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Boris Johnson chickens out of TWO debates in same evening

Tory leader runs scared from second debate with Jeremy Corbyn – and from hustings against Labour’s Ali Milani in Uxbridge and South Ruislip seat
Like looking in a mirror: Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson – in spite of the shameless spin of the Establishment media – clearly knows that Jeremy Corbyn won Tuesday’s first leaders’ debate by a country mile.

So eager to avoid another drubbing is the Tory leader that he has chickened out of a planned follow-up debate on Channel 4. He does not appear to have given an official reason.

But it’s not only Labour’s leader who has Johnson running scared. Johnson has also refused to debate his Labour opponent Ali Milani at the planned hustings in the battle for the Uxbridge and South Ruislip seat Johnson needs to retain to stay in Parliament, as Milani announced this evening:

Just think: before the general election was called, Tory MPs and media pundits were telling the nation that Johnson is not the same kind of campaigner Theresa ‘Maybot’ was in 2017.

They were right: he’s proving himself to be worse.

So far, Johnson has been heckled and rejected in towns around the country – and chased from a hospital by angry staff and patients, an event shamefully ignored by the Establishment media.

But now he’s scared to show his face – and seems terrified to debate with any politicians of substance.

Vote Labour.

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  1. I’ve only seen a couple of Bojo the crown’s speeches in this campaign, never having bothered to listen to him before and I can’t believe what an appalling performer he is. He waffles, blusters, forgets his words. He’s almost incomprehensible, plus you get the impression the audience thinks he’s lieing most of the time anyway. Jeremy sounds and looks like a sober suited carefully spoken accountant in comparison, who can actually make a coherent statement. I can’t believe how much the Tories have fucked this up so far.

    1. BloJob’s still living off his appearances on “Have I Got News For You” from fifteen years ago.
      They in turn were refinements of the persona he developed to make himself acceptable as a poor boy at Eton.
      He could be about two setbacks away from a complete meltdown – faked-up personalities are like that.
      Notice how repetitive his schtick has become? That’s what happens when your free time for socialising, doing blow and writing new stuff is taken up with inconvenient parliamentary business.

    2. I can’t believe how much the Tories have fucked this up so far.

      …and how few people are even aware of it. The explanation? I quote again Peter Oborne’s words from Tuesday’s Groan:

      A big reason for Johnson’s easy ride is partisanship from the parts of the media determined to get him elected. I have talked to senior BBC executives, and they tell me they personally think it’s wrong to expose lies told by a British prime minister because it undermines trust in British politics.

      I shit you not. This is what we’re up against. The gloves are off and no tactic is beyond the pail. And if it fails and Corbyn somehow makes it to No. 10, expect an assassination attempt in short order.

      1. Yes, I saw that quote but you have beaten me to it in terms of using it.

  2. I wish I believed in karma.
    Karma would guarantee a twenty stone disgruntled care worker slapping BloBotMayJob stupid every time they say “oven ready brexit” or “strong & stable” every day of the last five years of their miserable lives.

  3. How on earth did Bojo the clown get to be elected Mayor of London? I can’t believe so called sophisticated electors in the wealthiest and allegedly most educated city in the UK could put in this bumbling half wit. Obviously the talent pool isn’t that deep having seen the underwhelming Sadiq Khan not looking or sounding too good but Boris is an unkempt cretin of a candidate.

    1. Amazing, isn’t it, how the so-patriotic Tories’ go-to response to the ‘danger’ of a Corbyn government is to threaten capital flight, the intent of which is to bankrupt the country – because they just love it so fucking much?

      1. David…..The capital flight threat is just that..bul55it!And very few home grown Bussiness people will leave.If we have to payout commercial welfare to keep these low pay parasites, then they can go.and god speed.And for the multinational corporations,well they will find that low cost Labour comes with many drawbacks in the rapidly shrinking 3rd world..l have been puzzled by the Vietnamese appalling tragedy of dying in the back of a truck.And I enquired why would these people flee a country that is booming and pay an amount of money that an ordinary person in the UK would struggle to pay.The Catholic community in kampot a border area that I now spend a lot of my life in have told me that they prefer living outside of Vietnam because of the history of support of the western regimes that the Catholics have shown in the past that ruled Vietnam..Now far be it for me to judge my fellow Catholics or my church,but my Church has form on this,Look to American and French contol of Vietnam and you will see a history of explotation of the native population,ably backed by my church and the evangelical Christians.And the Gdansk uprisings and the fall of the Soviet empire..Cheap Labour is drying up and the cruel myth of the streets of London paved with gold,and a social security system that caters for your every need is alive and well in this part of S.East Asia.,amongst the minor population of Christian and Catholic community.Luckily the majority in this part of Asia are Buddhist and have very much more open eyes approach to living and is more a way of life. Now I am preparing for a flight back to the Uk to help wherever I am needed in the final weeks of the election.I did not plan on returning in winter but open flip flops and shorts with baggy short sleeved shirt means I will be calling into my home in France to pick up togs and my car..Hopefully my time will be worth the cost in celebration of a Labour victoy. ps I do try to educate my fellow Catholics that they could end up dead or trafficked but they still insist that the communist goverment are not for them and their lives are terrible under the communist government.,but for now they make up the fishing fleet that goes out at dawn every day into the bay of Thailand in the country of Cambodia on the Cambodia \Vietnam border known as the Mekong delta.regards comrades

  4. (Plain Citizen) He lied is way to mayor of London.
    I remember live television debates between all the candidates, and Ken Livingston telling Bojo the clown to stop lying. He has never changed. The contempt he has for the voters is astounding he believs that we are so stupid we can’t see through his lies.
    Lets show him just how wrong he is

  5. The more he is live the more Johnson is exposed as an a Right Wing oppportunist charlatan.
    Funny BBC reporting tonight, BBC economics editor admitted Labour extra £83b annually up to 2024 (which is costed and paid for by taxing rich & corporations) equals levels in Germany and European average – why didn’t he say this at 6.00?
    Sounds borrowing neutral and pays for self.
    He adds additional borrowing for things like the massive council housing programme will mean borrowing of £57b annually which is £285b by 2024 but will create jobs and boost the economy.
    But the Tories with quantitative easing have spent £435b since 2010 from The Tory Electronic Magic Money Tree – just to keep the economy flat because at Streekt argues, “They haven’t got a clue what to do” but Labour does!
    Labour For Hope!

  6. This is actually a canny move by Mr Toad – cowardly or not. He and his Toadies know that on balance their best tactic is to do as little as possible. Not having a debate takes away a Labour opportunity to put pressure on him – which is what we have to do : i.e. we don’t have the same luxury of doing little or nothing.

    1. As I’ve said before we are immensely proud of our manifesto and want to publicise it a much as possible whilst the Tories are delaying publishing there manifesto to avoid scrutiny and/or minimise the damage.

      1. Thus what I term the ‘canny move’ by Mr Toad. As long as he can stay away from having a direct response, he can leave it to the plutocrat press to pick at the manifesto whilst not having one himself Thus he stays away from one source of exposure.

        The ‘coward ‘ accusation is far less dangerous to him as it becomes chip paper.l

  7. We are riddled with a system that has adopted the fawning respect for people like johnson,the bumbling clown,the living embodiment of all thats wrong in Britain.We support with glee on bended knee our betters,our masters ,our Royals,our,lords,our knights,we rejoice in our anointed by god appointed,…How do we keep repeating the same old mistakes year after year,century after century.Can we remove the chains that bind us to repeat the mistakes of history……Not long now to be given a chance to vote for someone who hasn’t accepted the forty peices of silver,Are we diverse enough now in the 21st century to get up off our knees and fight for real change,to vote for a socialist Labour government,and Jeremy Corbyn?

    1. We have a chronic case of Stockholm Syndrome and we’ve been under the aristocratic heel for so long it feels comfortingly familiar. We love it. Talk about perverted! What other nation would create men who find Margaret Thatcher arousing?

      1. Timfrom…l can always rely on you to make me spill my drink 🍸 laughing “talk about perverted men who find Margaret Thatcher arousing” …..that quote says it all about torys.and little public school perversion boys..I still think cama.. moron is in the lead on perversion.

  8. Mr Okeefe that is very well put. Canvassing yesterday a young woman,who appeared to be living in challenging conditions,told me she would be voting for Johnson because you couldn’t trust Corbyn. I asked her why she thought that and this is genuinely what she told me,”it’s what they said on the news”. The media have been appalling but regardless of that if people who are struggling fail to vote for this manifesto I think,sadly ,perhaps they would rather tug the forelock than improve their lives.

    1. Jim – Your experience is pretty typical of a fair percentage of responses. People bang on about ‘politics’ and ‘politicians’, but you find out that, when probed, their perceptions are decisively shaped by the bog-paper press and its associates in the Westminster bubble.(The ‘boredom with politics’ and ‘they’re all the same’ themes is another carefully nurtured bit of parrot-speak that benefits the Tories & Friends.)

      What is often forgotten is that the plutocrats don’t have to capture the brains of all the population – all that’s needed is a sufficient percentage to make the difference. The smallness of the requirement is shown by the fact that 5% is the current swing margin between Labour and the Tories.

      As with Brexit, it is indeed The Sun (etc.) ‘what won it’.

    2. It is good that people should refer to their canvassing experiences as it gives us an opportunity to come up with a suitable response.

    3. Therefore we must listen carefully. Ask why, as you did, so they can reflect. Then help them hear hard facts, in concrete ways. ie Facts of Tory failure is ALL around them: corruption funding by dodgy Russians, failure of Boris Johnson to condemn Prince Andrew’s sickening relationship with child sex trafficking paedophile Epstein, Grenfell tragedy due to flammable cladding installed by businesses associated with and OWNED by Tories, preceded by Larkenhall tragedy, and STILL this month the Bolton student building fire.

      TORIES OUTSOURCED EVERYTHING from Probation service to School meals, Prison management to Incinerating Body Parts, Army recruitment to Hospital cleaning, Universal Credit to Social Housing … ALL OUTSOURCED TORY RECKLESS FAILURES‼️ Lists of FAILED OUT OF TOUCH TORIES are endless. Those and more should be our focus TODAY over ideological distant aspirations which can be more easily rubbished, however sound and worthwhile.

      How can we deliver noble aspirations for twenty years hence, before debunking blatant TORY MYTHS today? Human nature endures. If we do not keep a tangible VISIBLE PRESENCE with the electorate, and keep CLEAR descriptions of LONG RUNNING TORY CATASTROPHIC MISMANAGEMENT at the forefront of people’s minds, we will never keep people engaged and onside after the election victory.

      Compared to implementing manifestos after victory, winning a GE is a doddle. Think Exodus, around 20:21 -even after enjoying many wonders eg manna in the wilderness, the recently amazed and satiated people, swiftly begin to grumble and make with their own hands an object to worship. The Golden Calf = BloJonJob.

      WHY? Because Moses FOR TOO LONG disappeared up the mountain… behind ambiguous fog, spirit destructive mist like the misnamed and RIDICULOUS … RIGHTLY LAUGHED AT “Constructive Ambiguity”. No matter how good, people are worn out and down …UNDERSTANDABLY AFRAID of the dark, the unknown, the misunderstood, any thing that has not had repeated explanation till it becomes easily recognised COMMON SENSE. No matter how supreme the leader, throughout our history as a species, people lose interest if rarely seen or heard. And, are afraid of the unknown, even if the unknown gives them bread in abundance. If the unknown is unlit then people will not even approach “THE THICK DARKNESS” no matter what’s there. People turn to other things when alternatives are remote, distant, unclear and too silent and too invisible like Jeremy and we are, too often, especially between election campaigns. NOT EVERYONE GOES TO RALLIES.

      We need to point out, EMPHASISE, and REPEAT, everyday everywhere, day to day FACTS to which the misinformed can relate. People are NOT stupid. They are often overwhelmed and overworked by the deliberately exploitative status quo. So it is understandable some believe what is REPEATED every hour on the MSM.

      REPETITION works, or organisations would not pay ad agencies hundreds of millions … hundreds of BILLIONS globally. We must do the same (not pay millions) but REPEAT at the hairdressers, the checkout, the bus stop EVERYWHERE & ALL APPROPRIATE INTERACTIONS. With tact and intelligence of course.

      Unpack what can be complicated facts… often deliberately complicated, to maintain control of the many. Deal with the impact of Tory policies rather than obsesses about LABELS eg socialism, capitalism, billionaires… comrades‼️ Prioritise REAL IMPACT, domestic problems… CONCERNS of VOTERS RIGHT HERE rather than foreign matters not immediately relatable to the person on doorstep or anywhere else‼️‼️ They vote for us. Those afar do NOT. Sounds harsh? Then can we be effective solving complicated issues abroad if we cannot even focus and solve problems of people right under our noses❓❓❓

      How incredible that in my own hyper sophisticated, uber intellectual, extremely well read, talk attending, Corbyn supporting groups… we have several. One for Political Education, Left groups for each branch, etc etc etc. HOW INCREDIBLE that immediately lovable passionate people, get excited at the idea of finally understanding Foucault and Althusser yet do not prioritise ridding us of our DREADFUL DISHONEST MP. Bewilderingly to me, they prioritise adding even MORE economic and political THEORY to their impressive knowledge, more than attracting and MAINTAINING new Corbyn supporting members, …more than doing everything to bring new members SWIFTLY up to speed with Labour Party procedure.

      Practical basic steps to regain our CLP from the claws of a determined Anti True Labour and aggressive Corbyn hating clique, seem to lack the esoteric sheen of lofty socio-economic, political and philosophical musings.

      Peeps, crucial information is even withheld from potential delegates in Corbyn supporting groups. Yet the same withholders are at every protests, keen to issue every practically useless statement of solidarity, to people they don’t know, thousands of miles away…BIZARRE.

      Again, how can we care for and help people abroad if we lack a basic grip on our own CLPs and party??? No wonder the person you met on your doorstep had no other narrative than that fed to her hourly by the MSM. No surprise, as one too many of us (not you) prioritise, what appears virtuous and remote, rather than the nuts and bolts and day to day TANGIBLE concerns of people on the doorstep🔴🔴🔴

      1. ps Despite all, we WILL have a FIRM win this election. Even firmer if the understandably disaffected, despondent and betrayed can be convinced they will not be condescended and ignored again.

        It is the afterwards i’m worried about. Imagine NEIL COYLE is actually openly stating he will argue AGAINST Labour’s front bench and does not mention Jeremy once in his stinking self-promoting dishonest leaflets‼️ I kid you not‼️‼️ A Labour MP stating that he will argue AGAINST a LABOUR FRONT BENCH⁉️⁉️⁉️ YES.

        Plans are already afoot. After the parasites are elected on the back of Jeremy and foot soldiers, THEN, like the CUKMMUNAs some will defect to the ConDems if they get sufficient seats (THEY WON’t). Don’t believe the MSM propaganda. So plan B it will be: A reheating of their bubbling chamber pot of excrement & sick. YES – their contrived “Government of National Unity” with Cooper/Harman/Benn/Flint Starmer et al to “lead”. Amber Rudd and her multi-millionaire brother have already been defenestrated by the Clampbellend faction in the “PEOPLE’s VOTE” penthouse of their multi-storied tower of turds. Imagine if such a stushie happened in Momentum or Labour. Would have been night and day on the MSM. ANYWAY leader of the bums will be settled by bum fight or filth filled chamber pot flinging fight. Remember, you read it here first.

        Tis not too late. DUMP THE POO POT PLOTTERS like the COYLED & KHANTS NOW‼️‼️‼️

      1. A sustainable victory. Not one where we enable the likes of Coyle to frustrate us with choreographed coups. Direct your question to the likes of Neil Coyle & Co. Eg Twatson, Coyle, Cooper, Khan, Starmer, Streeting, Harman etc, WILL YOU GIVE FIRM PUBLIC SUPPORT TO A JEREMY LED LABOUR GOVERNMENT❓
        Will you ONLY use official Labour Party Campaign literature❓❓
        Will you withdraw your threat to argue against tge front bench❓❓❓
        Is there one thing that is more important to you? To give FULL support to a Jeremy led Labour government or sabotage at EVERY opportunity once you are elected on the back of us and Jeremy?? Don’t be an ostrich.

  9. Jim..thats the History of oppression,Look to my comments above on the Vietnamese tradgedy.People will sacrifice their lives when they are fed poison propaganda by the Capitalist machine.We really are in a battle of the msm over the election of a Labour government that will save the country.

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