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Joan Ryan

News of the no-confidence motion passed by Enfield North members on Thursday night in Labour MP Joan Ryan continues to reverberate through the party and around social media.

Ms Ryan left the meeting before the result was announced, but put out a bitter tweet calling the members who had voted for the motion “Trots, Stalinists and Communists” – apparently without irony.

The motion itself had been modified from its original form, with reference to specific allegations of false accusations of antisemitism removed as part of moves to reinstate the motion onto the evening’s agenda after Ms Ryan’s supporters had tried to rule it out of order on grounds local members called ‘spurious’ in their complaint to Labour’s general secretary Jennie Formby.

But the SKWAWKBOX has obtained the final version of the motion that was voted on – and even in its amended form, it is hard-hitting – condemning her for “inflam[ing] trial by media” in the “hostile press“, of “smearing [Corbyn’s] character” and “acting against decency, fairness and natural justice” and more:

ryan vonc final_Page_1ryan vonc final_Page_2

The motion concludes by asking the party to remove the Labour ‘whip’ from Ms Ryan and to allow an ‘open selection process’ in time for the next general election.

Joan Ryan’s allies in the council, including its leader, are also under heavy criticism from across the party’s political spectrum – and the subject of a formal party investigation – for alleged anti-democratic and discriminatory practices.

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  1. Ah well, at least it weren’t all these supposed antisemites what punted her.

  2. The whole antisemitism thing is not really about antisemitism. It’s a ruse.

    What it’s really about is anti-socialism and it’s being driven by the wealthy and the Right.

    It’s why tax avoiding, multi-millionaire Margaret Hodge is having a meltdown. It’s democratic socialism that she and her rich right-wing friends are scared of. That’s what Corbyn represents.

    1. There were similar threats to leave the UK made by British Jews when Ed Milliband had a chance of power. The threats to leave were protests from the rich about paying more tax etc etc. They didn’t want a left wing government.

      Ed Milliband is Jewish. But the antisemitism card was played as it’s being played now. The antisemitism rows are protest noise from the wealthy. That’s it.

      As for Margaret Hodge. Money drives her. Now she wants to be paid for a volunteering. She needs to look up the word ‘volunteer’ in a dictionary.


      1. What a sick money grubbing worm she is. Shameless in her pursuit of every last dirty penny.

  3. I heard that a group of people were outside the venue, waving the Israeli flag, and insulting and intimidating members entering by accusing them of antisemitism.

    We need investigation into the role of any Labour member involved, either participating in such intimidation or in its organisation. Sanctions need to follow for abusive behaviour, bringing the Party into disrepute.

    1. ‘I heard that a group of people were outside the venue, waving the Israeli flag, and insulting and intimidating members entering by accusing them of antisemitism.’

      Hopefully there’s video evidence to back it up. There ought to be.

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