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Videos: huge queues to see Corbyn in Swansea

The enthusiasm among the public for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is only growing after yet another clear win in the leadership debates.

Corbyn is appearing at a rally in Swansea this afternoon – and the queues are huge.

This is what hope looks like:

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  1. Johnson isn’t going to find it as easy as he’d hope. There is a groundswell of opinion moving against him. Nobody can stomach the idea of his Bullingdon braying for the next FIVE YEARS!

    1. Skwawkbox
      This is a Labour site and Danny is clearly a paid troll – paid to spread doom and gloom and anti labour sentiments. Guido is his natural home – let him go and spread his poison there please.

      1. He doesn’t have to be a troll to be delusional believer in the SunMail propaganda.

        His mathematical ability is a bit of a handicap, given that a majority of the country didn’t vote for Brexit – but, heyho, that’s a Brexiteer talking with the usual religious fixation that inhibits rational thought and confuses a Tory ploy with balanced assessment.

    2. “Professor” Danny links to racism/populism apologist Matthew Goodwin.
      Surprise surfuckingprise.
      Despite claims by his follower PinkPinny to the contrary, Danny is anything but a socialist. Only a fellow racist fucktard kipper would seriously cite pseudo-academic Goodwin.
      Goodwin, after promising to eat his book if Labour achieved 38% of the vote in 2017, ate one page of it.
      Question every word either shithead writes if you value truth.

    3. Yeah big fucking loss, smoking out the sort of scum who’d’ve voted for Oswald Moseley or Enoch Powell.

      Your work here is done, troll.

    1. They have been enthusiastically joined by the BBC who have led all day on Corbyn’s Russian Connection on the back of Reddit saying that after a month’s ‘analysis’ they have come to believe, today, that there are similarities with this site and another based in Russia’. And that’s it! No suggestion the documents are fake, just they are perhaps (or perhaps not.!) similar in appearance to another site! Some are suggesting that it is such crude spin it might be designed to entrap Tory hard right into wild Stalinist claims. That is surely unlikely? It’s the BBC management imposing their Tory pleasing narrative in a particularly clumsy way. They can ALL spell Pinoccio you see.

      1. Thanks for that unsurprising info on BBC continued propaganda output Paul. BBC doesn’t do evidence or real investigative journalism anymore, it does tabloid insinuation, eg. ‘looks like’, ‘similar to’ etc. often from ‘an inside sauce’ if it hasn’t another disinfo source to ride on the back of.

        I see BBC as an establishment, imperialist propaganda outlet not just Tory.

      2. The Imperialist slant is astonishing. The last two years have seen a constant stream of stories about the threat from China. The Silk Road is apparently a cunning attempt to dominate the World. And millions of Muslims are held in concentration camps. And it’s not true there are 7000 Chinese Jihadis in Idlip, Syria holding a town hostage through terror. No, they are Democrats fighting the Evil Butcher Assad. Meanwhile of course the Russophobia continues on the same tracks as it’s done for over 70 years now. The new heroes are the Hong Kong fascist youths, burning their way to ‘democracy’. The police treat them with kid gloves compared to the cops in Baghdad, PARIS, Chile, Iran etc etc but it doesn’t stop the everyday stories of police ‘mistreatment’. Imagine how it would have been if Extinction Rebellion had been youths instead of oldies and they put on masks and armed themselves with petrol bombs and fought the police. I think we’d be getting a different narrative!

      3. Paul

        “No suggestion the documents are fake”

        This is the most important, revealing aspect of the story. Forget the rest.

  2. That is what i sense. Could u imagine how earth shaking it would be if Jeremy highlights the nastiness of Conservatives? Or his own active record fighting A L L racism including AS? Asking for evidence of allegations before accepting responsibility over and over again? Shunned the media political bubble that fails to represent the electorate? Be on the front foot? FULLY celebrate Tony Benn’s memory? Fully highlight the predictions of CLEMENT ATLEE??? ➕ if he highlights FACTS ie:

    Conservatives PMs are the scammers who at EVERY STAGE enabled the EU growing superstate: WHILE CLEMENT ATLEE (1950) stated his clear position AGAINST getting entangled as we are now. In 1957 Atlee DECLINED uk joining the ECSC. 1️⃣ Harold MacMillan sought EEC membership – 1963. 2️⃣ EDWARD HEATH pushed us into the EEC -1970s, while ATLEE maintained his opposition throughout the 60s to Heath’s GROSS Tory poor judgment.

    Atlee predicted CORRECTLY, that EU entanglement would destroy our once world beating industries, eg BRITISH STEEL Recently just after the rejected TURKISH offer, BRITISH STEEL was rescued by the Chinese. C H I N A . NOT the fetishised EU.

    3️⃣ TORY THATCHER laid the Common Market serpentine egg, long since hatched into the protectionist XENOPHOBIC, fair-trade CRUSHING EU racket.
    4️⃣ EDWINA CURRIE adulterous bonking by “BACK TO VICTORIAN VALUES” – JOHN MAJOR, dragged us into the MAASTRICHT treaty.

    Later Tories including the Thatcher creatures IRAQ Blair and the Johnson, pretended to be EU sceptic to keep grassroots onside.

    And so the blind, tone deaf, self-righteous virtue signallers ignore HISTORY & FACTS. They call Labour traditional voters racist and noisily argue for an essentially RACIST EU. EVIDENCE includes: any Nazi loving racist HUNGARIANS can waltz in to the UK cloaked by free-movement. Thus this very year, their PM refused to stop their Right Wing Torch Parades. While African, Indian and Caribbean people, ALLIES, who fought side by side with us against the NAZIS ➕ helped REBUILD this country AFTER the AUSTRO & GERMANIC BOMBARDMENT, are DELIBERATELY pushed out? WINDRUSH wickedness.

    Tories have shut hundreds of libraries, but it is inexcusable for anyone, especially here to fail to read and learn from history. It is an embarrassment that intelligent people can be so easily infantilised by a twitting face culture of detail poor, ding dongs that perpetuate ignorance. Unfounded virtuous words without through research. Without incisive analysis. The result? Laughable, rightly laughed at, RIDICULOUS, tangles and contortions which attempt to pander to the MSM and vision free PLP and deceive the Working Class traditional Labour Heartlands.

    Working classes are not deceived. Their eyes see and their ears hear. THEY LIVE AND ENDURE the EU. Visa free travel and the like are amongst the most insulting arguments present to gain support to continue pumping BILLIONS into the EU RACKET.

    The inventors of “CONSTRUCTIVE AMBIGUITY” deceive themselves and those in their niche MSM obsessed bubble. “Constructive Ambiguity” is just one CORROSIVE symptom of the mind altering DISEASE of a few.

    A one too many few who “worship” on their knees, gulping down every last drop of the infected spluttering incoherence of the MEDIA LOBBY.

    1. I hear what you say and agree with most of it but I think it’s a mistake to say ‘the working class is not deceived’ when in reality I’m afraid it is and the real problem we face is the overwhelming power of the MSM. They are past masters at deception of all kinds. They are dispensers of poison and need to be radically reformed.

      1. The ‘working class’ is deceived enough for 50% to vote Tory. As said – susceptibility to propaganda.

        “There are no saints and precious few heroes …” .. as Dick Gaughan sings.

      2. Hi Paul, true that some, of ALL people may be deceived sometimes. But never all of them, all the time.
        Interestingly, after typing + posting my thoughts, just read LOTS fresh polling detail and analysis. Results will be in the Economist this weekend. Findings may threaten my first ever dabble with the bookmakers. Expecting the flawed decision to stick with the remain fogging fever to be ditched, I staked ALOT on a firm Labour win ➕ a LimpDem fail etc. At least correct on the latter and a few other stakes. So will still be in +ve territory.

        Re JC, i’m confident his improving polling will improve even further since the debate ytdy. And, if we focus on basic tangible issues rather than a storm of aims for 2040 etc. TOTALLY unnecessary now. IRRELEVANT to the victims of SOCIAL CARE recked by Tories. Homeless people sleeping under cardboard on cold streets caused by Tories. Knife crime & repeated terrorism on our streets because of Tory privatisation & gross mismanagement. Hidden Tory Party Russian funding. And to my shock homeless people living in woods …in Gloucestershire, Hants, Sussex, Kent etc. ALL BECAUSE of DELIBERATE IDEOLOGICALLY driveN CONSERVATIVE AUSTERITY‼️
        T O R Y CRUEL A U S T E R I T Y !!!

        They freezing homeless, the vulnerable victims of UNIVERSAL CREDIT, know we already have MILLIONS OF TREES.

        We need convince well meaning people to focus on tangible day to day basics, BEFORE ideological gestures and foreign obsessions, HOWEVER noble. We cannot begin change of those, if we cannot change Tory nastiness at home.

        Dump over polite, unfocused & barely audible interview peculiar voices, dispiriting sotto voce, sl o o o w twee delivery.
        Quite noticeable: when Gardner and Jeremy are pushed, focus and delivery become effective and alive. At other times Gardner in particular, is excruciatingly slow, UNBEARABLE…full of unnecessary pauses and convoluted. He and Thornberry never seem to take the concerns and day to day hardships of the many, seriously, unless pushed. They both appear like chummy … hilarious clowns to ingratiate themselves to the MSM.
        They need URGENTLY to learn from Len. McCluskey and one or two other union leaders are ALWAYS businesslike, audible, admirable and likeable. Len is always clear, and strongly bats away MSM LIES.
        Wish he were Dep Leader instead of Carl Beech enabling Tom Watson.
        Anyway here’s the tiny extract from the poll commissioned by the Economist.

        “Putting aside the debate about whether Labour, offering a second referendum is a remain party or not the voting intention results in Wrexham equate to:

        Leave (CON + BREX) 53%
        Remain (LD + LAB +GRE + LD + PC) 47%”
        Thus the combined tossed efforts of Iraq invading Blair, Maastricht Major, Arselister Campbellend Allan Johnson, Yvette Coopper, Harriet Harman, Gordon Brown… failed to convince. They are overrated by themselves. Their SPECULATIVE tosh presented as arguments, free of evidence, was destined to fail. They have. They failed to prevent Jeremy being elected. They were useless for their well funded plotters. Jeremy whipped them with increased percentages. They have nothing to offer. A successful Jeremy inspired government would do well to dump them ASAP ➕ revive the Alex Salmond motion to “impeach” the deadly liar Tony Blair. AND TURN UP TO VOTE THE MOTION THROUGH unlike the last time‼️‼️‼️
        Jeremy Corbyn forever. 🌹🌹🌹

    2. Our “once world-beating industries” weren’t ruined by membership of the EU – they were out-competed by the Far East and assaulted from within by the likes of Jim Slater and Peter Walker, and neglected to death in favour of Monopoly Money by Thatcher and Brown.
      The factors that caused our industrial decline were many but might have been overcome had not incompetent British management failed to address them – or even recognise some of them
      It was hubris. Hubris over Empire, the industrial revolution, a world reputation for quality earned by previous generations and hubris over winning WWII – while being broke and in massive debt as a result of WWII.
      Trying to legislate nationalism into Europatriotism was always a doomed project, but patriotic investors are rare as unicorn shit anyway.

      1. Under EU membership, yes, Tory governments (incl Blair) decimated the industries. And EU entanglement did not prevent the decimation. So we must implement the result. If South Korea, Russia, the Ukraine etc can pour steel and other goods into Europe, then EU membership is not necessary to trade with our neighbours. Fact.

      2. You criticise the EU for not “preventing the decimation” – in other words, for not interfering in UK government.
        You also demand the UK government be free of EU interference.
        Those are contradictory positions.
        Watch out or the cognitive dissonance fairy’ll get you.

        ALL nations including “South Korea, Russia, Ukraine etc” will be able to negotiate very different deals with the relatively tiny and newly-desperate-for-deals UK to those the huge and economically dominant EU allows them.

    1. Best way Ultraviolet. Believe in another Tony Benn maxim: Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Fudges are tiresome and pathetic. Love confectionary fudge…too much… delicious😊 Re communication of ideas esp dispelling myths and lies, fudged and deliberate befuddling is repellant.
      NB people shout at politicians to “answer the bloody question!”. None like being taken for fools. Also we may not agree with view X or Y, but appreciate sound reasoned clarity and courage. That takes less energy to deliver AND to understand. Timid wishy-washy is always spirit sapping… even in pantomime. Who has ever been inspired by supine flip-flopping barely audible characters, real or fictional?

    2. Can anyone help McNiv? Just saw the post. McNiv, the only “demand” made is: “IMPLEMENT ref result”.
      The “cognitive dissonance” is yours. I.E. illogical to assume EU membership is key for our survival while other nations do extremely well outside of it. Even on the fringes like long bordered large Norway and multi bordered small Switzerland. They do extremely well and with greater life satisfaction.

      Cognitive Dissonance / Poor programming means you fail to grasp the hysterical remain din, ignoring evidence eg South Korea, China, The Ukraine, Russia, Turkey etc manage to pour steel into the EU, while British Steel in a EU MEMBER COUNTRY FAILED. And, British Steel was offered rescue by a Turkish Military Pension Fund. BRITISH steel eventually RESCUED by a central bastion of the THRIVING EU… distant China. Is that so difficult to grasp?

      Can you not understand that? Is the blind Remainiac Fever so debilitating, that all cognition shuts down?
      That is one symptom of reasonably intelligent and educated people pursuing for years the most dissonant claims, despite easy access to research, evidence and the careful observations of those with eyes and ears open, rather than as if wide shut. None if us know everything about everything so we must use the research, knowledge and expertise of others, wherever we find it. THAT is true wisdom. That is worthwhile cognition. Stop. Pause. Think. Think again and again. Ask questions. Think again and again. REPEAT. Then speak and contribute. Do you understand?

      1. Norway pop 5 million, Finland 5 million, Sweden 10 million – UK pop 66 million. You’re comparing apples and oranges.
        UK’s biggest mistake was putting all its eggs in the City following Thatch-Reagan’s deregulation. Vast unearned profits looked endless and the rest of the world including the EU had the choice of jumping on board or being left behind so they jumped. The bubble was the biggest and longest in history and only burst in ’07.
        The EU is far from blameless but by blaming the EU for neoliberalism and the globalisation of capital you pile stupidity on stupidity – the real enemy is still capitalism and we have more than our fair share of capitalists.
        Brexit is a diversion from the real fight, which is why the Tories want it so much.
        You argue like a petulant twelve year old by the way.

  3. “EU entanglement would destroy our once world beating industries”

    Oh dear, oh dear. The crap fictional history of colonial nostalgic delusion and empty rhetoric strikes again in the cause of the Lexit myths. The unwitting apologists for the Tories.

  4. A slightly different method of inculcating Tory “values” by the BBC was in evidence this morning.
    Joseph McCann was described as “the serial rapist let out of prison by mistake.”
    He clearly is a serial rapist and more, but at the time he was mistakenly released he was in prison for aggravated burglary.
    A difference that makes no difference one might think, but the MSM’s long-established narrative is that Tories are the party of law and order and Labour is the wishy washy party of “soft on crime.”
    Despite the fact that Tory cuts to probation budgets are directly responsible here, “SERIAL RAPIST ON THE LOOSE!!” makes the hard of thinking shift to the right.

  5. A R S H bots programmers, your dodgy bots can’t decipher RECENT HISTORY and CONTEMPORARY FACTS.
    Don’t bother switching them on and off again. DUMP. Ditch. Don’t even recycle. They have self soiled to an irreparable state.

    For readers on Skwawkbox interested in facts: “BRITISH STEEL” • NOT saved by the EU • Saved by China 🔴

    British Steel COLLAPSED while steel was POURING into Europe up to Mid 2019:
    The UKRAINE – 7.6 %
    China – 8.2 %
    SOUTH KOREA – 9.2 %
    Russia – 13.5%
    TURKEY – 28.3%
    Other – 33.0%

    Just how did those NON EU and VERY distant countries manage to thrive while our BRITISH STEEL collapsed THIS YEAR under a TORY CREATED EU❓❓❓
    Don’t bother to answer. No wonder you disrespect our TRADITIONAL LABOUR HEARTLANDS. Your programmers failed to input, accurate data. Data unnecessary for your purpose. So Garbage in – Garbage out of ARS H bots.

  6. “Just how did those NON EU and VERY distant countries manage to thrive while our BRITISH STEEL collapsed THIS YEAR under a TORY CREATED EU❓❓❓”

    They ‘manage to thrive’ by paying lower wages, pensions and other benefits and by disregarding the environment.
    Their industries are controlled by states that restrict imports & think long term.
    Stable & protected home & local markets finance dumping into foreign markets.
    Dumping is an investment in the future because it destroys competitors.
    Once competitors are out of the way prices can be raised.
    It’s an old story.
    Countries go through stages a bit like people.
    Japan went from post-war broken – to making cheap shit – to amazing world leading innovator – now it’s moving toward bloated and inefficient like the US & UK – and all in seventy years.
    S. Korea was the new Japan, China is the new S. Korea and Africa will be the new China if AI/robotics doesn’t relegate wage costs to the history books first.
    The future will be about efficient raw material extraction, not low wage economics.

    Ditch the comics and the games, read a book or twelve and come back with better questions.
    C minus.

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