Breaking: Met investigating CAA ‘death-threat’ petition under Malicious Comms Act


The SKWAWKBOX revealed yesterday that the Charity Commission is investigating the Campaign against Antisemitism (CAA) – an organisation that has been accused of being pro-Israel ‘shock troops’ ‘posing as a charity’ with regard to its petition against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

As well as being a likely breach of charities’ obligation to refrain from party-political activity – the petition demands Labour MPs remove Corbyn or form a new party – the petition has been called defamatory and accused of inciting number of death threats. The CAA has condemned the death-threat comments, but did not remove them and has not taken down the petition.

Now the Metropolitan Police have also confirmed that they are investigating the CAA and the petition under the Malicious Communications Act after receiving complaints about the nature of the petition.

A Met spokesperson told the SKWAWKBOX:

We are investigating allegations of malicious communications. No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

The CAA has been contacted for comment.


So-called ‘moderates’ frequently complain that they have received ‘abuse’ from supposed Labour members, although the claims are often unsupported by evidence.

Yet a petition by an organisation numbering Tory and right-wing Labour MPs among its patrons, accusing lifelong anti-racism activist Jeremy Corbyn of antisemitism, has led to multiple demonstrable death-threats against the Labour leader.

In the context of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox and the Finsbury Park Mosque attack, in both cases perpetrated by right-wingers – with the Finsbury Park attacker admitting that he wanted to kill Corbyn and London’s Labour mayor Sadiq Khan – the threats and the petition that led to them cannot be ignored or excused.

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  1. I am very happy this is being looked into. Some organisations act like they are above the law and like they can do what they like without consequences. Thanks very much for the updates.

  2. I reported the petition on the change.org website to change. I, and many others have yet to receive any kind of correspondence from them in regards to it. Has anyone who reported the petition to change received any kind of acknowledgement or reply ???

  3. About time some of these people are getting held to account. I hope this is the start because over the past few months there’s been quite a bit of this type of slander and incitement aimed at Corbyn and nothing has been done about it. .

    1. ‘About time some of these people are getting held to account.’

      I’ll believe it when someone’s actually charged and put on trial. Not one of these internet nobodies (Although they’ll do as a sideshow), but an actual instigator in a position of influence.

  4. I also reported it to change.org, not heard a bean.

    You have to wonder where all the ‘moderates’ are, why aren’t Berger, Umunna, Hodge etc condemning this abuse in their name?

  5. I just went to have a look at the petition, it’s showing as I’ve signed it, I flaming well haven’t, only thing I clicked on that page was to report it to change.org I’m positive the more of this garbage that is thrown at Jeremy the more the majority of the membership will dig their heels in, Jeremy racist pah

      1. I will, I’m not normally a conspiracy type person but over the past few years I’ve signed and looked at other petitions and NOT signed them, it’s never happened before

  6. Change.Org have got this banner above the petition . “We have received flags from our users that the facts in this petition may be contested and we are investigating further. You should consider researching this issue before signing or sharing.”

  7. I looked at the petition on facebook and my name was automatically added even though I did not fill in the form. I complained to Change.org and also asked for my name to be removed – so far not heard a thing

    1. Did you report the petition via the report on the site by any chance? I have wondered if that’s why it’s registered me as having signed.

      1. yes I reported the petition via their page makes a mockery of the whole thing doesn’t it i wont be using change.org again.

  8. Just read it. CAA references to Palestine or Palestinians – none.

    Unless in this quote ‘antisemites’ means ‘Palestinian/s’?

    “He has claimed to have been seeking peace and to have been judged out of context, but the facts show that over many years he sought to defend, honour, assist and promote antisemites and the context is that his actions have been consistent with those of an ideological antisemite.”

    Or unless the following are CAA code for ‘Palestinians’?

    Islamist terrorist
    Banned Sheikh
    Hamas terrorist
    Black September Terrorists

  9. If this ‘petition’ did incite someone to murder Jeremy Corbyn, (heaven forbid), I can just imagine the crocodile tears and the ‘lessons need to be learned’, ‘he was a man of integrity’ and ‘we must work towards an inclusive, integrated society’ bollocks that would spew out of the mouths of these right wingers..like it always does. The Guardian would suddenly love him and the BBC would pay tribute.

    They, and the establishment are two faced, unprincipled backstabbers; which is why so much of the electorate feel nothing but contempt for our politicians.

  10. They.
    Are the Barbarians.
    Whilst you deal souls are not.
    And we are for human progress.
    Whilst the ‘Real Little People’
    Scream and plot.
    And we bursteth with IDEAS.
    As they scramble in the gutter to ‘think’.
    Last throes ‘Great Men and Women’ (?)
    Neo-Liberallism thy is beginning to stink!

  11. I’ll laugh my socks off if they do get nicked. The misnamed “Campaign against Antisemitism” has gone after people for telling jokes and singing songs.

  12. It just occured to me to check out when the CAA was set up, and low-and-behold it just happened to register as a charity on October 1st 2015 (and claims it was first established in August 2014). Well what an amazing coincidence – ie that it came in to existence (as a charity) just THREE weeks after JC was elected leader! And he was hot favourite to win from early on in the contest………..

      1. And in their petition the CAA say the following:

        ‘Throughout the last three years and these past few weeks, Jeremy Corbyn has lied, distracted, tried to twist the definition of antisemitism…..’

        Oh these black propagandists do so love using (consealed) irony and, in effect, acknowledging what they are doing. And of course what they really mean is they THEMSELVES, along with the Blairites and the MSM, have ‘lied, distracted’ and ‘tried to twist the definition of antisemitism’ during the last three years etc.

        Accusing your target of what YOU are in fact doing to THEM amuses the psychopaths no end.

  13. During the course of the past eighteen months or so I’ve wondered on more than a few occasions if JC became LP leader just by chance, or if there wasn’t a whole lot more to it than meets the eye. Given the over-whelming support for JC once he became a candidate, I don’t think it’s too far-fetched at all to speculate that the PTB were already aware that the support for such a candidate was there on the left of the party AND specifically JC (such could be verified in a ‘private’ poll, for example), the idea behind it being to totally blow the left away completely with a black propaganda op of lies and fabrication and distortion and disinformation and, in effect, bury them for good.

    Given how devious and corrupt the PTB and their media machine ARE, it wouldn’t surprise me one little bit. And they would not only relish the prospect, but have great fun carrying out such a plan, as they no doubt are!

    1. Thanks for your feedback (I did actually mean to say at the end of it that I’d be interested to hear what people think of my scenario). In reality it’s neither here nor there if it DID happen by design, but I’m still not fully convinced that it couldn’t have been. That said – if it WAS by design – I’m sure they thought they’d finish him (and the left) off long before now and, as such, can scarcely believe the man is still standing. And ditto even if it wasn’t!

    2. I just responded to poetrymuseum (who posted quite a long response to my 7.26am comment), and as soon as my response came up, theirs had vanished. Gremlins perhaps!

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