Excl: Ann Black ‘would support’ IHRA free-speech statement

ann black
Ann Black

In the tumult surrounding the failure earlier this week of Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) to pass the full ‘statement’ put forward by party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s to protect free speech, the understanding of the detailed dynamics of the meeting and of the intentions of  individual NEC members has been fluid.

No vote was ultimately taken on the full statement, which a number of outgoing NEC members were said to have spoken against, and a truncated free speech promise was ultimately appended to the acceptance of additional examples from the International Holocaust Remembrance Association (IHRA) ‘working definition of antisemitism’.

But in a dramatic development, NEC member Ann Black – one of the outgoing members thought to have opposed the full statement – has issued the following comment to the SKWAWKBOX:

I did not get the chance to speak, and there was no vote. Had I done so I would have supported protecting free speech.

The full statement is expected to come to a formal vote either at the full NEC meeting on 18 September – in which Ms Black will still be eligible to participate – or after Labour’s annual Conference in Liverpool later this month.

Ms Black’s statement indicates that the democratic advantage senior Labour figures expect to have at the next meeting is stronger than at first anticipated.

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    1. Ann Black played a disgraceful role both during the 2016 Chicken Coup critical NEC meeting in voting for the freeze date exclusion of thousands of Left Corbyn supporting newer members, and raising the registered supporters fee to £25, to again exclude Corbyn supporters. And after that as witch hunter in chief on the Disciplinary Committee. I was at a meeting of Shrewsbury CLP with Ann as speaker a year ago, and she openly admitted that whilst seeing herself as “on the”Left” during the Blair era, she was now on the Right . She also admitted “she had no idea why our 2017 Manifesto was so popular” ! You really want to have this person back on our NEC, just because she claims she is in favour of the free speech caveat to the IHRA ? Getting your priorities a bit wrong , Tom ! There are surely better Left candidates than Ms turncoat Black ?

      1. You make a very persuasive case! Just hope for a better alternative to Lansman, unless he sorts himself out!

  1. This provides a good argument for reversing the present phony-collegiate ethos of the NEC whereby there are few votes, and returning to the practice of the NEC in the 1980s when the NEC held votes on practically everything – with recorded voting at the request of any NEC member.

    1. The tiresome “all old pals together ” ethos of the NEC even now is well illustrated by the way Willsman fought so hard for the turncoat, 2016 Coup period witch hunter General of the Left , Ann Black, to still be included on the 2018 Left Slate ! His CLPD falling out badly with Lansman’s Momentum (Ltd) over the issue. Reading Willsman’s regular reports of NEC meetings and his account always reeks of the insider matiness of an exclusive club.

  2. So Ann Black is supporting Cobyn’s demand for free speech vis-à-vis the Palestinians and Zionist Jon Lansman is fiercely opposed to it. So why the feck did I allow the skwawkbox to persuade me to vote for Lansman and dump Black. What kind of gullible moron am I?
    Two bloody years before I can correct that mistake!

    1. The skwawkbox ISN’T psychic Ceredig, and is she really being sincere, or is it a bit of political skullduggery.

    2. I think you’ll find Black is really on the centre right of the party and allied with some back to the 90’s lot

    3. Because Ann Black is an anti Corbyn Right Winger nowadays (whatever the mass media like to claim) , supported for NPF Chair by Progress. She played a disgraceful role on the NEC and Disciplinary Committee during the 2016 Chicken Coup period. Have you no memory of this recent past ? Has an, unsubstantiated, claim by Black on free speech(when she said nowt at the NEC) persuaded you you should have supported a proven anti Corbyn turncoat ? Tragic gullibility.

  3. Still nothing about ryan or shuker on bbc news but there’s a special report about a minor royal what rides horses…

    And we’re to ‘trust the bbc’ apparently.

    No £147 from me this year, neither.

    1. BBC news viewing figures fell 24% since 2012. Social Media is like a grapevine and you will be surprised how many people know about Ryan and the no-confidence vote.

  4. Stephen Kinnock said the following on twitter a couple of days ago:

    ‘To all those on the Hard Left of the Labour Party who questioned that the Russian state was behind this attack, please take note. Your conspiracy theory-driven worldview is completely disconnected from reality.’


    And he says this in relation to a couple of suspects having been identified as GRU agents supposedly, albeit using aliases. So despite the fact that the two suspects are using aliases – ie false names/passports – they have somehow been identified as “officers from the Russian Military Intelligence Services….”. I mean if it wasn’t so serious it would be totally laughable. But then the PTB – having concocted and staged the whole episode – couldn’t very well NOT come up with some suspects.

    Check out the link below starting at around 1 minute and 45 seconds.

    1. Virtually no-one in Britain believes #skripalgate. Neither does anyone believe #synagoguecoup – the MSM BBC and HoC are completely detached from the Great British Public.

      1. I don’t know about ‘skripalgate’, as you call it, and of course there haven’t been any surveys done on it so as to determine what Jo/Joe Public thinks about it. But there WAS a survey conducted recently about (alleged) anti-semitism in the LP, which Ken Livingstone refers to in an article he wrote for RT (published on the 27th of August), and here’s the relevant bit:

        ‘Last week an opinion poll found that whilst 36 percent of Brits think there is a problem with anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, 38 percent disagree, leaving 26 percent undecided.’


        The interesting thing about the 36% (who believe there IS a problem) is that as far as I can determine, the 36% figure is more-or-less synonymous with the percentage of people who read national daily newspapers now – ie all the black propaganda lies and fabrication and distortion – in which the smears are at their most virulent.

        NB I just did a search to see if I could find the survey that Ken was referring to – but couldn’t find it – and came across an article on the yougov website which discusses the ‘problem’, and I got so far, and it said the following:

        But the charge of Labour anti-Semitism has been simmering for a long time, focused on the far left of the party of which Mr Corbyn was a prominent member during his thirty years as a rebellious back-bencher. It first came to the fore shortly after he became leader when a left-wing MP, Naz Shah, shared a Facebook post that called for the ‘transportation’ of all Israelis to America, and warned that ‘the Jews are rallying’. Ms Shah was suspended and she apologised, but she was defended by the much more prominent figure of Ken Livingstone, the former mayor of London and an old ally of Mr Corbyn. He claimed that Hitler had been a Zionist….


        So now we know, yougov is part and parcel of the Establishment’s black propaganda disinformation/misinformation and smear machine! Some interesting Comments worth reading though.

    2. Ffs Stephen Kinnock There was nothing wrong with questioning what the Tories were saying especially when they were saying it was just “likely” Russia and we had no idea what happened or any evidence presented to us and they didn’t know if it would be the state or criminal rouge elements. Also there were falsehoods being presented to us, and the bori s Johnson fk up. People just want to make sure before escalating tensions with Russia, possibly leading to retaliation against us! there’s nothing wrong with that and it wasn’t just “hard left”. You wanted WW3 without hard evidence?

    1. Yes, precisely, and it actually amounts to blackmail – ie if you don’t do as we say we will just scream anti-semites from the rooftops even louder. And it’s for precisely the same reason that those falsely accused of anti-semitism – as is the case for most of those accused – are forced into making an apology, which of course has the effect of appearing to acknowledge that they DID do or say something anti-semitic.

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