Video: Corbyn’s Q&A response on patriotism is a must-watch

Labour leader’s Q&A responses were as good as his manifesto launch speech

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave a barnstorming speech this morning to introduce Labour’s manifesto to transform the UK into a decent place to live for all. But his answers in the ensuing question and answer session with the press and broadcasters were just as good.

And his response on patriotism, in answer to a dismissive question from a journalist about white working-class men, was brilliant – and should rouse everyone of every background to vote Labour:

It was a must-watch, must-share piece of statesmanship from the only leader in this election who genuinely looks like a Prime Minister – and one who will govern for the good of all of us.

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  1. I thought the way he stopped the audience hanging Kuenssberg from the rafters was very statesmanlike.

    1. To Skwawky and the Lexiters who keep bleating on about we can’t do this or that if we remain in the EU, do you really think any of our major policies will change when we Remain in the EU? Of course they won’t. So to those who were Leave MPs, get back to your constituents and do your jobs and tell them to forget all this Brexit nonsense and not to be crazy enough to vote against their own best interests. With Labour and in the EU we have an unbeatable combination which will also protect the Union of the United Kingdom.

  2. Patriotism is about fighting for peace, fighting in a just war for others,
    Not sending out redundancy notices to your armed forces in Afghanistan,
    Not about putting your Armed Forces in harm’s way to scrape a few cheap votes
    God save us from the tin pot generals, war mongers and sabre rattlers
    You know how far you are from the front line when your stood next to Jacob Rees Mogg

  3. “Patriotism is about supporting each other not attacking them” What a remarkable comment and so well done.Such a put down for the Imposter of a journalist and good advice for all of us .to remember.

    1. “a put down for the Imposter of a journalist”

      Have I got a truncated clip – I didn’t hear/see any unfair journalist’s intervention in the excerpt – ?

      But this is Corbyn at his calm and rational best.

      I just wish he would take apart the ‘antisemitism’ allegations in the same way in order to turn the focus onto its attempts to divert attention from the treatment of Palestinians.

      1. RH, exactly. All Corbyn has to say is: “The public know what is happening, they know there is a certain group of people, let’s call them the Israeli Lobby, who attack me personally with alegations of anti-Semitism, simply because I support the civil rights of the Palestinians” – job done.

        He could also go on to say “there are also some members of the Labour Party who are complicit in these smears and are trying to get at me through excellent MPs such as Chris Williamson and Jewish members who also recognise Israel’s crimes.

      2. Yeah, sure Jack, and how do you think the corporate media and the BBC – who have all conspired in, and been complicit in the smear campaign against Jeremy and the left – would react!

        As if you didn’t know!!!

      3. Allan, put the white flag away for a change and call out the Israeli Lobby instead of capitulating all the time. We shouldn’t waste this chance to talk directly to the public, we don’t have to do it via the media or accept it from them.

      4. It’s laborious, but I just HAD to do it – ie check back through the skwawkbox articles over the past few days to ascertain when Jack T last posted, and determine if he said anything in respect of Chris Williamson etc. And low and behold, THAT is precisely what he did when he last posted a couple of days ago. And here’s what he said:

        Smartboy, I am also a Corbyn supporter but where were his principles when he ditched Chris Williamson in favour of the JLM who are out to smash him?

        But wait, there’s more! In exactly the same thread, RH gets in on the act, and this is what HE says:

        I can’t work out Corbyn’s strategy in answering this highly predictable Brexit question. All he has to say…….

        The response to questions on antisemitism has long been too weak and apologetic.

        Yep, every opportunity they get they bring up Chris Williamson so as to criticise JC and evoke antagonism towards him in readers and LP members (who follow skwawkbox), or criticise him for not fighting back, and for being too weak, and/or appeasing the smearers etc, etc, etc. They have literally done it scores of times between then since Chris was initially suspended back in February, and if ANYTHING, they have actually INCREASED the number of times they post such comments since the GE was called.

        Repetition is the name of the game, and it was one of Goebbels’ and Hitler’s favourite propaganda techniques!

      5. Allan Howard 21/11/2019 at 9:04 pm

        Do you actually think that CW can win in Derby North if not what will he have achieved apart from splitting the Labour vote and letting the Tories win this Labour/Tory marginal seat. Every vote for CW is one less vote for Labour and increases the likelihood of a Tory MP in Derby North.

        I suggest your efforts would be better directed at doing all you can to help Labour win the GE. Leave fighting CW’s battles until after the GE. You talk about others getting distracted and yet here you are in the middle of a GE banging on incessantly about someone who’s standing against Labour in a Tory/Labour marginal. For goodness sake Allan get a sense of perspective and concentrate on what is important,

      6. Allan – I can’t understand your problem of repeated circular thinking on this.

        You constantly ask versions of the same question :

        “…how do you think the corporate media and the BBC ….would react! (?)”

        … To which the answer is “In exactly the same way as they always do, despite the capitulation and apologetic grovelling about the issue”

        … BUT … there would be a factual rebuttal rather than what amounts to an admission of guilt. We haven’t given up on anti-austerity policies just because the same usual suspects keep banging on about how much it will all cost.

        Let’s face it – it’s worth a try when the grovelling ‘tortured victim’ policy has demonstrably failed.

        Nobody is trying to ‘evoke antagonism towards him [Corbyn] in readers and LP members’. That is blinkered juvenile paranoia. We want the Party to succeed instead of repeatedly walking into the traps set for it.

        In both (Brexit and anti-semitism) cases, we are making fully supportable points about the tactics and strategy of the (*democratic* socialist) Party in areas where it is demonstrably not working – where it is not shutting down these areas of attack instead of simply repeating variations on the theme of how rotten are the Tories – which is something that we can’t change.

        If you got your nose out of past posts and looked at the wider picture, you might be able to grasp this.

      7. AND a couple of days before THAT, Jack T says the following:

        Qwertboi “and we look after our own and our people.”

        Except if his name is ‘Chris Williamson’

        His post is near the bottom of the Comments section if you want to check, and Qwertboi’s response to Jack says it all, but it didn’t stop Jack from doing/saying the same thing again a couple of days later, and then again today, And as I said, they do it ANY and EVERY opportunity they get….., but not TOO often, cos otherwise people would start to pick up on it!

        PS I just happened to have that page still up – along with five or six other SB posts – and haven’t checked through the Comments sections of the articles inbetween the 19th and the 17th, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the only one Jack T made prior to his CW comment on the 19th!

        NB And it’s amazing how many times Steve H has come to their ‘rescue’ during the past five or six months (which I just noticed when I came to post this comment, having ‘composed’ it in my word-processor), and ALWAYS so quickly! You see the very last thing they want is for someone to blow their cover and expose them for what they’re doing, so THAT’s where Steve H comes in! Yep, another one of the people/personas who spend all day, every day, monitoring and posting on SB!

      8. As a PS, I’ve just noticed the following :

        “Repetition is the name of the game, and it was one of Goebbels’ and Hitler’s favourite propaganda techniques!”

        Apart from the fact that you are hardly someone to lecture on repetition – you are indeed what is known on planet earth as ‘a bit of a twat’ if you can write such hysterical garbage in this context.

      9. Bingo! I’ve just come across yet ANOTHER post by Jack T in which he brings up Chris Williamson! On the 17th again, but in a later thread/article from the one I mentioned earlier. So just to be clear (and I’ll explain it as if it was still yesterday, as we’re only two hours in to another day): So in the past five days, as of the 17th, Jack has posted FIVE times, FOUR of which brought up Chris Williamson – ie TWO on the 17th, albeit in different threads/articles (he then had a break the next day, but would you believe it, there were OTHER posters dissembling the same poison THAT day), and then ONE on the 19th (along with another post in the same thread), and then ONE earlier today (on the 21st). Anyway, here’s what he said (and yet again, it’s that ‘combination’ of Jack and RH!):

        The moral values of the bureaucrats in our Parties are upside down. The Tories have chosen a dangerous clown, who is a liar and a philanderer as their leader. The corrupt machinery of the Labour Party, because they have allowed the JLM to have so much influence, has deliberately victimised and villified Chris Williamson, an MP with more integrity than most, and forced him to have no other option than to resign and stand as an independent. It does not bode well for the Labour Party that we have a crop of MPs who are too cowed to offer one of their colleagues their solidarity.


        I wonder how long it will be before I come across yet ANOTHER Jack T post in which he brings up Chris Williamson again as I work my way back through the skwawkbox articles!

        Anyway, it’s at the top of the Comments section:

      10. Allan Howard 22/11/2019 at 2:19am

        Whilst there is some entertainment value in watching you chase your own tale it is more than a little unclear what you are trying to achieve.

        Anyway, whilst you are diligently fulfilling your quest by going through the last 5 days of postings have you counted up your own comments. If so perhaps you could use this figure as a benchmark to indicate ‘normality’. Whilst you are at it why don’t you go into a bit more depth and do a total word count for each of your chosen subjects (including yourself). Who knows what interesting statistical anomalies you may reveal. Have fun!

      11. Allan Howard, It’s flattering you find my comments so engaging that you feel compelled to hang on to every word. Don’t you realise however that your obsession has driven you to become Skwawkboxs’ resident troll?

  4. Yes a very good line tragically on the day I read that an homeless ex-soldier died of cold on the streets of Wakefield, West Yorkshire last night.
    Re Brexit Jeremy wants to UNITE citizens who are Leavers and Remainers and if he comes down on one side he DISUNITES citizens again at a stroke!
    Sadly from some posts by some citizens I have seen on Brexit on FB (by both sides) some citizens seem to hate each other?
    Perhaps Labour needs a snappy punch line?
    If JC wins it can get a Better Brexit to be offered within 6 months with a Remain option and he will carry out the result, so perhaps as PM after negotiating a Better Brexit as PM he should stay neutral like Harold Wilson did in the 1970s.
    Perhaps the headline should be:
    ‘Brexit – Corbyn to do a Harold Wilson, to Unite Citizens!’
    Perhaps we should draw from history.

    1. You raise a very good point, Bazza.

      Right-wingers (often ex-servicemen themselves) always attack Corbyn for “hating” Our Boys (and Girls) In The Forces, but seem to be either ignorant of, or unconcerned about, the total absence of support for discharged squaddies, the traditional cannon-fodder, who all too often end up living on the streets.

      I believe these are the “scoundrels” (whose last resort is patriotism) that Johnson (Dr, not Boris) wrote about.

  5. JC Unites diverse citizens, Tories divide citizens like trying to set neighbour against neighbour re welfare to distract from their £121b tax cuts for the rich and big business. JCDeserves2BPM!

  6. Well iT looks like Benny the dip the Israeli leader is for chop finally got him on fraud charges.Good day for Labour party then

    1. War crimes would have been better, any chance he will take a few down with him

      1. I wish for xmass…..Johnson nailed,..Benny the dip of Israel…..nailed…..Trump….nailed…and we win by a landslide and the criminality of the gang exposed and jailed….We can all have a xmass wish…solidarity comrades

  7. Under Labour Public sector workers are to get a 5% pay rise in April

    When Labour wins the GE public sector workers will receive a 5% pay rise in April 2020.

    Here are some sample increases that Labour has calculated

    Newly qualified nurses: more than £1,200
    Firefighters: more than £1,800 on average
    Teachers state-funded schools: average of almost £2,000
    Junior doctors: almost £1,400
    Police constables: almost £2,000
    Army sergeants: more than £1,700
    Civil servants: more than £1,300 on average
    Council workers: more than £1,200 on average

    Louisa Compton
    ‏Verified account @louisa_compton

    Gutted we’ve had to cancel a planned Leaders debate on @Channel4 for this Sunday. @jeremycorbyn had agreed to take part but, after many weeks of intense discussion, we were unable to secure agreement from @BorisJohnson team. @krishgm wld have presented 1/2

  9. Exactly✅✅✅ Jeremy Corbyn’s and our patriotism is the ONLY patriotism worth shouting about.
    Conservative supporting Swinson LibDem, and spawn of Margaret Thatcher, as the monstrous creature itself CLAIMED – TONY BLAIR… her best creation, it hissed, the make hollow noises of being patriotic.

    Their Straw Blankets clique of Blowing Peter Mandelsonian Johnsons, are heartless exploiters of the sincere, but gullible. Eg: With cheap Tony Blair quivering lips, cringe making waving of upper limbs, and theatrical pauses to seduce the unsuspecting.

    The wicked Wicked WICKED dispatch-box liars, send our dutiful military to risk their lives, then DIE for a cesspool of constructed false warnings of WMD‼️ TONY BLAIR LIES‼️‼️ TORY LIES‼️‼️‼️

    I will never forget seeing how delirious, the WILD EXCITED Smithy Duncan Iain Smithy man behaved when his similarly depraved TONY BLIAR chum confirmed its post bent bending over, under GEORGE BUSHED PREDETERMINED INVASION of IRAQ. Search out the footage… extraordinary to see an opposition member SOOO thrilled at a Tony Blair government announcing needless orphan and widow making… on an industrial scale.

    Smitthy Duncan man looked like a tethered CRAZED peacock… without pretty colours…lacking anything attractive, nothing, only ugly TOXIC life wrecking pee, and repulsive withered decease ridden Smitthy coc.

    All Tory LibDem MPs, ALL of them, or they would not be in that gang, are guilty of ghastly fakery. Surely they MUST know that every assertion in this post is true. If they don’t, then they lack discernment, judgement, basic intelligence, and are TOTALLY unfit for any office. If they do know the above is true, then they are not only unfit for office, but deserve imprisonment. It is inescapable. TORIES, Liberal Democrats, NewLabourConservatives, TING CUCKS… whatever they wish to call themselves after midnight, lack even the slightest knowledge of patriotism. They have never even looked for the meaning of patriotism. They don’t care a jot about the lives of what they see as canon fodder. They have as much refard for them as Prince Andrew showed for the internationally trafficked children… ABUSED VICTIMS of EPSTEIN. Dispensable subjects to be used, disposed and if their relatives are lucky, buried with some death and loss maintaining ceremony. If Conservatives, Crass ConivingLibDems like Tony Blair even had a quick peep at patriotism the slightest idea of patriotism… even for a nano second, they would all have ensured that our military were properly equipped and looked after …VALUED as they value their own children, NOT recklessly and callously send them in harms way, to die without just cause… to die for never ending foul tissues of lies.

    Elect our Jeremy Corbyn led Labour and get a properly equipped military to defend us when necessary rather tgan unleash instability promoting unrest and refugees and terrorism. Jeremy Corbyn the only Prime Minister who will stop the needless waste, SQUANDER of precious military lives🔴🔴🔴

    1. should have read: spawn of Margaret Thatcher, as the monstrous creature HISSED – TONY BLAIR, our best creation. They make hollow noises of being patriotic.

      …they have as much regard for them…

  10. John Pilger’s new documentary, THE DIRTY WAR ON THE NHS, “goes to the heart of the struggle for democracy today”, he says. Britain’s National Health Service, the NHS, was the world’s first universal public health service. Designed to give millions of people “freedom from fear”, the NHS today is under threat of being sold off and converted to a free market model inspired by America’s disastrous health insurance system, which results in the death every year of an estimated 45,000 people. Now President Trump says the NHS is “on the table” in any future trade deal with America. Filmed in Britain and the United States, this timely, compelling documentary touches us all and reveals what may be the last battle to preserve the most fundamental human right.

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