Video: reception for Jeremy Corbyn and #LabourManifesto – with MSM-reduced volume turned back up

Corbyn returning the crowd’s greeting

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance to introduce Labour’s transformative general election manifesto received a huge reception from the audience – including many students – at Birmingham University this morning.

Radio 5 Live listeners will have heard deafening cheers and applause as Corbyn walked onto the stage:

However, in the televised coverage the volume mysteriously dropped, making the whoops and clapping far more muted:

The volume track on the televised coverage. Red lines show Corbyn’s entrance and speech start

Here’s the footage of his arrival with the volume restored as far as it could be:

Corbyn spoke during his speech of the hostility of billionaires and the Establishment to Labour and its message – because while they own the Tories, they do not own Labour and Corbyn’s government will implement real change.

That seemed to be reflected in the televised coverage.

Just as in 2017, Labour is the insurgent party – the threat to the Establishment and the hope of the 99%.

Vote Labour. Vote for real change.

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  1. Mmmm … I caught coverage of the Manifesto Launch on FiveLive. No attempt to underplay audience reaction (in fact, it was sounding a bit artificial – as is par for the course in these sort of events – and a lowering of volume would have been welcome). Adjustments are not that unusual – and who would be impressed by routine cheering by a partisan audience, anyway?.

    The problem with seeing everything as some devilish plot is that you begin to minimise the real biases. Wood and trees.

    1. ingrid bergman ….what was that film called again ……. something about illumination.

      it is disingenuous to assume the role of a left wing/labour supporter and then defend any action/decision that downplays corbyn’s support…i would suggest that any Tory audience would not be muted in this manner and that it is part of the “nuanced undermining” of jeremy corbyn by the BBC.

    2. Disagree RH – I watched the coverage and commented to a family member about it at the time it so Skwawkbox’s post just confirms what I had already worked out for myself – the volume for the applause was tampered with to create the impression that Jeremy’s speech received on;y a lukewarm response. Add this to the deletion of Pritti Patel’s disgusting comments about poverty , the undermining of Diane Abbott on QT, the misinformation spread by Laura Kuesenberg etc and you don’t get a conspiracy theory you get a conspiracy.

      1. SteveH – once was enough for him LOL! More bluster but every bit as gutless as Theresa May!

      2. i’ve even heard a few of the most inbred commentators, long shuddering at the impending Jeremy led Labour victory Jeremy, admit that Jeremy won and BloJob was a repetitive boorish poor debater … even Nigel Garage. So not surprised the wet chicken Johnson pulled out as he sometimes manages to do … but he is unsure of how many times he did n’t. He is even unsure how many times…despite the living physical evidence there to find, if he had a care… if he cared about anything other than his childhood ambition to use our country as his plaything🔴🔴🔴

  2. I think you protest too much RH. The sound was definitely too low for me – and for countless others judging by the sidebar comments on the live broadcast. I had to add Firefox’s SoundFixer extension to sort out the sound, which it thankfully did.

    1. Yes Sharon, RH and about two others are VERY odd. Their posts are almost ALWAYS with the same suspicious stench. Your observation is shared by many. And only a few weeks ago some said sound engineers presented proof. i have seen a few post of surprising worth from RH and the other suspects. So they are not unintelligent. They may even be desperate screaming paid determined bullying propagandist. There are shady outfits abroad in the US, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East who with sophisticated disguising tech and methodology infiltrate sites, organisations and political parties.

      So never be fooled by the rare but occasional reasonable post from RH. The posts may even emanate from several people all pretending to be one person. There may even be a support team providing as in a post in the last few days re poll sample weighting. Quite swift and with some substance. That can lure people to trust trust.

      Finally a good test is ubiquitous bullying, brow beating and ridicule for ANYONE who goes against their schtick. Eg a normal decent person, as all Jeremy Corbyn supporters are, would not have routine abuse of contributors here, especially new ones. Eg I received abuse from my very first posts from RH. That is not normal behaviour. Why would for eg, we on SKWAWKBOX.ORG bother to contribute to the Torygraph. Surely we have better things to do. No❓❓❓ Possible that RH & Co may not be part of a well sponsored bullying outfit, just with LOTS of spare time, an obsession with duvets, the dark and onanism and therefore RH &CO just HATES our Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy has too much vision for the RH puppet masters. Jeremy threatens an END TO THE SAME OLD SAME OLD BUSINESS AS USUAL.

      So RH & CO, the 99% of us on SKWAWKBOX.ORG love Love LOVE JEREMY CORBYN 🌹🌹🌹
      Suck it up😊😊😊 Your paymasters are wasting their money and effort. Prepare for a Jeremy Corbyn INSPIRED LABOUR VICTORY. For ALL not just your few🔴🔴🔴

      1. signpostnotwindchimes at 2:49 pm
        I agree with the last sentence of your comment.

        “Prepare for a Jeremy Corbyn INSPIRED LABOUR VICTORY. For ALL not just your few🔴🔴🔴”

      2. As I’ve said on a number of occasions before, who on this planet in reality would be monitoring skwawkbox every day, all day long, for months and months and months on end, posting numerous comments each and every day. It isn’t normal of course, and doesn’t make sense. Unless……….

        But you see they HAVE to keep a constant presence on SB because if they DIDN’T, then more than a few followers/readers of SB might very quickly pick up on the fact that they only turn up to make negative comments about the LP if and when the opportunity arises, although they are adept at creating opportunities. And it’s no coincidence that they are often the first to comment on a new thread, so as to try and set the agenda and influence what readers think, AND – as they often do – manipulate peoples emotions, and ESPECIALLY in relation to Chris Williamson.

        Within several days of the GE being called it occurred to me that the number of negative posts had definitely gone up a couple of notches (since it was called)…… exactly as you would expect any Tory/Establishment im-posters ’embedded’ in the site to do!

        A shill will be much more effective at manipulating and influencing people (and many of them LP members) if they give the ‘appearance’ of being one of us!!

      3. Allan Howard 21/11/2019 at 7:39 pm

        Whilst I like yourself and many others have some empathy for CW just take a look at the distribution of votes in Derby North for the the 2017 GE.

        Labour Chris Williamson 23,622 48.5%
        Tory Amanda Solloway 21,607 44.4%
        LibDem Lucy Care 2,262 4.6 %
        UKIP Bill Piper 1,181 2.4%
        Majority 2,015 4.1%
        Turnout 48,672 69.1%

        This seat has historically been a 2 horse race between Labour and the Tories and Labour only has a majority of 2015 so do you think that CW has any chance whatsoever of winning this seat and if not then what do you think CW will have achieved apart from splitting the Labour vote and allowing the Tories to win the seat. Any vote for CW is one less for the Labour Party Candidate and potentially one less Labour seat.

        Do you want a Labour government or a pointless gesture?

      4. ps RE: abusive attacks on first-time posters. Their aim is, intimidate… bully away new contributors quickly, so that excellent sources of ALTERNATIVE information & views like our EXCELLENT , do not grow, thrive and threaten same old same old brainwashing MSM mush for the exhausted people working three, four jobs night and day to survive (quite deliberate. keep the workers busy. easier to control). The exhausted workers STILL need benefits to keep above water. Tax credits, Housing benefits etc are subsidies … welfare for incompetent lazy “business” owners.

        They would never survive without direct & indirect state aid to the tune of £trillions. Just to buy more luxury homes in France or vulgar boats in Monaco like the business wrecking Phillip Greens of the world, only because taxpayers make up the wages of their exploited employees.

        The bandits are neither efficient, useful, patriotic, nor honest when they threaten to desert our country at the reasonable suggestion they pay their fair share to maintain roads, electricity, water, all the infrastructure they need to exploit our country. The bandits wish to get a healthy educated workforce for nothing, yet claim spirit away all the gains. They are selfish greedy pigs. A decent country has no need of selfish, greedy, unpatriotic pigs.

        They are thieving repellant simple minded one tracked shortsighted bandits. The bandits lack Jeremy’s vision because they blind themselves with venal and gluttonous desires to gobble up every last pence for themselves, and sod the 99%. They prefer grouse shooting with Prince Andrew and Epstein, Hobnobbing at Tramps nightclub, and being pleasured by Epstein’s trafficked children… the sordid priorities of BloJos 1% supporters. Just think, Boris Johnson is hiding the select committees report which will show that Russian oligarchs paid hundreds of thousands £££ to rub shoulders with Tories, to enjoy the irresistible uplifting easy company of that well known bon viveur… yes, that celebrated trampler of wheat fields – Theresa May.
        The unexplored, unknowable depths to which greedy status quo hawkers sink are infinite.

  3. I’ll admit I’ve occasionally allowed audience adulation to go on for too long myself – but I thought Jeremy milked it a bit this time 🙂

  4. Thought the very opposite. Jeremy should not interrupt applause until it starts to subside in energy and volume, then resume speech.
    Also, he should NEVER join in chants. It reduces the impact of the audience chanting, especially when half hearted and out of time. He joins in because he is a genuine social / comradely man. But he must use the discipline to listen to a recording of how it sounds and never do it again.
    And again resume ONLY when chanting subsides, but BEFORE 1/3 silence. LIFE IS AT IT IS not some uncomplicated emotion free dull nirvana. I say, milk all applause for all its worth. No harm is done. Nothing lost. Much to gain.

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