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Video: relaxed-looking Corbyn comes out to thank supporters before TV debate

Labour leader appears chilled and confident ahead of televised head-to-head

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn looked relaxed and ready ahead of tonight’s first televised debate in which Corbyn will present policies, substance and humanity against Boris Johnson’s bumble and bluster.

Corbyn found time to come out and chat to supporters who had gathered outside the studio in Salford to cheer him on and to give his Tory opponent a hard time over Johnson’s plans to sell off the NHS to US corporate interests:

Labour has gained on the Tories in the latest polling, but the Establishment media will of course be doing everything they can to present a skewed interpretation of the debate.

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  1. The worst thing Corbyn could do in tonight’s debate regarding Brexit is prevarictate. Forget the nonsense of fighting for the 99% it’s a cop-out and cannot be done. Jeremy must lead, be honest with people and let the Leavers know that leaving the EU would be a disaster for the UK. By ignoring Scotland it will also cost us the GE. He should follow the city of Liverpool where the Tory SUN is banned and consequently voted overwhelmingly to Remain.

  2. Jeremy will be is usual honest self, answering, not avoiding answering questions, speaking from the heart, ignoring personal insults and never descending into the gutter with his political opponents.
    People will have the chance tonight to see the real Corbyn, a good and decent man, a great leader and statesman who has been mocked and smeared from day 1 by the MSM the Tories and elements of the PLP (who should hang their heads in shame). Jeremy is a strong leader who can’t be bought bullied or intimidated, who sticks by and acts on his principles and who is the only hope for a decent future for ordinary people. I think the TV audience will see this tonight and will vote accordingly on 12 Dec

    1. Smartboy, I am also a Corbyn supporter but where were his principles when he ditched Chris Williamson in favour of the JLM who are out to smash him?

      1. I too am very sorry Chris resigned from the party and deeply disappointed and angry that he was denied the right to stand as a Labour candidate – he has more Labour principles in his little finger than the likes of Jess Phillips,Yvette Cooper Margaret Hodge Wes Streeting Neil Coyle etc have in their whole bodies.
        However I don’t blame Jeremy for this. He is the leader but the decisions were made by the NEC and the NCC an elected subcommittee of the NEC. The NCC has made several perverse decisions about expulsions and we need a clear out and soon. However at the moment elections to the NCC are not annual so we need to change the constitution to facilitate this.

  3. I predict a 7 – 2 win for Jeremy, despite room for improvement. Eg Be assertive. Don’t allow uncouth Johnson, presenter or anyone to interrupt. If they do, he must return to TOP of what was interrupted, AND sustain energy to the end of sentences. Prioritise the heartlands and bread & butter issues NOT ridiculous hypotheticals eg nuking the world, while this very minute, homeless on cold streets, medicine shortage crisis looming and in todays news, a man deemed FIT TO WORK, COLLAPSED AND DIED IN THE JOB CENTRE QUEUE‼️‼️‼️ Ask Johnson for his plans to stop the cruelty. Why were his plans not implemented after TEN YEARS of TORYDOM⁉️
    Ask where & when was the MAGIC MONEY FOREST found⁉️ Why EXACTLY now⁉️ When EXACTLY did the situation change❓❓❓

  4. I hope that the moderator has the ability to be strong enough to ensure it’s a fair contest. One that Jeremy will win! Get to the policies that is the Labour Party’s strong points, not pander to the MSM and their agenda.

  5. I’m sure that by any rational standards, Corbyn will have out-performed Johnson.

    What I’m not sure about is how much this will cut through the layers of bias that have already been planted. Much of the talk I (over)hear shows minds detached from any rational analysis.

  6. I’m sorry to say that was painful as expected. Jeremy wouldn’t answer the question on whether the Union is more important than Brexit because he knows that Brexit could lead to the break up of the Union. As a leader, he should have a personal opinion on Brexit but he avoided the question. He missed a sitter on honesty of leaders because he failed to focus on the previous lies of Johnson. Finally, his answer on A/S failed to call out the reason for the smears.

    1. I can’t work out Corbyn’s strategy in answering this highly predictable Brexit question. All he has to say is something along the lines of :

      “As leader of the Party, I’m remaining neutral, although other members will have a divergence of views.. As said, we are putting the question back to the electorate. They will make the decision.”

      The response to questions on antisemitism has long been too weak and apologetic.

  7. The Guardian are telling us that a snap poll by YouGov gave a 51/49% split in favour of Boris.
    Jeremy was miles better.
    The only conclusion is tha Jeremy performed well among YouGov’s usual Tory-weighted selection !

  8. Thats probably because the 51% didn’t have all the facts and didn’t know what they were voting for.
    I demand a re-run

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