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The SKWAWKBOX continues to be a thorn in the side of the Establishment and the right. This was demonstrated in the last few weeks perhaps most tellingly by the series of technical attacks on the site to prevent access just as especially inconvenient articles started to take off – and by even the BBC’s default use of this blog to illustrate the left’s influence in the media.

Here’s just some of the news the blog has brought to its readers either exclusively or against the flow of the Establishment media’s preferred narrative in the month or so since the last update:

  • news – before the ‘MSM’ had wind of it – that a new coup was underway against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
  • exposed deputy Labour leader Tom Watson’s cynical, self-serving threat to “step up” criticism if he didn’t receive a better speaking slot at Labour’s annual conference – and the refusal that led to him trying to shame Labour in the press, bringing a global top-trending Twitter-storm down on his own head
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  • a series of articles refuting the increasingly-desperate MSM attempts to smear Corbyn over a memorial service for Tunisian and Palestinian murder victims
  • showed that MP Margaret Hodge’s claims not to have expressed regret for her outrageous attack on her party leader were refuted by more than one witness – and that far from the case being ‘dropped’, she received a formal warning
  • as death-threats against Corbyn multiplied because of a foul petition by ‘posing as a charity’ group CAA, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that the Met is investigating the petition under the Malicious Communications Act
  • revealed damning witness accounts of the behaviour of Ilford MP Wes Streeting toward Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott
  • when Jeremy Corbyn was falsely smeared by the Establishment for critical comments about a small group of ‘zionists’, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that even zionists admit most are not Jewish – and that one of the group had defended a non-Jewish zionist who made grossly-offensive antisemitic comments, as well as the group being attacked as ‘rude yobs’ by a right-wing, pro-Israel Labour MP

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  • the tragic news – ignored by the mainstream media – that a distraught, desperate woman had set fire to herself in the offices of Tory-run Barnet council
  • detailed analysis of leaked audio of NEC (National Executive Committee) member Peter Willsman, that showed Willsman was being falsely accused of antisemitic comments by the right – and the death threat to which the smear led
  • exclusive revelations, as the MSM regurgitated comments by a ‘centrist’ councillor resigning from Labour, that his resignation letter’s ‘author‘ was in fact a council employee closely allied to the still-Labour council leader
  • news that local Momentum groups have come out in support of Willsman after a subset of the organisation’s national coordinating committee chose to withdraw support for him
  • the true story when right-wing Labour MP John Mann accused a Labour member of wishing ill-health on his grandson – and Mann’s threatening response to this blog
  • as rumours abounded about Momentum founder Jon Lansman’s intentions regarding Labour’s Code of Conduct and the adoption of additional antisemitism examples, the SKWAWKBOX got him on the record with his plans
  • as the likelihood grew that the additional examples will be adopted, the SKWAWKBOX set the narrative by outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the existing code, how the IHRA guidelines fit and the additional measures needed to protect members, free speech and the rights of Palestinians – items now talked about as a given by the ‘MSM’ as they catch up
  • the revelation that union leaders who were advocating uncaveated changes to Labour’s disciplinary code were betraying their own members – and their own unions’ policies
  • exposure of a serious breach of data protection laws by a faux-Labour smear group that outraged CLP secretaries all over the country
  • advance news that a rule-change to promote ‘open selection’ of Labour candidates at each general election look set to pass conference, with unions swinging behind it
  • video exposing the hypocrisy of MP Louise Ellman’s misleading claim to have been ‘shocked’ by ‘news’ of Jeremy Corbyn’s 2010 meeting with Holocaust survivor Hajo Meyer – it wasn’t ‘news’ that could shock her, because she had been present for the whole event herself
  • news that Birkenhead MP Frank Field, who has just resigned the Labour whip, was already boycotting meetings with his local members because he was offended at an unflattering picture someone took of him – and had already lost a vote of no confidence with them
  • details of Jeremy Corbyn’s parliamentary activity on behalf of Jewish people that made a nonsense of continuing antisemitism smears against him – and the hypocrisy of Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who joined in ‘MSM’ libel of the late Ralph Miliband, who was Jewish
  • revelation of the letter of support for Jeremy Corbyn – and censure for Labour Friends of Israel Chair Joan Ryan – that her local members sent to her
  • video of pro-Israel MP Ian Austin’s ‘frontal assault’ on Jewish author Michael Rosen when Rosen was an invited guest providing information to a parliamentary committee
  • news of black activist Marc Wadsworth’s legal action against the Labour Party over his ‘unjust’ expulsion

In these ways and more, the SKWAWKBOX has increased awareness and shaped the UK’s political landscape.

As a matter of policy, the SKWAWKBOX carries no advertising – we pay our hosting provider extra to eliminate it entirely – and relies entirely on the support of its readers. If you can afford to do so without hardship, please consider clicking here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal.

Thanks for your solidarity.


  1. Keep doing what you do. The media landscape would be a barren place, devoid of balance without you and the other NLM. You have my support.

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