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Video: Boris Johnson calls for the break-up of the NHS

Tory leader’s 2002 speech attacked Labour’s commitment to NHS and praised other models of healthcare

During the course of this general election campaign, Boris Johnson has frantically denied his intention to break up, sell off or otherwise sell out our National Health Service.

He has to. He knows how highly the British people value it.

We know that he knows, because in a Commons speech in 2002 he aped fellow Tory Nigel Lawson in describing the NHS as the ‘religion of the British people’.

But Johnson went on to attack that devotion – and to claim that the ‘monolithic and monopolistic’ NHS was a failure.

He then spoke glowingly of the success of other countries’ healthcare systems – and called for the break-up of the NHS that he attacked Labour for wanting to preserve intact:

Boris Johnson’s views on the NHS were a matter of record long before he felt he needed to hide and disguise them to fool people into voting to retain him as Prime Minister.

That opinion, when it was expressed unvarnished, was that it was inefficient and needed to be broken up and replaced by something more closely modelled on other countries.

The Tories have, of course, made the NHS far less efficient and effective than it was under the last Labour government, when patient satisfaction far outstripped what it is since the Tory-induced collapse of A&E performance, nursing numbers, bed availability and social care. And they’ve done it specifically to make it easier to break up and sell off.

So if Boris Johnson hated it in its Labour heyday, it’s certain he despises it now.

Never trust a Tory with the NHS – and never trust Boris Johnson when he denies his and Donald Trump’s plans for it.

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  1. Lying to and deceiving the general public is like child’s play to B Johnson and Co. Anyway…….

    I just did a search regarding an ‘article’ on the CAA website to see if the story had been taken up by any of the MSM or the Jewish newspapers, and the following Daily Express ‘article’ from January this year just happened to be included in the search results:

    ‘LOONY LEFT!’ Corbyn and Abbott accused of putting politics before paedophilia victims

    JEREMY Corbyn and Dianne Abbott have been accused of putting politics before children who have suffered sickening acts at the hands of paedophiles after Labour put down an amendment to a new law.


    Right, well it goes without saying of course that the reason Jeremy and Dianne did so is because they couldn’t care less about children being abused and exploited by paedophiles.

    Yeah, and if they’re elected, Jeremy and Co are gonna take elderly peoples homes away from them, and needless to say, building concentration camps will be a priority just as soon as the railways are nationalised.

    The people who come up with this stuff really ARE totally evil!

    1. The following are a couple of clips from the CAA ‘article’ I referred to above:

      A Jewish filmmaker from Hertfordshire who has become increasingly worried about the rise of antisemitism in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has received a swastika by post at his home address after tweeting criticism of the Labour leader.

      Stephen Silverman, Director of Investigations and Enforcement at Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “We are assisting the victim and the police are investigating. This is hardly the first time that we have seen antisemitism in politics cross into criminality. The perpetrator must be brought to justice to send a strong message to those trying to intimidate anyone standing up to antisemitism in the Labour Party.”


      Yeah, sure, it was a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn of course, as opposed to someone – or some group of people – doing it so as to ‘prove’ that the LP membership under his leadership is full of antisemites and nasty Nazi types. I mean it’s just the sort of thing a supporter of Jeremy’s WOULD do so as to help the cause AND do it just a couple of weeks or so before election day.

      It’s so transparent it’s a joke, or would be if it weren’t so serious and damaging.

      1. When you read those Media Lens articles (or FAIR ones), it really brings home to you just how dishonest and disgusting the MSM is.

      2. Oh, are there some UNFAIR medialens articles then Tony? Perhaps you could point one or two of them out.

  2. Anyone who believes the NHS is safe in Tory hands irrespective of who is leading the party is a fool. The Systematic run down of the NHS has been deliberate Tory policy for years so that it is now ripe for sell off at a bargain basement price in order to maximise the profits for the purchaser.
    As far as health care is concerned the USA fails to meet the most basic standards of human decency- if you can’t pay you don’t get treated simple as that.

  3. Don’t suppose you or anyone else will see this (apart from Steve H of course!), but thanks for the link Tony and, as such, elaborating!

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