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The video Boris Johnson hoped to God would never happen has dropped

Woman Johnson is accused of misusing public funds to pursue affair with breaks her silence

Jennifer Arcuri

The interview Boris Johnson was terrified of has taken place. Boris Johnson has been accused of misusing public funds to take Arcuri on three official foreign trips and of procuring grant funds for her amounting to £126,000, when he was Mayor of London and having an affair with her. He has denied any inappropriate conduct – and has made ‘non-denial denials’ of the affair.

Arcuri had refused to throw Johnson under a bus – but now says she is breaking her silence because he has betrayed her, casting her ‘aside like a gremlin’:

Arcuri also suggests that Johnson’s aides told her to deny their affair – and that the first time she tried to contact him directly after the scandal broke, she was passed to someone who spoke in Chinese.

True to form, the Tories have attempted to blame Labour for Johnson’s disgrace, claiming the video is a politically-motivated Labour attack.

Arcuri now says she wishes that Johnson had declared their relationship as a conflict of interest to avoid her ‘humiliation’.

He did not.

The programme airs tonight at 11.05pm.


It has long been clear that Boris Johnson is unfit for any kind of public office, let alone the nation’s highest.

The Arcuri confession is the latest confirmation of that unfitness – and of Johnson’s fundamental defects as a human being.

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    1. The moral values of the bureaucrats in our Parties are upside down. The Tories have chosen a dangerous clown, who is a liar and a philanderer as their leader. The corrupt machinery of the Labour Party, because they have allowed the JLM to have so much influence, has deliberately victimised and villified Chris Williamson, an MP with more integrity than most, and forced him to have no other option than to resign and stand as an independent. It does not bode well for the Labour Party that we have a crop of MPs who are too cowed to offer one of their colleagues their solidarity.

    1. The three little dots on the right at the bottom. Will give you the option to download it. 🙂

  1. The financial allegations are killers. As to an affair, does anyone care in the 21st century?

    1. Not the affair but the failure to declare the affair when Johnson was dishing out contracts and public funds. Everyone should care in every century especially in this one. It is standard in public and private enterprise and organisation to disclose interests, eg Lists of MPs interests or just last week or two, in McDonalds which led to dismissal or resignation.
      As in the military relationships illicit or otherwise, could compromise effective operations.
      The same applies to the London Assembly. Possibly as our NEC, censure and sanction are reserved for some like Williamsons but not Johnsons.

  2. You can bet the MSM are digging a BIG hole for this one as we speak!

    File/Bury next to Upside-Down Wreath-gate and Bolton Fire Cladding cover-up.

  3. Nevermind, de piffle. The ingrate’s had her £120k’s worth.

    Besides, you’ve always got kuenssberg; and she’s on the news every day & night. Chin up.

    1. No! Mind the de Piffle!! The piffle er has already squandered many multiples of £120k. And the perfidious Piffle will piddle away infinite multiples of £120j, if helped into Downing Street by Mandelsonn, Blair, Straw, Campbell, Coyle, Cooper, Harman, Owen Smith, Streeting, Khan, Starmer, Thornbury and Swinson.

    2. Don’t you mean keep your “pecker up”? That’s what he’s good at?

      1. He probly takes the blue tablets for that. I wonder if arcuri can vouch for it?

  4. Arcuri won’t be silenced. Arcuri is neither, timid nor pathetic and self-effacing. Arcuri will not assume that satisfaction for her will happen by accident… float down from some mist engulfed silent mountain.

    Arcuri will broadcast and pursue her views and feelings relentlessly and as per her timetable, she will not as per others’. Arcuri is not, will not be forever afraid of what the MSM will say.

    We must be at least TEN times as courageous, a HUNDRED times as clear and a MILLION TIMES more determined and EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY, EVERY HOUR.
    There is a saying, when the media and MSM chatterati are tired of a subject, the wider electorate are only just taking notice. We must never forget that. About 3 weeks after Brown finally saw the back of the IRAQ INVADER TONY BLAIR the war criminal, I asked someone, “what do you think of your new Prime Minister”? The person had NO idea that we had one! That yet another status quo merchant had been inflicted upon us.

    SO we must wake them up with clear vibrant evidence in print and voice. VIVID VIBRANT PROOF of the value of what and of whom we endorse. Vibrant vivid excoriation of the the economy shrinking, vulnerable bashing, 1% enriching wicked Tories and their duplicitous revolving door outsourced and outsourcing little helpers masquerading as Labour MPs and candidates and “Lords”!

    They should ALL be deselected now before it is too late. Mark my words they will launch their next coup openly as soon as the Jeremy Corbyn GE victory is declared. They will proffer anything, Starmer, Thornbury, Benn (much missed Tony Benn RIP may be well turned in his grave), Kinnock, Harman, EVEN Yvette Cooper (endorsed by May at PMQS)! Know them by their …• Remember you read it here. Get rid of the vipers now‼️‼️‼️ A victory with them is not victory. It is our gifting them our efforts, data and public funding to sabotage and coup and coup again at every turn. That is our inexcusable, incomprehensible folly. The forever tremulous need not be outraged by my warning. Your attitude is known. It is always the same ie be afraid of bad press. As if the press is glorious when you timidly bend over. Save your outrage for the usual suspects unnamed, named and well known, like the “Knife Jeremy in the front Jess Phillips MP”.

  5. “I’ve been a true confidante of yours… I’ve kept your secrets…”

    Kiss & tell is such a despicable thing I could almost feel sorry for BloJob if he was a half-decent human being.
    Since he is what he is though, I’d make him marry the twat with no possibility of early release.

    “How much effect?” Probably even less of an effect than being caught chasing young flesh will have on the spare heir.

    1. I took the comment “I’ve kept your secrets” as a warning to Boris Johnson. Jennifer Arcuri was reminding him she knew where the bodies are buried.
      Johnson has behaved very badly – as usual – towards Jennifer and I don’t think this is the end of it. I think she will spill the beans on him big time.
      I agree with other posters that most people won’t care about Johnson’s affair (though some will of course) but if the secrets relate to more than just his private life then their disclosure may well bring him down.

      1. Smartboy, obviously it was a threat that she can, if her unspoken terms are not met, reveal his secrets.
        Holding some personal secret over him is one thing – relatively trivial but still despicable – decent people don’t squirrel away romantic partners’ secrets for later advantage.
        On the other hand if the secrets she’s “keeping” for him would prove misconduct in public office that’s serious – but by withholding evidence so she could sell it to the papers she could face some legal difficulties herself.
        I expect all parties concerned are aware of that so I think her threats will probably come to nothing.

      2. I don’t think the secrets are of a personal nature.Neither do I think Jennifer will sell them to a newspaper – well not initially anyway. I think the secrets are to do with his political career and probably have the potential to sink it without trace. Jennifer may go to the police or she make a public statement to “clarify” her position or as you say she may do nothing. If she does go public she will know that she will be torn to shreds by the MSM so she may, understandably, remain silent – time will tell

      3. On Victoria Derbyshire’s programme Arcuri just declared that there was no financial impropriety, therefore backing up Johnson’s denials.
        Anything she may have been holding over him she just pissed away – short of documentary evidence proving them both liars.
        Now there’s just the official investigation into Johnson’s actions.

        Women are like that.
        My own mother tried to manipulate me in the company of my friends by alluding to an ’embarrassing’ event in my past.
        I forget what it was she wanted me to do instead of going out with them as had been arranged for a week.
        She was shocked into silence when they laughed at the joke I made about the time I mistook the laundry basket for the toilet.
        In my defence the laundry room was right next door to the toilet and it was only a number one and I was ve’y, ve’y drunk.
        She never tried that again.

  6. My thoughts about the Ms J Arcuris affair is that Americans look after Americans and she has nothing to lose – publicity is a positive for her – so this could go on for a very long time and B Johnson could still end up behind bars following the election.

    Off-topit; I wish those within (and socialist suppporters on blogs/forums of) the Labour Party would quit the in-fighting!

    I don’t give a fig about anything except for getting rid of the damn tories, along with the lib dems, that would take us over the cliff edge after undergoing 2.5 (two and half) years of a weak and unstable government!

    I want to see Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister, with a Democratic Socialist Government and I can’t wait to see and read the manifesto when released as it’s going to be fantastic!

    If I haven’t managed to stay up all night to follow the result(s) as they come in (unlikely but anyway), when I wake up on 13/12/2019 I truely believe our future would be bleak!

    1. you don’t get rid of tawdry Tories without expelling the Tory supporters within. They infested and infected the party since warmongering Blairs laid their cursed eggs.

      Failure to speak out loudly and clearly about that, IMMEDIATELY after the snakes first disgraceful coup, IS the problem. That problem us maintained by the ever wet.
      That is a key cause of us not totally overcoming the hostile forces.
      So, direct your lectures to the infighters, Coyle, Twatson, Phillips, Thornbury, Harman, Khan who REFUSE to even put their elected leader on their DIY literature. Even now Coyle is asking his helpers to collect data on the doorstep of who supports Jeremy. Why do you think that is???

      Lecture the freeloaders like him. At least they are not as deluded as Ummuna possessed by its own misguided impression of its appeal. But they are infighters enough to when pressed to endorse Jeremy Corbyn, studiously refuse. Why not urge them to be silent? Realise they’ve been defeated three times?? Put up and shut up??? Very odd.

      I say loudly and clearly, the true wreckers, wrecking on the MSM, should have been deselected long ago. NOT CHRIS WILLIAMSON. A decent MP got what the saboteurs deserved. Any who care for true Labour, would stand up for Chris and save their warnings for the usual suspects. Vipers‼️‼️‼️ Deselect the wreckers NOW.

  7. Is kiss & tell more despicable than anything Boris Johnson, Epstein, Prince Andrew, Blair, Mandelson, Campbell, Straw, Ian Austin and Jess Phillips have done, have supported, do and support now???

    1. ps. hinted or posted plainly weeks ago, that other than randy andy, Lizzy’s favourite son, two other Tories who masquerade with red rosettes to soil our Labour, have several phone numbers recorded in Epstein’s “special contact book”. One of the charlatans allegedly hitched a ride on Epstein’s “LOLITA EXPRESS” to his “pedophile island”. The name and partner, is recoded on the Lolita Express’ passenger manifest. Allegedly the document is genuine. If i remember correctly, It forms part of documents previously withheld from public scrutiny at an earlier Epstein case when Andrew SCG now Windsor was to be called to testify. The judge curiously declared that details of the princely involvement was not just irrelevant, but “impertinent. Wonder if people everywhere, particularly here, who seek change, believe that being wet and silent about such matters, promotes or hinders change??? Surely it is by being robust and bold that we might just get some of the usual suspects to stop undermining our GE victory on the MSM. No? Anyway, still deselect them now‼️‼️‼️

  8. * “… following the election for the many reasons already known in the public domain.”

    * off-topic;

    * “… dems, because they both would …”

    * “… would be bleak under the tories but an expanse of opportunity for all under the Labour Party!”

    1. Why focus on her rather than what needs to ge repeated and highlighted about Johnson? Yes we may know of BloJo, others are not as engaged. We should be glad of any help to make his unreliability and dishonesty plain.

  9. Who knows what might be revealed, Ms Arturo appears to have been involved in fostering Tory Party connections with Russia

    Nalobin, who now lives in a Moscow apartment block known as the “FSB block”, is the son of Nikolai Nalobin, a former KGB general. From 2011 onward, Nalobin met various British ‘social media influencers’ at a regular ‘Digital Barbecue’. The first event was co-hosted with blogger Paul Staines. Staines and his business partner, Jag Singh, who was active in Moscow during the 2011 election campaign, later worked for the Russian Embassy on political campaigning. Subsequent attendees include alt-right commentator Milos Yiannopolous and the then MP Douglas Carswell. Jennifer Arcuri, a ‘cyber security expert’ who had a close relationship with the then Mayor of London Boris Johnson, also appears to have attended.

    But Nalobin’s most controversial role was helping to establish the Conservative Friends of Russia. This group was launched in the Russian Embassy’s gardens in August 2012 by Yakovenko and Nalobin, and attended by senior Conservatives such as the then chair of the DCMS Committee, and soon-to-be Culture Minister, John Whittingdale, who was the group’s honorary vice president. Whittingdale was accompanied by an office aide, Carrie Symonds, who was promoted to special advisor when he moved into the Cabinet in 2015. (Symonds now resides in Number 10 with Boris Johnson).

  10. Well, the more Boris beans she spills the better. Her spilling the beans of his seeds all over MSM studios should be welcomed by all. Some like Ian Austin & Swinson seem to be still ignorant of the threat Johnson is to the UK and the world.

  11. I don’t give a monkey’s about who Johnson is satisfying his gross carnal appetite with. I expect very little of the twerp and frankly the very thought of it is too horrible and disgusting to contemplate. What concerns me is how a large amount of the public’s money seems to have been misused in this case. It’s your and my money not his and I want to know what the hell has been going on.

    That said the idiot seriously needs to grow up get a grip on himself and learn to keep his todger under some sort of control. Its his kids that I pity the most however many of them there may be. Fancy having his sort standards set as the family norm

    1. What does it say about Boris when both of his siblings have publicly distanced themselves from their brother.

    2. our money!!! That’s the thing. And the presenters with their hourly hatchet jobs on Jeremy ignore that. They
      must have known all along yet kept it from the public like MPs expenses. I heard the slimy ex Political Editor if the Guardian admit without shame that they knew about the expenses abuse but kept it secret or the MPs would not reveal other things to them. So what exactly is the point??? Thanks for new alternative media while it is still free ish.

  12. If Johnson wants to use prostitutes then he should use his own money.Using public money for sexual favours is illegal.and a serious breach of public trust.Accuri or whatever her name is must have realised that playing with johnson has its drawbacks and I hope that they got mutual satisfaction from their relationship,but NOT on the public purse and thats going to be difficult to prove as the only witness will not incriminate herself and lead herself open to prosecution.And as to the morality of it,well its. Okay cool even for boys to playaround isn’t it?

  13. Boris is about to learn the truth of the saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Boris is not the first MP to learn this lesson, nor will he be the last. If one cocks up big tome, and a woman supports one and even bails one out do not disregard that fact, and do not fail to give her the credit deserves or you will price. Most sinners are lucky, the devil is not a woman, but there is a special part of Hell reserved for people like Boris and his ilk which is managed by the devil’s daughter.

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