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Video: Johnson flees Neil – but regional reporter nails him on a football pitch

Johnson squirms as lies, cuts and failures on children’s services are exposed

Cowardly Boris Johnson fled from an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil – though that backfired badly. He fled from an interview with ITV’s Julie Etchingham. He has been in hiding from any interviewer he and his handlers think might expose him.

But cowards and liars – he is both – get caught out.

And so it was today as Johnson visited a playing field in Greater Manchester – only to be nailed and exposed like a beetle on a specimen board by north-west regional ITV correspondent Hannah Miller:

Ms Miller refused to accept Johnson’s glib nonsense or to allow him to skim over his and his party’s guilt with meaningless numbers.

Johnson is right to be terrified of the ‘big beasts’ of television interviews – but if his minders want to keep him safe from exposure they need to keep him in complete hiding.

When your dishonesty and lack of integrity are as toweringly huge as Boris Johnson’s, any kind of decent journalism is going to expose them.

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  1. Was still allowed to ‘ sum up ‘ and have the last word. Which in Johnson’s mind makes him think he ‘ won ‘
    And unfortunately it does too, in the minds of his followers.

  2. It is a sad state of affairs in this country that it is now newsworthy when a reporter does her job and holds Johnson to account.

  3. I just read an article on the JVL website entitled ‘Jews, antisemitism and Labour – a letter to the BBC’ and came across the following post in the Comments section:

    Is it possible to report the BBC to the EHRC on the basis of antisemitism in its representation of “the Jewish community” and the large number of Jews this marginalizes and, by implication, denigrates? This seems to me to be much closer to any definition of institutional discrimination than the claims made against the Labour Party. Would the BBC have records of its editorial decision making process viz-a-viz applications from JVL to represent Jews who support Labour under Jeremy Corbyn and dispute the claims of JLM etc.? Could these be requested under the Freedom of Information Act and used as part of this submission?

    1. I was dismayed today to read John MvDonnell’s comment :

      “I apologise to the Jewish community for the suffering we have inflicted on them.”

      ‘We’??????? ‘Inficted suffering’???????

      How insulting. … and totally false. Don’t own it on my behalf.

      No, John, the JLM and it’s associates from the Board of Deputies and other Israel-supporting organisations have done that by shamelessly injecting fear into the community as a political weapon on behalf of the Tories and the Israel lobby.

      The handful of real antisemites belonging to Labour are as nothing to this artificial terror campaign.

      Now – can we turn to the real antisemitism issues – that embedded in the right, and the continued suffering of the semitic Palestinian people?

      1. Having just fumed over John McDonnell’s complicity with the unrepresentative Board of Deputies (an approach which, incidentally, has proved totally futile even in the narrowest terms of damping down controversy), I’m posting a link to a more honest assessment of the situation by Robert Cohen, a British Jew married to an Anglican priest. He addresses the Archbishop of Canterbury in a letter.

        As usual, it is the Jewish Voice for Labour that comes up with this balanced view – a view *totally* ignored by the pathetic excuse that we have for a journalism profession. It’s worth taking time out to read this sanity – particularly as the Israel lobby is deceitfully pretending to protest today about ‘antisemitism’ seen out of one political eye.

      2. RH: You omitted to mention that when Andrew Marr brought up the matter of A/S, he said “Why is it that so many people with such disgusting views felt at home in the Labour Party” AND that the FIRST thing John said in response was/is “It wasn’t so many people, it was a small number…..”. He also said that A/S is a problem in other parties too – ie “….that it isn’t just the Labour Party”.

        I didn’t see the program (but I’ll probably check it out on Iplayer later), but there’s a short video clip in the following article:

        NB And as you say Richard – regards alternative views on the issue – the MSM completely ignore them, and needless to say, when you have an agenda to smear JC and the LP and vilify and demonise them as anti-semitic AND you control the narrative, as such, then you are NOT going to include such voices in that narrative. Obviously. And ‘Charlie’, who left the comment I posted above was, in effect, making exactly THAT point (and that the EHRC should investigate such blatant marginalisation of a large section of the Jewish community by the BBC and the rest of the MSM……. according to an article on JVLs website that I read recently, the BoD only represent about a third of the Jewish community, and around 50% are secular Jews).

      3. Allan – I didn’t see the program either, but the quotation from it, even if not in context was very unambiguous in accepting a sort of ‘corporate’ blame for odd instances of real antisemitism.

        Bluntly – the ‘we’ is not in my name!

        And, of course, “regards alternative views on the issue – the MSM completely ignore them,” – but this has become a totally self-fulfilling prophecy now because there has been absolutely *no* real push-back against the falsehoods, even if McDonnell’s latest concession represents a new low of cringeworthiness.

      4. As you know Richard, I have, on more than a few occasions, cited what happened when Ken Livingstone attempted to ‘push back’ against the falsehoods disseminated in relation to him, or when the LP condemned the Panorama program, NOT that I needed to of course, as YOU and the other im-posters on here who bring it up every single opportunity you get KNOW exactly what happened.

        And you know of course that all the ‘moderates’ who left the party did so solely as a message to Jeremy and John Mc and Co that if you attempt to counter our false A/S narrative MORE of us will leave the LP and do you really REALLY serious damage, as such. And THAT prospect has been, and IS constantly hanging over them – ie blackmail!

  4. exactly. sadly, this very minute Dodds just finished owning the accusations. Even after the presenter mentioned the latest three Tories to be deselected for Anti Semitism, she does not highlight and reiterate that the TORY PARTY IS INFESTED FULL of ANTI-Semites. eg she could have asked why is MSM ignoring the Tory historical AS scourge? Where was and is the wall to wall coverage re Tory racism? Instead she just trotted out the same pathetic stuff. Heart breaking really.

    Still after victory, these attacks will continue. Our wet approach to unsubstantiated allegations must change. It makes an over worked distracted public believe unchallenged lies.

    When people like Dodds and McDonnell fail to even acknowledge those who have taken the trouble to write to the Guardian to defend Jeremy, it proves we need serious housekeeping. Basic assertiveness training. Observing from others, learning from others, interview workshops. I sense little or no preparation.

    Serious in-house work is critical. The wet approach must stop. I’m sick of it. Today and next three days Jeremy must go out everywhere, meet real people OUTSIDE the media set. Focus on the basic. A Man on LBC 10:36 said he is a lifelong Conservative voter and wanted to support the Brexit Party, but he can’t as he wants to vote in memory of the 130,000 people who have been declared fit for work then dropped dead. 1️⃣3️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ people declared fit for work by a renamed foreign owned company, previously ATOS for the DWP.
    Waiting list for cancer care as long as ever.
    Matters like these need TOTAL ATTENTION before talking about planting trees in a very treed country. Facts. Evidence. Analysis. Assertiveness. Day to Day distress and concerns of the many. CLARITY. Emphasis. Reiteration. Repeat. Once, twice even thirty times is not enough. REPEAT🌹🌹🌹

    1. signpost: I don’t know what you were specifically alluding to when you mentioned about planting trees, but I can only imagine that whatever it was AND whoever it was, they were speaking about it in relation to Climate Change WHICH is no small deal. And you LIE about the UK being a very ‘treed country’! It is NOT, and is way, way down the list re the percentage of tree coverage – forest coverage – in European countries, but you lie about it so as to be able to make your false criticism:

      1. Spout your to the homeless sleeping on the streets tonight. Spout your tosh to the longest list of cancer patients awaiting care. Spout your tosh to the nurses at the William Harvey Hospital in Kent, who had to sue re tens-of thousands they had to pay for parking to help patients. Spout your tosh to the Grenfel victims, the police service, fire service, teachers having to feed hungry students, schools having to beg for basic equipment, veterans depending on charity to be care for, mental health patients desperately in need of care, relatives of ATOS 130,000 declared fit for work who have died within weeks,

        Spout your tosh to the millions of children in poverty. Depending on how measured 4.1 – 4.6 MILLION children in poverty in the now 6 – 12th wealthiest country in the world. OUR COUNTRY the UK. Spout your rubbish and lies to the victims of terrorism under CONSERVATIVE and Blair’s New Labour Tories. So just off the top of my head, standing in my kitchen… oh and get your handlers to check a quality map to learn the % of the UK that is built, forested, treed and grassed.
        Try another one ARS H bot controller. But try harder. 😊😊😊

      2. signpostnotwindchimes 4:40 pm

        I suggest you read the Labour Party’s manifesto it covers all the subjects that you assert that you are concerned about. Oh, and it also covers Allan’s trees

      3. And the joke of it is signpost that YOU invoke ‘facts’ and ‘evidence’ whilst dissembling a FALSE fact, a FAKE fact, and omit to produce any ‘evidence’ as you urge others to do, precisely because such ‘evidence’ is non-existent, and the ‘fact’ is that the OPPOSITE is true.

  5. No news today? Of course Mr Toad is ducking interviews if he can. It’s the obvious strategy. Just as Corbyn’s best strategy is being photographed with enthusiastic supporters and talking to people.

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