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Video: huge welcome in E Mids as Corbyn highlights Tory attacks on NHS and promises to tackle poverty

Labour leader cheered by large crowds in spite of low temperatures

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was in the East Midlands on Wednesday – and received a rapturous welcome from large crowds. Corbyn held an outdoors rally in Nottingham and met supporters in the Derbyshire town of Erewash.

Corbyn told his audiences that the Tories’ treatment of the NHS is the perfect illustration of their real nature – and the perfect contrast with Labour’s creation of the NHS and their determination to represent the many – and he stood next to the statue of Robin Hood as an illustration of his intention to reduce inequality and tackle poverty:

Pictures taken by those present revealed heartwarming scenes as Corbyn was surrounded by well-wishers – in particular young folk:

The Tories hoped that calling the election in winter would hinder Corbyn’s ability to connect with the British people and reduce the turnout to see and hear him.

They were wrong – Corbyn’s appeal is undiminished and the appetite for his message and Labour’s policies is stronger than ever.

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  1. Off topic again, sorry.
    I must have seen the footage of Macron, Trudeau, BloJob various anonymous backs taking the piss out of Trunt at least half a dozen times today.
    Looked a bit closer just now & definitely saw Princess Anne’s hair agitatedly joining in the joke. Google says she really was at the party so it must have been her underneath it.
    Nobody else can carry off the wasp’s-nest-in-a-hairnet look quite like her.

    1. Yes It was Princess Ann and she did participate in the conversation – she actually can be seen saying something to Johnson in some versions of the footage,

  2. I don’t know what they are laughing at Trump for.That bunch of degenerates are bought and paid for by the Banksters.Trumps a lone wolf and in many ways is not a global capitalist ,The others are far more dangerous and are united in neo liberal ideology.Trump needs to be put out of his misery,but what happens when that other clique gang up on Corbyn as they most certainly wil.At least Johnson will have probably gone.

  3. In topic Corbyn seems to have won the argument and the campaign.Will the public listen though.Well unless they are deaf and blind then they cannot ignore the public reception he gets everywhere..And if they are deaf and blind they are far better to vote Labour anyway.,because the NHS is for the chop under the Torys..!

    1. Well, they couldn’t ignore it if they got to hear about it, but THAT depends on the media of course, and given that they are hostile to Jeremy, it’s unlikely that they give such ‘receptions’ any coverage, and therefore the public DON’T get to hear about them or see any coverage of them.

    Jeremy next to statue of Robin Hood.
    Johnson next to statue of the racist vile.
    Time to bring the Labour Leave areas home.
    And could win this in a while.’

  5. I don’t hold out much hope for the Nottingham area.

    Scabs during the miner’s strike; you only need look at who was elected in and around the area in 2017.

    Not one socialist/leftist amongst them. Never has been to the best of my knowledge. Not since Robin Hood, at any rate. Nearest one to that lot is ‘Dennis’ over in Derbyshire.

    k. clarke (Toerag)
    b.bradley (Toerag)
    sourby (Toerag/tinge)
    spencer (Toerag)
    jenrick (Toerag)
    mann (Toerag)
    leslie (Toerag – or tinge or whoever, fuck knows. Not labour anyway)
    coaker (labour – allegedly)
    de piero (As above)
    L. greenwood (centrist labour)
    norris (Who? labour, apparently)

  6. Sorry, scrub my description of coaker, I meant to say ‘twunt’ and not ‘labour, allegedly’

    1. Yes Maria most ordinary people struggle to avoid bankruptcy in an ordinary job even with healthcare insurance.My son inlaw struggles to keep paying for stoma bags and other second rate treatment that gave him a stoma bag ,because his insurance didnt cover the most expensive and necessary surgery that could have saved most of his bladder.He didnt have the cover that maagment have at American express the company he has worked for over 20years .He like the majority of the public have limited cover or none at all.The Cancer he contracted is rampant amongst his family and the general population of the rust belt of Northern Minnesota,even and especially the native American Indian population of this Fracking paradise of Hibbing.USA.!

  7. In case anybody missed it the first time:

    “I think the NHS is obviously on the table. I think that no trade negotiation with the United States is not going to have the (US) pharmaceutical industry wanting to play a strong role.

    I think Britain being out of the European Union when that happens will lower their leverage.

    . . . Deals for him (Trump) mean ‘I win, you lose’ ”

    Mark Landler, London Bureau Chief, New York Times.

    Politics Live, BBC2, 2 December 2019

    P.S. It is important to keep repeating this to friends, family members, people when out canvassing

  8. …. and meanwhile all we hear on the news channels is that JLM have submitted a dossier to the EHRC containing sworn statements from 70 current and ex Labour Party staffers criticising Labour for anti-Semitism. Try Google and you’ll see what I mean.

    One could be forgiven for thinking that the so called Jewish Labour Movement are determined to stop a Corbyn government.

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