Breaking: Ryan loses no-confidence vote

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Joan Ryan

Enfield North MP Joan Ryan spent this evening ‘squirming’ – the word of members present – as she tries to fight off a no-confidence motion by local members after a failed attempt by her supporters to rule it out of order. The debate has been intense, with one Israeli woman said to have ‘taken apart’ the MP and told her ‘this is not about antisemitism, it’s about Corbyn’.

In breaking news, she has failed to fighting it off by 95 votes to 92, with 4 spoiled.

Joan Ryan attempting unsuccessfully to win over her local party.

The result is a huge blow and shows the level of anger her comments and behaviour have caused among the people she will have to persuade to retain her at the next general election.

Ms Ryan is closely allied to Enfield council leader Nes Caliskan, who with some of her supporters is the subject of an investigation by the party after allegations by a broad coalition of left, centre and right-wing Labour members regarding anti-democratic and discriminatory practices and intimidation.

More news to follow.

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  1. Right wing Labour politicians like Ms Ryan are the reason we still have a Conservative government.

    She’s trashed the Labour Party and a precious chance to reverse austerity in order to indulge her own selfish, vindictive agenda. I’m just surprised the vote is not more clear cut.

  2. The sooner she goes the better for the party. My guess though is she will cling on to do as much damage to the party as she possibly can

  3. How the hell did she get 92 votes in her favour? Not the humiliating hatchet job I’d hoped for – will she now try to claim the vote was too close to be meaningful?
    Curious about how many people maybe didn’t attend who could have – how many more than 191 were eligible to vote?
    And why would four people go to the trouble of being there only to spoil their votes – rather than just not turn up or not vote?
    Doesn’t seem to make any statement worth making that I can see.

  4. 4 spoiled, eh?

    field, mann, hoey, and stringer? Heheheheheh….Ta-ra ryan. Off you jolly well pop 🙂

  5. The closeness is a great concern for the Left. There is so so much more convincing to do.

    1. Not for me it’s not. Birkenhead’s boosted my morale.

      There’s always gonna be seats where there’s die-hard bliarites. There’ll be some bliarite seats where there won’t be any no confidence vote(s). And there’ll be some where they cling on if there is.

      Just like general elections there’ll be marginals. Enfield N used to be a prime example of one. Then ryan harped on about ‘how hard she worked’ to regain that seat – it wasn’t her ‘hard work’ what increased ryan’s majority in 2017 whatsoever, lying hound it is… With a leftist candidate it could well be the majority there increases further next time about.

      As it is Corbyn’s Labour has a ‘comfortable’ enough majority there.

      I’m convinced there’d be enough support to make bliarism an irrelevance if the left wanted to. The signs are there. Finish them.

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