Ryan rant blames ‘Trots Stalinists Communists’ for no-confidence vote

Labour MP Joan Ryan – who now formally lacks the confidence of her members after a dramatic vote at tonight’s Enfield North CLP (constituency Labour party) meeting, left the room a minute or so before the announcement of a result that led to an eruption of cheers and applause. Members described her as ‘quiet and stony-faced’.

Ms Ryan was less taciturn on social media, however, turning to Twitter in an extraordinary display of pique to attack the majority who voted in support of the motion of no confidence as “Trots Stalinists [and] Communists“:

ryan reac.png

Of course, it’s only the right who suffer abuse at the hands of the left.

The ‘hardly decisive victory’ comes after a desperate late attempt by Ms Ryan’s supporters to block the motion from being contested at all – which was only overturned after members complained to the national party.

Skwawkbox comment:

Joan Ryan originally dismissed the motion as a ‘distraction’ – but it couldn’t be much clearer how heavy a blow tonight’s outcome has been. So heavy that she got the vote tallies wrong – it was 95 to 92, not 94-92.

With her allies in the council, including council leader Nes Caliskan, under heavy criticism from across the party’s political spectrum – and a formal party investigation – for alleged anti-democratic and discriminatory practices and intimidation, this ‘hardly decisive’ result will have Ms Ryan’s faction in Enfield reeling.

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  1. Couldn’t happen to a nice person ….. but it could to vile bitch like her 🙂

    1. That kind of language is not just misogynistic, it’s a gift to the right-wing who will use it to prove what thugs the Left are.

  2. They chose to pick a fight against Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters in the party, a fight they were never going to win, now they must suffer the consequences of their futile actions. Ryan and the others involved in the “Chicken Coup” are not socialists, they will be no loss to the party.

  3. ‘Hardly decisive’?

    Oh, I’d say it was extremely decisive, missus. You win by 3 votes and you stay…You didn’t though – You LOST.

    And then you didn’t even have the courage to rant against those who voted against you in person.


  4. How corrupt do politicians have to be brefore they are booted out of the Labour Party? ‘kin disgraceful…

  5. Well what a statement to make , this is from a supposed mature adult stateswoman who supposedly represents the Labour Party ,I think SOI actually , but in any case a far far better approach for her would have been to accept the lack of confidence of her CLP members , apologise for activities proved on video clip ( that alone should now be a subject of NEC investigation as she is a liar and not fit to hold office ) and to use the usual bullshit words of insincerity “ learn the lessons and reach out to all members to rebuild trust and understanding”.
    Instead she exhibits all the maturity of a spoilt brat, a child in a tantrum , not getting her own way and that is , sadly, what seems to be exhibited by way too many RW MPs in the party .Time they grew up and accepted the party is no longer the fife dome of piss poor low calibre Blairite MPs ( Austin, Mann etc ) , but of the membership , “we’re mad as hell and not going to take it any more”
    Barely 2 weeks to go and then the shit will really start for them ,,,,,, tick tock times up you lot out you go BYEEEEEE !

  6. Yep. Mandatory selection in a fortnight or so… Some very twitchy sphincters in the bliarite camp right now.

    Get some. 🙂

  7. but what does this actually mean? It isn’t de-selection is it? Will she still remain as the MP for that constituency? C’mon guys lets have a bit of clarity here…

  8. These “Trots, Stalinists and Communists” spent long hours leafleting to get her sorry arse elected into Parliament last year. And this is how she thanks them. Good riddance.

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