If PressTV journalist at Ryan meeting was ‘infiltrator’, RIGHT-wingers let him in

The Establishment – and possibly jealous – media and supporters of the Labour right are in histrionics at the fact that ‘Iranian BBC’ Press TV  was able to film some of the proceedings at Thursday night’s meeting of Enfield North CLP (constituency Labour party).

The meeting dramatically carried a motion of no confidence in the constituency’s MP, Joan Ryan and her supporters have seized on the footage published by Press TV as an opportunity to cry ‘foul’ – with the Telegraph tonight even carrying a headline alleging ‘infiltration’ by the ‘Iranian regime’.

But if the journalist, Roshan Salih, was not entitled to be in the meeting – which has not yet been established – the people who allowed him into the meeting were not Ms Ryan’s opponents.

Witnesses at the event have told the SKWAWKBOX:

The people on the door were right-wing members, one has claimed that there was cheating involved and is a councillor.

Last night’s meeting was a members-only event – and members were required to bring not only proof of members, but also identification to prove their eligibility to be present and to vote:

enfield ID.png

ID and proof of membership were required and right-wing members were on the door, then whose responsibility were any successful ‘infiltrators’?

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    1. stuff me Allan you’ve been to the Daily HAte , christ now you’ll need intensive decontamination and cleansing for weeks ;-))

  1. Cameras, cameras, cameras.

    From now on these events need to be professionally filmed, live streamed, multiple angles etc etc etc…

    It makes me wonder what the spoiled ballot papers were about.

  2. Surely it is the job of the membership officer (sorry forgot official title) to check people’s IDs at the door – that’s what happens in my CLP. The membership officer in that CLP should at least lose their position as they have not done their job. The CLP members need to put in a complaint. All CLP should now film their meetings. Perhaps a new officer position could be introduced for all CLPs – that of a person whose job it is to record all meetings. Meetings could easily be recorded on a phone and the film officer could move around the room to make sure all comments are recorded. They would need to sign something to say they would not release the footage to outside parties in order to protect the party.

  3. Is that true Joane Ryan used Nelson Mandela to make her case the other night? If so isn’t it ironic that she tried to use a palestinian defender to actually counter the fact that she is a apartheid state apologist?

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