Shuker also loses no-confidence vote – but this one was simplicity itself

Gavin Shuker

The dramatic vote of no confidence passed against Joan Ryan MP by Enfield North Labour members stole most of the headlines on Thursday evening – but it wasn’t the only such vote to go against an MP known for attacking the party’s leader.

Luton South MP Gavin Shuker was also the subject of a motion of no confidence – but the motion and the circumstances of its passage couldn’t have been more different.

While the motion against Ryan was long and detailed, the Luton South version was about as brief and succinct as it could possibly be:

shuker motion.png
“This CLP has no confidence in Gavin Shuker MP”

The vote was as straightforward as the content of the motion: 33 votes in favour, five abstentions and only three voting to support the MP.

A CLP officer told the SKWAWKBOX about the circumstances surrounding the motion:

The motion was raised, but deferred at the last meeting, to allow him to respond to other motions, including one addressing his mocking of mental health issues on Twitter: ‘Corbyn hat people – you’re all loons. Literally, howling at the moon‘.

Following Gavin’s refusal to acknowledge, let alone respond to these motions, the motion of no-confidence was put back on the agenda tonight.

Shuker was seen on the BBC’s Newsnight programme earlier this week in an interview that suggests he may choose to follow Frank Field’s example of quitting the party after receiving a vote of no confidence from local members:

Gavin Shuker has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Looks like one of the lobby fodder who have to take two forms of ID to their own CLPs.

  2. Shouldn’t be allowed to quit once a no-confidence vote’s gone against them.

    Still, it’s the right idea; a straightforward ‘Confidence or no confidence.’ vote No in-depth reasons, just keep it succinct. That way there’s less for the MSM to invent because it’s a simple ‘in or out’.

    On yer way, shuker….Right, who’s next? (eagle)

  3. I’ve been on the bbc regional websites to look for this and the ryan result….Yep, you’ve guessed it!

    Nothing, nowt,nada, zilch, diddly-squat….

    Oh! But Mike Amesbury MP’s’ cockapoo dog ‘Corbyn’ won some westminster prize; so the beeb simply can’t be anti-left if they report non-issues like this…It contains the name Corbyn and it’s GOOD news – apparently.


    1. Good grief , what has the once great BBC now become , nothing more than a trivialised shallow pathetic joke , glad I no longer watch it or pay the fee ,,, screw them !

      1. The revelation that Margaret Hodge’s daughter is deputy head of the BBC’s 6 and 10pm news really takes the fucking biscuit!

  4. blackley – if manchester needs an enema, blackley’s where you stick the tube…

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