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Worse than Cameron, May, Lansley and Hunt – Johnson breaks record for worst A&E performance

Tory PM is a disaster for the NHS as much as his predecessors – and more

New NHS data on NHS Accident and Emergency department (A&E) performance has revealed that Boris Johnson has outdone even his disastrous predecessors in terms of the damage inflicted upon the NHS, the people who rely on it and the people who are fighting against the tide to keep it running.

And that is saying something – the Tories have previously tried to hide the reporting of A&E performance, so desperate were the consequences of their policies and neglect.

The number of people seen within the target time at A&E departments has fallen to a new low in the newly-published figures, as this image of the data – sorted to put the worst numbers at the top of the table – reveals:


That you can never trust a Tory with the NHS is no secret to the health staff, patients and NHS campaigners who experience the consequences of the Tories’ contempt for the health service.

But Boris Johnson – whose campaign is rapidly destroying the illusion of his popularity – is reaching new lows even by his own party’s grim and dismal standards. And if he gets back into power, he has refused to rule out parceling even more of it off to his pals and backers – including Donald Trump and US corporations.

Vote Labour. Your NHS needs you.

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  1. “Boris Johnson has outdone even his disastrous predecessors ”

    Much as any boot into the ribs of Mr Toad is pleasing, do be careful of Tory-type fictions. Using bog-paper tropes isn’t a good look when Corbyn – although not getting the exposure – is beating Johnson hands down in the authentic people skills and the genuine empathy that leaves the Big Fib looking stupid.

    We know that the current state of the NHS isn’t just down to Johnson – he hasn’t been there that long, even if it seems like it.

    People need reminding that it is the result of Tory policy in general – and that even the ones with the more personable front and less visible incompetence are responsible. They also need reminding forcefully that you get the worsening effects of another four years of the same shite :

    If YOU vote for the liars and the fakers – the rtesulting worsening NHS (and public services in general) will be down to YOU – because YOU were warned and YOU had an alternative place to put your cross.

    Don’t go around whining when all continues to go tits up because YOU believed the Daily Bile and also thought Brexit a spiffing (or spaffing) wheeze!

  2. No matter how much damage the Torys do to our NHS,and the many thousands who have died because of savings etc(you know the drill).The Condem government proped up by the libdems and assisted by Shirley Williams(famous for treachery and ex Labour government minister)helped to push through a bill that makes the Secretary of state for Health no longer liable in law for our NHS…That’s the Tory libdems!for you…..and do the public realise this.?

  3. “People need reminding that it is the result of Tory policy in general ..”
    Policy enabled by the LibDem coalition and founded upon the “reforms’ that the Blairites, in their eagerness to earn Thatcherite accolades, imposed.

  4. Team America
    Now fuck off
    Obviousley you wont be allowed to put the Team Ametica bit on a billboard

  5. How many days has BloJo been PM & it’s all his fault? Makes me realise that all generalisations are wrong!

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