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Video: if one of Labour’s best wins Crewe and Nantwich, Labour wins GE19. You can help

Laura Smith’s battle in Cheshire seat set to define Labour’s general election campaign – and you can help her win

Laura Smith

Laura Smith is one of Labour’s best, with a track record of standing up for her constituents – and up to the Tories.

Last year, Smith famously asked Theresa May when Donald Trump had ‘instructed’ her to take military action alongside the US – and when both Labour general secretary Jennie Formby and party chair Ian Lavery were under shameless attack by the right and their media allies, she stood shoulder to shoulder with both.

And Labour insiders believe that her Crewe and Nantwich seat is likely to be the defining contest of this election. Simply put, if Laura wins, Labour wins – and you can help in three straightforward ways.

First, share this video outlining six reasons why voters in her constituency should support her:

Second, follow Laura on Twitter and make sure to share her tweets and activities across all your social media.

Third, if you can make it there, go to Crewe and Nantwich to campaign on the ground for her – or if you can’t, there will be phone-banking opportunities.

Email to find out what’s happening when you’re available.

Help Laura win. Help Labour win.

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  1. Regarding another Laura:

    Just came across the following Jewish Chronicle article, by chance, from one week ago about Laura Pidcock, in which she is fradulently accused, in effect, of anti-semitism, for saying the following at her campaign launch:

    “I know we are on the path towards justice. And I know because Jeremy Corbyn might become PM they will throw everything at us.

    “They will say some really hurtful things. Forgive them. For they know not what they do.”

    Well ‘they’ know exactly what they do, but I guess what she meant was that ‘they’ KNOW what they do, but they DON’T know what they do, because she COULDN’T possibly have simply meant that they don’t know what they do. But THAT’s not my point in drawing attention to the ‘article’. It is the fact that the JC – and namely Lee Harpin – contrived to make an issue of what she said, and although he doesn’t actually spell it out, he implies to his Jewish readers that it was anti-semitic to say such a thing – ie that she said it because she is an anti-semite – because shortly afterwards Harpin says the following:

    ‘But over the centuries these very words have also been frequently used by those wishing to strir up religious hatred amongst [against] the Jews.’

    The article then DOES quote a spokesperson for Laura as saying:

    “Laura said a well known and often quoted verse from the bible at her campaign launch. Any suggestion that her doing so was antisemitic is absurd and defamatory.”

    And it then goes on to say that her father Bernard was a former Catholic priest before going on to become a Labour councillor on Northumberland County Council.

    Well, I think most people who follow skwawkbox are familiar with the abhorrent and vile black propaganda that Harpin churns out on an almost daily basis in relation to Jeremy Corbyn and the left, which is very much in the vein of what Goebbels used to churn out about the Jews, and Harpin, like Goebbels and Hitler and the rest of the Nazi hierachy, is a fascist to the core of his being.

    Harpin then finishes off his abhorrent ‘article’ by saying the following (and with a link to THAT story):

    Ms Pidcock’s speech came on the same day the Liverpool Walton candidate Dan Carden was forced to deny claims he had sung ‘Hey Jew’ instead of ‘Hey Jude’ while the Beatles song was played on a coach full of journalists in 2018.

    Funny isn’t it – and Harpin knows it of course – that if it HAD actually happened (as Dan Carden said himself) – and given that there were lots of journalists on the coach – it would have been headline news all over the MSM at the time.

    He really IS an ultra nasty piece of work! Totally, totally evil. And I dare say that as he was ‘composing’ the article he was chuckling and sniggering and saying to himself “I wonder if she’ll forgive me!’.

    1. Pure muck are the same lot who spout that: 1- there is too much political correctness. 2- Muslims are over sensitive. 3- Muslims should speak up about generalised allegations against them. eg 4- They should just suck up deliberately insulting cartoons of their prophet. “Free speech” they hiss, grunt and croak.

      jYet the usual suspects sense not, their breathtaking duplicity and GHASTLY attempt to suffocate free speech of others. The failure to defend the right for REASONABLE EVIDENCED SPEECH AND THOUGHTS FOR ALL not just some, that failure is fuelling this frightful WICKED mission creep of shutting down any views that does not suit them. We are ALL equal. We are not more equal than others. Decent people must speak out against the repellant aggressive intimidation and battering of all who even speak against EXCEPTIONALISM.

      The wicked accusations of AS are not just utterly repugnant but tramples upon the memory of suffering of past generations and the real suffering of others. SUFFERING THIS VERY DAY. Stolen lands, homes and farms bulldozed, olive groves hundreds of years old, uprooted. Evil! And what is more evil than the thousands of deaths and the many more thousands slaughtered??? Only some support that satanic work. If they know not what they do, then they MAY be forgiven. But they profess to know. They do know. Their utter condemnation is therefore of their own design, their own making.

      JUDGES, By the way, a poll is needed. Who does “Prince” Andrew judge he should treat honourably? Epstein or Epstein’s young victims?
      Who would Andrew Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, living in the most humungous council house in the whole queendom… a convicted monster or his many victims???

      For whom would Mr Andrew SCG vote??? the Johnson and Tory enabling rightwing Swinson or Jeremy Corbyn???

      Anything, ANYTHING you even feel “Prince” Andy, PeeMendacious, Iraq invading blood-spilling war criminal, Dr David Kelley “suspicious suicide” cover-upping TONY BLIAR, RightwingDim Swinson, and Johnson loving Ian Austin advise… ANYTHING, run the other way‼️ Do the opposite‼️‼️ And ridicule them. The creatures deserve nothing but ridicule and scorn‼️‼️‼️

      1. Perhaps princely Andrew feels he’s got the Royal prerogative with young teenagers

      2. Indeed ➕ feels we’re all staff. Know nothing except our place. Accept any codswallop he grunts. Bedazzled by his council house stuffed with plunder from every place ravaged by his gang of bejewelled bandits. Even their symbols are stolen… Lions in Trafalgar Sq. Lions on crests. They are shameless charlatans. Though the high camp, like high CofE does add to the gayety of the nation even at our expense.

        Have you noticed, every November, Mrs Gotha shows grief only from one eye. Check every photo over the last three decades. Every year the fawning media pump out the same twaddle to the gullible. They never ask, Mrs Lizzy SCG Liz, is your other eye, incapable of sorrow?
        Props, do supply sliver of onions for BOTH eyes. Drama coaches, do convince mam to stroke the other cheek Fair enough actress. Made good of a small part in Bond.
        But that little detail of one-sided tears are always missed at every November. Or is it the MSM contriving to compensate for an absence of genuine concern and care, except for little Andy? They think the plebs will believe anything. Saxes at the helm quelle suprise … British Royal language and all that… They’ve certainly mastered the stitching up of the world to fit their own schemes…akin to Vicky marrying of all her sprogs to every ghastly family in Europe. And millions of poor devoted people spilt their blood to settle the SCG family squabbles. Gotha? They’ve got us.

        Still Joseph, i’m wondering, you are more experienced and wise. So do tell. Has the world always produced such jaw dropping “confessions” and doings of Mr Gotha, kith, kin and their Tory Chums? Or, communication less restricted now, allows us more access to the previously concealed, so, BBC MSM must try hard to keep our attention?
        From radio clips of the Andrew interviewer was satisfactory, yet better than expected. Need to read a reliable transcript to properly assess. But that interview and the FÁrage one post his Trumping and everything from BloJo, quite astounds.

      3. . Signpostnotwindchimes .I do not know if my age of 70 in December, will make me any wiser,but I know that having a poor education as I had certainly does not help….I am proud that after being elected has the first Labour borough councillor in my area of Reigate and banstead in Surrey.I very nearly burnt my bridges with the Labour group by refusing to swear loyalty to the House of Windsor and all the offspring to come..The chief executive of the council helped me out and I was allowed to swear loyalty to the British people and their descendents,and also asked for the Roman version of the bible to continue in the same stand…That was 1995 and I still believe that the establishment system is perpetuated by the archaic Royal family and members.I do not hate the Royals, just what they represent in the year two thousand and twenty one..Andrew the princely degenerate and Borris piffel Johnson only go to reinforce my beliefs on first being elected has a much younger man and think even now that age does not mean wise,but arthritis, high blood pressure and hip replacement surgery plus a touch of forgetfulness…..and of course I blame spellchecker for everything.Regards comrades.

      4. Lovely! Your insight, experience and wisdom shines through!! Dpell vhexker cannot hide that. Though, overly intrusive tech does frustrate much. It is purposely designed to make as many of us as possible, as swiftly as we allow, to change nature and become the benign dependent instruments… that won’t frustrate the designers AND planners and 1% controllers.

        Yet ever an optimist, positives can be extracted from almost every situation. The SERIOUSLY funny truth of the Prickly Pricky Pricey Andrew is exposed a little for all who are slow to realise. Too many won’t see. Too many LOVE to be deceived. But you Joseph may know that there is MUCH more to be revealed. That much is EXACTLY why the campaigners for a republic may celebrate wildly then unwrap a Sarkozy, a Bellasconi, a Macron, a Bush, Clint or Trump… worse yet, an unbearably repellant… Blair. The slimy, greedy, money grabbing, grinning handwaving amateur dramatic pausing, vomitatious IRAQ INVADING WAR MONGERING TONY BLAIR🤮🤮🤮

        Rather than rash revolutions, SUGGESTIONS: 1️⃣ Cut number of prevailing parasites to Lizzy n Pippip the un-closeted racist • Charles WITHOUT his family wrecking horse Mrs Parker-Bowles, Charles said all previous Princes of Wales had mistresses. Fine. BUT in 2019, NOT ON the PUBLIC PURSE nor in our faces. Keep Mrs Parker-Bowles where his ancestors often kept theirs – in various degrees of shade, thick cover, well draped … and in the case of Mrs Parker-Bowles, from above the head to 666mm extra beyond where the hooves meets ground •
        BACK to pruning, we have Willy n wife n 1st 2 tots. Last one and anymore should be COMPLETELY supported by their private billions • Harry, Meghan, Archie + max three more. They offer some hope, ( centuries of inbreeding caused Randy Andy). So more Harry & Meghan. Optimism? Yes, can’t help it • …Oh, maybe Horsey Annie then THAT’s IT‼️ ENOUGH‼️ NO MORE of the pompous deluded SCROUNGERS‼️ Not needed •
        2️⃣ Tax ALL the assets at 60% to help make up for the centuries of taking, pillage, rampage, and more taking. Any argument? then increase to 70% and so on till they get the message. Firm, clear and robust. NO NEGOTIATION. It is to help the BE full of “DUTY” and BE “HONOURABLE” and “SERVE” and “CARE for this country’s people, not just say so. Their words are cheap. Their actions and welfare support, not cheap.
        3️⃣ Since the many council houses they hog, are said to belong to the nation, the public, then the public should have greater run of the welfare buildings when Lizz is not there. ENTRY SHOULD BE FREE TO ALL NATIONALS & COMMONWEALTH CITIZENS.
        4️⃣ All security to all the other dregs like Randy’s spawn should be stopped at once and he should refund EVERY PENNY. ps Same re Tony Blair.
        5️⃣ The parasites including Tony Blair, should be STRINGENTLY means tested like the victims of the DWP, UNIVERSAL CREDIT, PRESCRIPTION CHARGES, SOCIAL CARE, etc, too long to list •
        There should be a STRAIGHT SWAP –
        MEANS TESTING FOR THE MANY with MEANS TESTING FOR THE FEW. Let the MSM support that. Stop condemning the poor and vulnerable. Condemn the true scroungers.

        The TOTAL degenerate ghastly GHASTLY Andrew ballSac Cobra Gotta Gutter and ALL his grasping, venal, perverted chums and extended relatives should not be gorging on the public purse after their favoured TORY prime minister croaked “THERE IS NO MAGIC MONEY TREE‼️‼️‼️”

  2. Went to the Paul Mason led unseat IDS canvass in Chingford yesterday. In all my many years have never seen so many Labour volunteers on one canvass,truly heartwarming. I can only manage a couple of hours now but as I was handing in my figures more people were arriving who had earlier in the day been out in east London and also reported huge numbers. If we don’t win it won’t be for the lack of trying and it sickens me to my stomach to remember the terms used to describe us by the likes of Umunna and Berger. To the obviously wealthy,educated man who chose to use dockers language to an elderly lady who had the temerity to knock on his posh front door whilst wearing a red rosette I can only say you have strengthened my resolve to end your sense of entitlement.

  3. Thank you for such an articulate expression of our collective interdependence Skwawkie. Labour is only as strong as its weakest part. We are an organic collective, a movement, a family – and we look after our own and our people.

    1. Qwertboi “and we look after our own and our people.”

      Except if his name is ‘Chris Williamson’

      1. Stop it Jack.

        Chris knows why his friends and supporters – and even our wonderful party leader – are NOT fighting this battle.

        Winners pick their battles well, and Chris Williamson is a collosal winner and knows this better than most. He would probably ask you to hush and get out there and make some Labour voters. rather than using his predicament to weaken our mission-critical resolve. .

  4. So whats Laura piddocks father and his.Catholic priesthood to do with a well known phrase “forgive them for they no not what they do” .other than being used for 2000years by all people of faith and no faith.whatsoever to motivate.The Jewish chronicle are now entering into some very murky secatarian waters and have now decided to move into involving a csndidates fathers religion to cause division.That type of nasty political attacks are scraping the barrel and the innuendo of using religion to foster hatred of a candidates background is appalling and just might have gone too far even for the Zealots of the Jewish chronicle

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