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Video: Corbyn reveals the UK-US NHS deal Johnson tried to hide – EVERYTHING in the NHS “on the table”

Labour leader shows full, damning negotiations that Boris Johnson dismissed as ‘invention’ and blacked out from released documents

In a massive moment of the 2019 general election campaign, Jeremy Corbyn has revealed the full, unredacted papers of the Tories’ negotiations with Donald Trump to massively inflate the price the NHS pays for drugs – and to give US corporations control of the NHS.

During last week’s TV debates, Boris Johnson denied these plans existed, calling them ‘pure invention’.

He lied:

The unredacted papers make clear that:

  • current UK government Cabinet ministers were present in these meetings
  • USA ‘Big Pharma’ access to the NHS is not only specifically ‘on the table’ – but are even “a key consideration going forward
  • if the Tories get back into government, there would be “all to play for” – everything in the NHS will be for sale

More details to follow.

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    Boris has been redacted!
    As perhaps only Mr Johnson should.
    So let us save OUR precious NHS.
    And with Labour 4 citizens do good!’

  2. This is only the tip of the iceberg as far as Brexit is concerned. In the panic to replace lost trade if Brexit goes ahead, even with a Labour government the country will be desperate to do deals wherever it can. With Labour, we may not agree to sell off any more of the NHS than we already have but make no mistake, the odds are that to obtain trade deals, we will be the weaker partner.

    This Brexit madness must be stopped.

  3. So there you have it!
    Vote Tory and NHS bills could be coming your way in the future!

  4. We always knew that though, didn’t we… what I find most cheering is that in either the Tory party or the Civil Service there’s someone willing to leak the document.
    Tories always think they’re invincible because they own the media but all it takes is one filing clerk or office cleaner with her or his head screwed on to bugger them right up.

    Johnson’s still denying it despite the obvious fact that if the NHS & drug pricing were genuinely not on the table the documents would contain evidence of that.
    When the US side raising the issue is in the document but a clear rejection by the UK side is not then further discussion is by definition still on the table.
    BloJob will claim it’s purely a negotiating tactic to gain other concessions by allowing the US to hope there’s a chance of cutting through their impregnable red line – despite the document.
    Maybe the public will finally understand that the fuckers redacting that whole huge and damning document proves there is NOTHING safe in Tory hands.
    We can hope.

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