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Video: Corbyn will give up PM’s luxury weekend home to homeless if elected. Media choose to fuss over Queen’s speech

Labour leader and John McDonnell will both make way for homeless people

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told ITV that if elected as Prime Minister next week, he will give up the luxury weekend home that comes with the office – to homeless people:

“It can’t be right that we’ve got 150 billionaires and we’ve still got people sleeping on the streets.”

The media, however, chose to focus on Corbyn saying that – like the vast majority of the country – he doesn’t watch the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day:

The country has the opportunity for real change next week – and a Prime Minister who is totally unlike the power-hungry, self-obsessed and callous current incumbent.

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    1. Apparently the Queen’s speech is broadcast first in the morning in the radio and repeated in the afternoon. So when Corbyn said “It’s on in the morning.. ” He meant the radio. The interviewer was a malicious idiot by insisting that the only way to listen to it is on the TV.

  1. The only problem is it would probably cost more to temporarily house the homeless at Chequers than it would cost to build them permanent homes.

    1. Good point. An unusual bit of PR fantasy gesturism. I don’t think it will convince.

      Pity. Better to stick with the genuine and authentic.

      1. RH 05/12/2019 at 12:26 am

        I must admit I am confused as to why Labour keeps distracting from its core message with rubbish like this that can so easily be turned against us.

      2. Indeed. We’ve got enough media farts around *concocting* attack lines. Why feed them some more?

        I’m entirely sympathetic to and admiring of Corbyn in terms of resistance to the constant attacks directed at him. But therefore why the f. did he, at the last moment, give up and apologise (thus implicitly admitting) for something about which he – and the Party membership in general – has no culpability whatsoever?

        My head sank into my hands.

      3. RH maybe for you but I would like all Crown property back in the hands of the people who have paid for it….The people!. Thats not gesturism its justice and democracy not cap doffing politics

      4. I’d like a rainbow and sunshine every day. But it’s not the election winning strategy that is my prime concern.

        “I would like all Crown property back in the hands of the people”

        So which bit of Buck House do I get as one of ‘the people’? 🙂

    2. “probably cost more”. So you don’t actually know, and yet you proffer that it “probably” would. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Every chance you and RH and Co get to throw in some negative and critical and dismissive shit on here in relation to JC you do so, and you do it of course so as to have people who read Skwawkbox think the same thing. Yeah, doing the Daily Mail and the Sun and Co’s work for them on here. Just FUCK OFF if you’ve got nothing positive to say!

      NOTE: As I’ve said on more than a few occasions, please ask yourself WHO on earth these people are that spend all day, every day monitoring and posting comments on SB! And have been doing so for over a year in some cases (getting on for a couple of years), and months and months in other cases. If they were REAL supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, they wouldn’t find fault with something like this, and so many other things. Please see through their agenda.

      1. FFS give it a rest Allan – It’s a fuckwit impractical idea that will never be implemented and if you lack the wit to think that through for yourself then that’s your problem not mine.

        I posted details of Labour’s excellant Rough Sleeping Policy a couple of days ago. You can refer to it below.

  2. Unlike the Tories, Labour has a plan to end rough sleeping within 5 years

    Labour has declared a “moral mission” to end rough sleeping – and accused the Conservatives of being “directly responsible” for people dying on the streets.

    The party has announced a plan that it says would save lives this Christmas and represent the biggest package to help homeless people in 20 years.

    The measures outlined will enable Labour to fulfill its manifesto pledge to end rough sleeping within five years, the party claims. The plan includes:

    £600m for a modern hostels fund to ensure good quality homelessness accommodation with 5,000 extra bed spaces;

    £200m ‘hostels transformation fund’ to turn existing hostels into places where homeless people can turn their lives around;

    £100m a year for a new scheme for emergency cold weather shelter and support, starting this winter;

    4,000 additional ‘housing first’ homes to get rough sleepers into permanent housing;

    4,000 new permanent ‘move-on’ homes, ring-fenced for rough sleepers coming out of hostel accommodation.

  3. I think that chequers is a good gesture to reinforce the message that rough sleeping and Homelessness is not acceptable in the 5th richest country in the world.Personally I would throw in the royals propertys as a test of who really cares in this Kingdom..,and who actually runs this country.!

    1. Bless. You really don’t understand the way that messages actually register on the conciousness of the GBP, do you, Joseph?

      Sorry. But this isn’t the time for fantasies and indulgence. There’s no way that will champion the homeless.

  4. RH I don’t want to understand your version of Labour party politics and its not difficult to pick out those conservative in its true meaning that have held the Labour party back for generations on here and have just gone with the flow till we get back to moderate Labour.!…Sorry its socialism now and your version disappears with all the old foggys and the blind devotion to the status quo.

    1. Sorry Joseph,I stand with you on most things,and am sometimes a critic of RH,but he is right on this.The Chequers story is puerile gesture politics and whoever advised Corbyn this was a good idea should be sacked.It is probably worse than the wretched “EdStone” bollocks.

      1. “.The Chequers story is puerile gesture politics and whoever advised Corbyn this was a good idea should be sacked.It is probably worse than the wretched “EdStone” bollocks.”

        I agree it’s absolute nonsense, Going along with it for a second, for a start where is the nearest shop and will these people have funds to buy food or will they have 4 star service and limos to drive them about to get things they need? Will Corbyn go round and choose which homeless ‘fit the bill’?
        Corbyn really needs to stick to improving social and economic conditions in the real world not ridiculous gestures such as this. I actually laughed, after being gobsmacked when I read this elsewhere.

        Systemic changes are needed urgently.

  5. John and wouldnt a bit more of “gesture politics” be a good idea of ridding the country of the conservative mindset of protecting the status quo and furthering the aims of the establishment.We the Labour party need to rid this country of a class based society by attacking their values and .every asset of the elite You CANNOT change society by pandering to there values.We are socialist are we are nothing..Corbyn doesn’t make empty gestures but leads from the front …solidarity and wishing you a peacefull Christmas.!

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