up.

      1. We win by constituencies. Long established system in this country in ALL areas and ALL classes and throughout the whole country, we win by constituencies.

      2. clearly you cannot catch up. You RH, AH and the other SH are three cheeks of the same magnified well funded and primed backside.

      3. Nope. Wrong again – we’re just a bit more up to speed than you are.. Silly fantasies are just a mark of the needy to get that much needed grasp on reality.

      4. Ah! Sorry. Forgot u RH, 1 of the triplets ARS Hs you are.
        Nature trumps any attempt to debug u three. Your manner, tone and language are all remarkably similar, output to output, month to month.
        Your persistent program to muzzle us who see the rich rare worth of Jeremy Corbyn, is funny.
        Despite J’s few shortcomings, we humans all have them. None are omnipotent. Machines can’t understand that… yet.

        But BOTS, even you three, of one weird pernicious backside, need your controller / handler / operator to fixer to … well fix you. Input a new algorithm. They must learn, then you will too: RI RO. Rubbish in Rubbish out. Garbage in, Garbage out. Simples.
        Oh and “shout it from the house tops” is a well known expression. “From every street corner” etc is also a well known … never mind … you can’t understand till u r 📡🛠⚙️📡 debugged + updated with a new original script
        You A R S Hs

  5. The hate for working people runs deep with this one ! Johnsons dad has just done the same on Victoria live saying the majority of the public are illiterate. My god, it runs in the family !

    A question for labour heartland leave voters thinking of voting for the Tories for their Brexit deal; If Margaret Thatcher were to offer the same Brexit deal at a general election, would you vote for her ?

  6. if the remaniacs had respect for the heartlands, FROM THE START and if Jeremy had stuck to his beliefs and ignored BOTS like SH & AH, and the out of touch MPs, there would be no need to attempt to change strategy now.
    The Brexit Party would not even have been formed.
    Oh and clearly after decades of elections, you still have not grasped that we win elections by constituencies NOT total number of votes. Were it not so the Brexit party or predecessor would have many MPs. To difficult to grasp? Just like the Democrats who ignore the long established Electoral College System. Will suck it up: We win by winning constituencies. The MAJORITY voted LEAVE. The majority are in Labour heartlands.
    If you are yet to grasp that, then you are beyond help.

    1. “if the remaniacs had respect for the heartlands, FROM THE START and if Jeremy had stuck to his beliefs and ignored BOTS like SH & AH, and the out of touch MPs, there would be no need to attempt to change strategy now.”

      What is the new strategy? Scare the horses into a maze with only one way out?

      1. We await. Seems twill be to allow MPs who ACCEPT the LEAVE result, to go to the heartlands. To convince electorate there to accept the convoluted “constructive ambiguity” contrived in my old neighbourhood Islington.

        I hope it is not that. Rather, change should be, NO MORE FUDGES. No more fog. Admit like the LibDems now the REMAIN / REVOKE dominated PARLIAMENT are wrong.
        Drop the laughable rigmarole. Negotiate a proper Withdrawal Agreement (it is NOT a deal).
        Show up the Johnson reheated May attempt to hoodwink the leave voters. Hoodwink scam is what it is. A Johnson lie.
        Offer a proper Withdrawal Agreement which is the first stage of the Brexit process. This has never been made clear nor repeated as it needs to be.

        Labours Withdrawal agreement or WTO TERMS LEAVE. It is the result and the Govt funded booklet made it clear. ⚫️⚫️⚫️

      2. signpostnotwindchimes 29/11/2019 at 2:29 pm

        FGS grow up and stop being silly. Our policy is clearly laid out in our manifesto.

      3. ps and stop being scared. It is perpetually being scared that has handicapped Jeremy and many of us. Afraid to give honest feedback. Afraid of an already hostile MSM. Afraid of this and that being at the wrong time. Forever on the back foot. Forever on the defensive. Being pushed and pulled… often with little or NO resistance. We will never sustain an effective and dynamic transforming government if we are forever nervous, afraid and cave in at the slightest noise.

        We can do better.

        A Jeremy Corbyn visionary and led Labour Government is the ONLY choice for our country🌹🌹🌼

      4. I am left wondering which is worse, a LP Brexit strategy delivering a noose of another naval gazing, self absorbed, ineffectual Parliament or a Tory working majority. We could possibly end up with a PM (with well known long held views on EU), who may sit on the fence on an EURef 2 (aka vote till you plebs get it right Ref) his Gov negotiated… LP accuses the Tories of disrespecting the public. What a f’ing farce.

        I really think liberal metro centric LP has let the public and what democracy is left in UK down badly on this.

        That’s my bit on LP Brexit strategy. Dec 12 will answer many questions. I wish I was hopeful.

      5. Only “until the fat lady sings” the show has ended Maria… and even then it is only that one show for that night. As you may realise my attitude is NEVER give up. Yes we do have too much fence sitting. I cannot tell you how much I loath it. But, i am a fervent Jeremy Corbyn supporter, because i his rare qualities are tremendous. Transformative POSITIVE Vision and long term capacity for endurance. Just look at how much he has endured from all quarters. Just look. Name me one politician here in our lifetime who has triumphed against those odds. That alone makes him, in my book, 2nd to none!

        I have no political background (except some family members). So my professional experience makes: observing fence sitting, fog making, gimmicks, attempting befuddle, underestimating wisdom of the public, cowardice, and “constructive ambiguity”, those all make my soul ache.
        QUESTION: do you think anyone anywhere, who has to produce something physical, or conduct cardiac surgery … or any medical intervention even in military theatre, will come up with the term “constructive ambiguity”❓
        My analysis is this: The NEC & PLP have been infested and infected by the pests and infections from the aiding &, abetting protectors of the 1%. The Conservatives.
        Thatcher said as much. Blair was her greatest product.
        The legal heavy but productive / industrial / salt if the earth lite PLP has led to what we see now in the party. A celebration of obfuscation, A love of controlling cliques. A pining to get MSM approval, despite winning leadership and surviving TWO coups without that repellant approval.

        So yes, Jeremy needs desperately to stand up to that and kick it out🌹🌹⁉️

  7. ps Foggy i agree with your post. Mine is in response to SH & AH & other SHs.

    1. Now own up signpost, is that your Mum giving you the ‘likes’ within minutes of you posting your posts!

      1. How brilliant it will be if Jeremy Corbyn supporters, with his VITAL vision for our country, show even 1/4 of the persistence, the tirelessness of Allan Steve Howard, 4 short, A SH… it would help us erase the myths that persist. Though automatons… bots, never tire. Still JC supporters try‼️ Our country is at stake. Shun A SH iterations. Emulate the persistence. Especially for the next month. Every day if you are able. We can still win this 😊😊😊

      2. Now, now, calm down signpost….. Anyway:

        Thought Of The Afternoon

        Despite the corporate MSM and the semi-corporate BBC doing all they can to help Boris, I suspect that secretly he is doing everything in his power to make sure that Jeremy becomes our next PM, and for THAT I thank him from the heart of….. from the bottom of my hear t.

  8. salt OF the earth. because his rare qualities are tremendous. Excuse other typos please. xxx

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