Excl: death-threat, attempted assault at Ryan no-confidence meeting – by right against left

celbic enfield.png
Celbic Hall, Enfield – the scene of alleged ‘centrist’ death-threats (image: Google Maps)

Last night, a broad coalition of Enfield North Labour members passed a dramatic motion of no confidence in local MP Joan Ryan, after a tense and fraught debate and vote.

Ms Ryan subsequently posted a disparaging tweet describing members who supported the motion as “Trots Stalinists Communists” [sic] and said that she had no confidence in them.

According to the Establishment narrative, of course, abuse in the Labour party is perpetrated by the left on the right.

But Ms Ryan’s verbal insults were far from the worst form of abuse at last night’s meeting. According to eyewitnesses, two separate incidents of attempted violence took place – including at least one death threat.

By a supporter of Ms Ryan against a youth member who attempted to prevent intimidation of people involved in the voting process.

According to the witnesses, the first incident took place around 9.45pm. What members referred to as ‘Team Joan’ were ‘crowding’ the ballot table and the female vote-counter felt intimidated.

A youth member tried to intervene – and a Ryan supporter

lunged at the young member and said “I will fucking kill you“.

The second incident, at around 10.10pm, involved the same ‘Team Joan’ member attempting to attack the same young person:

On way out of the hall, the team Joan member threatened to assault him and then lunged at him again.

On both occasions, say shaken witnesses, the Ryan supporter had to be physically restrained by others to prevent an assault. The incidents were serious enough to be reported to the police.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted the Metropolitan Police, who advised that no other media enquiries had been received and issued the following statement:

Police were alerted at around 2230hrs on 6 September to an allegation of threats made at a meeting in Lancaster Road, Enfield earlier that evening. The allegation is being assessed.

Joan Ryan has been contacted for comment.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The Establishment routinely claims that the Labour left is the source of abuse – though the few examples ever provided usually turn out not to have been by Labour members at all.

Yet here is a recorded allegation of right-wing threats of violence and murder, in public, with witnesses – and not a single mainstream media outlet has shown an interest.

And it’s not a one-off. Allies of Ms Ryan on Enfield council have been accused of attempting to intimidate witnesses to anti-democratic practices in council candidate selections. The Labour Party is currently investigating.

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  1. Allegation is being ‘assessed!!!’ WTAF does that mean? Threat to kill but only being assessed not investigated?

  2. BBC and the rest of the MSM are completely free to ignore this or twist it as they choose – same as every other story.
    More and more I think the only way Labour will ever get fair and widespread-enough coverage in opposition is with its own TV channel.
    The more people see the truth the less dishonest the BBC’s own reporting can be – they’ll try accusing the new channel of fake news at first but when we’ve proved them humiliatingly wrong a time or two and gained ten points in the polls I guarantee there’ll be a Damascene conversion in the newsrooms.
    Self-preservation and reputation beat crumbs from the 1%.

    I reckon we could – would – win the mother of all landslides.

    I see the Tories’ 95% MSM ownership as 95% of the reason we’re in opposition – much more so than the weaselly Blairites who pretend winning is the only reason they’re anti-Socialist.
    Start a Freeview channel and get the truth out – then we’ll see who’s fucking unelectable.

  3. Isn’t it ironic how the real bullies and thugs are the very people who falsely accuse the left of being bullies and thugs, and it’s precisely because they ARE that they can and DO.

  4. Arrogant, intimidating, threatening to (women on) the left.

    Hmm…When ryan’s finally booted out, I’m sure berger might give consideration to him becoming her bodyguard.

    On another note. I see the bbc didn’t once mention ryan & shuker getting the no-no….Until umunna opened his pathetically pleading grid to beg Corbyn to: ‘Call off the dogs’


    I thought seumas milne was some sort of ‘media enforcer’?

    Not doing his job. Once again an instance like this is allowed to happen where nothing is mentioned about the original story until a ‘centrist’ has a bleat about it.

    1. But how can he be a ‘media enforcer’ if the MSM just ignore him because they are the mouthpiece of the PTB and not the remotest bit interested in balanced reporting?.

      I mean you know it yourself, and say as much, in effect, in your very next post (three minutes later).

      1. Look, as much as I detest the war criminal campbell, he was on the MSM’s case for even the most trivial matters like an increase in the number of paperboys in Great Yarmouth, to outright whoppers like WMD in Iraq.

        And he’s still getting airtime and column inches.

        …Where’s milne been throughout, and what’s he been doing? Whatever it is he’s not had much of an effect. Needs to start making it crystal clear to the beeb that he’ll just go to sky with ALL new policy news, and tell sky the same but use ch4 . Also that kuenssberg, robinson etc, will be well down the list at pressers…

        Also needs to start banging a few non-compliant MP’s heads behind the scenes.

        He’s no Malcolm Tucker.

      2. Alistair Campbell WASN’T the press secretary for a left-wing anti-war social democrat, and the MSM were not, as such, hostile to him and his leader, and so of course Campbell could be a more effective.

  5. PS: the beeb have the ryan vote at 94-92 …WRONG

    And NO mention whatsoever in the above link that shuker got his arse handed to him at a rate of about 11:1…Oh, no.

    Utter sh*te once more from the ‘ever impartial’.

  6. The irony is that criminal alleged homophobic acts “towards Angela Eagle” who was 213 miles away in London at the time (24th June 2016) were plastered across the newspapers along with all manner of lies right through the summer…to fraudulently assist hers or ice cream man Owen Smith’s passage towards toppling Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.

    These were never reported because counter charges of “Wasting Police time” would never have looked good. So instead Eagle opted for the more reliable “trial by right wing media” .

  7. From my experience, I have always found the Right poorly read.
    They are also frightened of being radical and challenging Neo-Liberal capitalism (they rarely use these words)
    Because of their ignorance (and the Trots don’t help) the Right paint all the left with the same brush.
    And they actually enjoy fighting the Left (probably more than the Tories!)
    What Chuka is saying is come on Jeremy us ‘Great Men and Women of History’ (without original idea in our heads?) deserve is a job for life.
    Whilst we think you should win on ideas, debate, and on members democracy – may the best left wing democratic socialist fighters for working people win!

    1. ‘… the Right paint all the left with the same brush.
      And they actually enjoy fighting the Left (probably more than the Tories!)’

      But they ARE Tories!

  8. Needless to say, if it had been a JC supporter – ie someone on the left –
    making such threats to a Blairight, it would have been front-page headline news.

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