Excl: Ryan left meeting ‘stony-faced’ before announcement of no-confidence vote

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As the SKWAWKBOX published just minutes ago, Labour members in Enfield North have dramatically returned a vote of no confidence in MP Joan Ryan after an intense and nail-biting evening.

The SKWAWKBOX can also reveal that, according to members, she left the meeting, stony-faced, a minute or so before the announcement of the vote, presumably having got wind of the result.

The meeting, by contrast, erupted in a huge cheer as the 95 members who supported the no-confidence motion celebrated.

The motion criticised Ms Ryan’s appearances in the media to undermine the party and its leadership. Reference to a specific case of alleged false accusations of antisemitism was removed. Her supporters made an attempt to block it from the meeting agenda, but this was reversed after members appealed to the party.

A no-confidence motion does not automatically mean that Ryan will be deselected, but it is a colossal blow to an MP who campaigned in last year’s general election by predicting a heavy Tory win.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Joan Ryan originally dismissed the motion as a ‘distraction’. With her allies in the council, including council leader Nes Caliskan, under heavy criticism from across the party’s political spectrum – and a formal party investigation – for alleged anti-democratic practices and intimidation, Ms Ryan’s faction in Enfield must be wondering what’s hit it.

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  1. Anyone who thinks that it’s OK to smear someone with false accusations of anti-Semitism should have no place in the Labour party.

  2. What’s the difference between the left and the right? And the answer is of course that the left doesn’t lie and falsify and fabricate and fake and distort and twist and vilify and smear and demonise, or dupe and deceive and mislead or doublecross and betray. Only fascist sociopaths can do that, and hopefully the day will come in the not too distant future when the vast majority of people see them all for what they are….. Traitors to Mankind.

  3. The Sophie & Co program today on RT is an interview with Roger Waters. It’s on again at 2.30pm and 8.30pm, and if it isn’t already available to watch on RT’s website, it will be later today.

    1. I’ve stopped watching RT due to its subtle sexism and not too subtle transphobia.

      1. Can you give an example or three? I’ve never picked up on any of that myself, and the truth of the matter is that in contrast to the BBC and the MSM in general, RT gives a platform to those who don’t go along with the official narrative about whatever AND often expose it for the black propaganda that it is – eg Syria/Assad using chemical weapons, or the ‘Salisbury Poisoning’, etc, etc (bear in mind that the following example is from August 27th):


      2. Forgot to mention (again!) who my (above) post was addressed to – ie Ella

  4. Here’s some more of Ryan’s handiwork, courtesy of the Sun. And it’s a perfect example of how the Blairites conflate criticism of the Israeli state with the Israeli Jewish population, when SHE – and Murdoch’s Sun – know of course that the two are entirely different.

    What is worrying to me though is that the vote of no confidence was as close as it was, and given that the vast majority of members (of political parties) are to some degree or another more politically aware than the general population, I can’t help thinking that most of those who voted against the motion are fully aware of what’s REALLY going on – ie that it’s ALL part of a smear campaign to sabotage JC’s leadership AND demonise HIM and Momentum, and the left in general. And THAT of course is what is grotesque:


  5. You are right Alan. It is grotesque.

    Those in the LP who have cynically, blatantly, and despicably, lied about AS to attack Corbyn, will have done so, in my view, for some/all of the following motives and reasons:

    Malice – and I mean the real, real, deal
    Terminal stupidity (here’s my top tip for the week: vote of no confidence 7:1, or is it 11:1?)
    Pathological antipathy to the left plus any/all of the above

    And there are those who have falsely used AS claims to attack JC because they are very especially committed to the Israeli lobby, the LFI, and act as their mouthpieces.

    Important Disclaimer:
    These have lied too. They may share some/all of the traits and motives listed above.

    Perhaps we shouldn’t underestimate the subliminal power of the Zionist lobby though. I wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility that some members of the LP, are actually in some ways persuaded by the conflation that is central to the Zionist myth. They buy into the idea that for Israel we have to make an exception. (I reckon there are even people who see themselves as on the Left who do this). They are unwilling, or unable, to see beyond it; they disengage with the inherent contradictions – though how they can turn their backs to the neo-colonialism, horror and brutality that it seeks to justify is beyond me. Yet, time and time again, people are persuaded to ignore international law, to make exceptions – on so-called humanitarian grounds – Iraq, Libya Syria –

    Another disclaimer:
    None of the above rules out the fact that we may sometimes stray into comment that might be described as AS, even if that is not our intention – no basis for a witch hunt – Finally AS does exist, but as your Independent writer points out it “is not particular to Labour”.

    1. The primary motive is to sabotage JC’s leadership and demonise him AND the left. And Hitler and Goebbels would have been very impressed with their ‘program’.

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