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Video: Tories in chaos again as fake nurse-recruitment claim exposed in spectacular car-crash interviews

Manifesto promise – and senior Tories – implode as promise to ‘recruit’ 50,000 nurses exposed as yet more Johnson fakery

The Tories’ manifesto has failed to even survive twenty-four hours contact with reality.

Boris Johnson promised yesterday to ‘recruit’ fifty thousand nurses, in one of the few seemingly substantial items in a flimsy Tory manifesto attacked by the Institute for Fiscal Studies as containing a ‘remarkable lack’ of significant policies.

But the Tories are desperately trying to cover their backsides this morning after their ‘promise’ was revealed as a sham.

The Tories’ supposed ‘new’ nurse promise turns out to include trying to merely retain around 18,500 existing nurses who are either nearing retirement or so burned out that they are expected to quit the profession.

But the NHS is already suffering a shortage of 43,000 nurses – meaning that even if the Tories stuck to their promise, the NHS would still be more than ten thousand short – even if anyone believes that they will keep a promise, let alone restore the NHS so much that burned-out or retiring staff would want to keep toiling?

Senior Tories appeared on TV this morning in a desperate bid to try to justify the deception – but the term ‘car crash’ does not do the results justice. Brandon Lewis squirmed on Sky – but Nicky Morgan’s implosion on ITV’s Good Morning Britain was spectacular:


You can never trust a Tory – and their dishonest desperation to find something, anything to make them appear like anything other than poison to the NHS and our public services couldn’t be more obvious.

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  1. Jesus H Corbett.

    They couldn’t even con a toddler of it’s sweets. An insult to an imbecile’s intelligence.

    If I was the (female) morgan I’d become some sort of circus contortionist with all the cringing I’d be doing after that.

    That – to paraphrase the other moron liz truss – was a disgrace.

    1. “They couldn’t even con a toddler of it’s sweets”

      They don’t need to when the toddler simply gives them the whole bag.

  2. I am a bit concerned about the Establishment MSM calling out the Tories! I think it is part of the Establishment Pollster/MSM Collaboration to get a ConDemn Coalition.
    I do not watch TV but I would not be surprised if they start upping Dems from next week! There are people so Mainlined into MSM and preconditioned to vote Tory that they will be getting annoyed at this calling out and “rebelling” by voting for the now apparently “underdog Tories”!
    There has to be a ‘Secret Sauce’ to get so many people, of whom many poor people, so obsessed to vote for Damaging, Blatantly Lying,Tories! I can really only think of 3 things, 1) Christian Fundamentalism 2) Racism 3) Obsessive Royalism!
    They are the people who would lick dogshit off the pavement before voting Labour, EVEN if they KNOW that LP is by Miles the Better option! However they might be persuaded to vote Swindleson and we WILL End Up ConDemned!

    1. Try opening up comments section and then scroll back up to the video – that’s how I got it to work for me .

  3. This is obviously a hugely serious issue, but, nevertheless, the clueless and very dim Nicky Morgan being drawn into claiming that if the three existing Good Morning Britain presenters were persuaded to stay in their existing jobs for tomorrow’s show, then according to the way the Tories double count the future nurse numbers, there would be SIX presenters tomorrow , is pure comic gold ! Worthy of a Monty Python sketch.

    But will the UK voters fully grasp this blatant figure fiddling – when the Tory press are front-paging the claims (including the double-counting and sheer fiction of promised Tory NHS funding promises) as true ?

    We are truly in surreal political times, when the Tory Manifesto ‘offer is entirely bogus from top to bottom, and similarly, tragically, much of Labour’s extraordinarily radical Manifesto ‘offer’ simply cannot be delivered either, within the budgetary and re-nationalisation-forbidding legal straightjacket of the EU Single market that Labour is now clearly fully committed to stay within (whether via full Remain, which most MPs and Labour members want, or a useless ‘BRINO’ deal that a future Labour government would negotiate with the EU).

    The key issue is just how many normally Labour-voting working class Leave-supporting voters in our Welsh, Midlands, and Northern Labour heartlands will both vote Brexit Party or just abstain on December 12th. Fortunately most safe Labour Heartland seats have huge majorities that can withstand significant abstentions and defections and still be held, but we can wave goodbye to many of those traditional Labour seats nevertheless, and all of those Leave-supporting Tory marginals we have to win for any chance of winning power.

    That’s what happens when the Labour Party’s mass activist membership is riddled with a profound ideological ‘cognitive dissonance’ , ie, wanting all those lovely re-nationalisations and big , deficit-producing, budget spends on the NHS, Education, Waspi women, free broadband, free hospital parking, etc, etc, etc, but also wanting to stay within the neoliberal straightjacket of the EU which makes all that quite impossible !

  4. roflmao effing hell hahahahahahahahaha , oohh stop it pleaseeeeee , hahaha Nicky Morgan 3+0 = ………….6 !!!!!!!! presenters .
    I have got to show this clip to the voters on the door step when canvassing ,,,, these are the utter twats lying barefaced to us all … its effing insulting if it weren’t so utterly pathetically funny

  5. Now the other news : Blair has finally ‘come out’ with clarification that he’s not actually a Labour supporter (forget the voting bit)

    Anyone who – whatever their reservations – can equate Labour as being on a par with the Tories can only be essentially a Tory. Simple.

    1. The spawn are ALREADY multimillionaires, and own wholly and in part, property worth many millions. Does excrement drop far from the corrupt creature❓
      Wonder if Bliar is on Epstein’s “LOLITA EXPRESS” private jet to his sordid haunts❓❓ Did Epstein have contact numbers for Bliar and Mendacious on his notorious list of contacts❓❓❓ Tony Blair should have been in the Hague long ago, expelled from our party, and JC & co should have turned up for the Alex Salmond motion to have Parliament censure him. Who hid away? Has that helped? Has timidity reformed the Bliar and the MSM??
      Should a clear strong approach not be taken???

      The evil lying creature was left with idle clawed limbs, free to work evil self serving schemes.

      Fail to act. Prepare to fail. Prepare to be attacked.

      1. Shaun Attwood on You Tube channel has links to the reading out of the whole of the Epstein “black book”

      2. EXCELLENT ‼️‼️‼️ Like Tony Blair’s & Alastair Campbell’s Iraq INVASION list of our DEAD military. The return of the dead was hidden away. It was local people who organised a respectful welcome. Blair was no where to ve seen. The military is just yet another state asset to use and abuse.

        Hope LIVE READINGS of the “black book” take place throughout our country… especially EVERYWHERE Bliar & Cambellend turn up with their shameless warmongering same old same old.

        Ps MONTHS ago around June, several made many “black book” copies AND the (compulsory) passenger list of Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private jet, to and from his paedophilic haunts for the 1%.

        Think of it, what does it say about the JUDGEMENT & NATURE of ANYONE who travels on a private jet so creepily named❓ Deranged❓❓ No debauched, perverted, vile, HEARTLESS Conservative & Tory enabling Liberal Democratic POOR JUDGEMENT. NO INSIGHT. NO VISION. Nothing to offer.
        We must spread these facts to those worked to the bone and who are too busy. A JEREMY CORBYN INSPIRED “CENTRE GROUND” CHANGING VISIONARY is the ONLY HOPE for our country. THE BEST CHANCE to CRUSH the same old sane old, and win by an even bigger majority‼️‼️‼️

  6. Who cares what that bitter man thinks? He had his chance and be blew it so now he’ll just have to content himself counting his multi millions, adding to his property portfolio and ensuring his children get the openings they need to become multi millionaires too (if they are not already)
    Yesterday we had Richard Dearlove former head of MI6 saying Jeremy Corbyn was a security risk,Now we have Blair criticising him too . The absolute barefaced cheek of the pair of them .- one was responsible for the dodgy dossier which falsely claimed Sadam has Weapons of Mass Destruction, the other one used it to unleash death and destruction on Iraq causing at least 500,000 ( though some estimate it was nearer 1 million) deaths along with the death of 172 British Service people sent ill equipped to their deaths in Iraq.
    These two people need to look to their own deplorable histories before having the gall to criticise anybody. They have no place in public life and in my opinion they should have faced criminal charges.

  7. The same “do the maths” has to be applied to their drop in tax of £500 for everyone. On the first year it’s £85, and only reaches £500 cumulative IF the economy is “good enough” to allow the tax treahipds to be raised over 5 years.

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