Desperate woman sets fire to herself in Tory-run Barnet council office. MSM ignore

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A woman in evidently desperate straits has set fire to herself in the housing office of Tory-run Barnet council – and the mainstream media appear to have ignored the incident entirely.

The parent of an eyewitness described the incident:

My daughter took her mother to an appointment at Barnet Council ( Tory) housing office yesterday afternoon. They were being interviewed in a side room when they heard a commotion. Someone came and told them to leave the building.

When they left the room they saw flames on front of them in the waiting room. A woman had set fire to herself. Everybody was just turfed out after witnessing this terrible ordeal. She said that those outside were in severe shock but left to their own devices.

There hasn’t been a word about this in the news or local news. This is Tory Britain . How often is this happening and going unreported? My daughter was still very upset and had to spend the night with her mum.

A passer-by recorded video of gathered emergency vehicles and evacuees:

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Barnet Council press office, which declined to comment and said it was referring all enquiries to the Metropolitan Police.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman told the SKWAWKBOX that no other enquiries had been received about the incident since it took place on Wednesday and then sent this statement, which looks as if more may have been sent than intended:

IF ASKED: Police were called by the London Ambulance Service to Barnet House, High Road N20 at around 15:44hrs on Wednesday, 15 August after reports of a female suffering from burns injuries. 

Officers attended with LAS and the London Fire Brigade.

A female, aged in her 50s, was taken to a London hospital before being transferred to a specialist burns unit in Essex.

She remains in a critical but stable condition.

Enquiries continue.

There have been no arrests.

IF ASKED: Treated as suspicious? = Enquiries continue as to the circumstances. 

The police spokeswoman even thought the event had happened a day later than it had.


As the witness’ father said, this is Tory Britain – where not only is a woman driven to such desperate ends that she self-immolates in a council office, but the suborned and corrupt mainstream media do not even bother calling for details, let alone covering the story.

It’s also notable that some Labour councillors lost seats in Barnet after spending months telling the media that their party is antisemitic – even though the number of complaints, not even proven cases, has numbered below 0.1% of Labour’s huge membership.

The Labour right, laughably termed ‘centrist’ and eagerly helped by the Tories and the Establishment media, has spent almost three years smearing and undermining the party in its evident desire to remove Jeremy Corbyn. Could there be a more graphic and heartbreaking illustration of the cost to the vulnerable when those who should know better exploit serious political issues for narrow political ends?

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  1. The Labour Right do not give a shit about our people who are living behind bins, sleeping rough in local parks, raiding dustbins to stay alive, the unbelievable skyrocketing of foodbanks, insecure employment and housing.

    All they care about is themselves, smearing a good man Jeremy Corbyn, blaming our people for their situations and lining up with those who unleashed the dark forces of austerity.

    I will not rest until all the Blairites have left and Jeremy is PM.

  2. Tragic news.
    I think there has also been an increase in suicides on railway lines.
    It would be good if some researchers out there could catalogue all of this so on behalf of the victims we can seek justice by throwing the consequences of their hostile environment back at the Tories!
    But of course the first thing the Tories/Lib Dems did (then the Tories alone) was to give tax cuts to: big business, millionaires, private landlords with multiple properties, hedge funds (£145m tax cuts and they gave £50m to the Tories) SO DON’T WORRY RICH AND POWERFUL THIS AUSTERITY STUFF WAS NEVER MEANT FOR YOU – IT IS ONLY FOR WORKING PEOPLE – that’s you dear reader.
    Kick the Tories out and let’s have economic justice!

  3. Facebook are stopping me from posting this on my time line. Is SB being deplatformed on this?

      1. It was being blocked using the “share” apps, so perhaps that’s the problem.

  4. Facebook have closed my account again, despite opening a new account with a different email address; twice now in 2 weeks. Am I posting too much from RT?

  5. Oh my heavens, the poor woman and her family…

    This horrific personal tragedy is a symptom of the extent of the desperation and suffering of an increasing number of the British public in Tory austerity Britain that must be kept out of public consciousness to maintain the neoliberal illusion that there is no such thing as society and if you don’t succeed and prosper it’s your fault, not the increasing privatised, corrupt, selfish and increasingly fascistic technocratic system.

    British corporate and so called public service media are a disgrace to humanity and the British public. They wilfully or negligently misinform or ignore what is going on in UK and the world.

  6. I searched BBC News’ Twitter output today and nothing.
    Plenty about a best beard competition so I tweeted about this there, only a little sarcastically.
    One left winger ‘liked’, 345 people saw, nobody retweeted a post about a burning woman.

    The article about fancy beards had 222 retweets, 800+ likes and 43 replies.

    Who the fuck ARE these people whose votes we want – do they actually deserve anything better than Tory austerity?

    1. Not entirely unrelated, but most telling is the final paragraph from this desperately sad tale…


      “Suicide is a very complex issue and there is no evidence of a link between Mr Brown’s suicide and his interaction with Jobcentre Plus.”

      …’A DWP spokesman said’; Politicians too sh*t scared to directly front the public about people’s suffering and death, and journalists too indifferent to ask why.

      But if a paperboy’s employed in Norris Green, it’s a f**king ticker tape parade in Caxton house with the world’s media invited.

      Cuts are killing people and these f***ers are washing their hands of responsibility; with the MSM complicit by their lackadaisical – bordering on cavalier – attitude towards society’s less fortunate.

  7. Last week, I was in a housing section of a council, I was in the part where they see the public. Whilst she was talking to an officer, a woman took an overdose. They had to rush her into hospital, and was released three days later – and had to be assured that the accommodation that she was in, she did not need to leave and was still available for her.

  8. It is so sad that so many real issues are ignored and neglected because the issue of anti-semitism, to overthrown Jeremy. They just wasting time and money for the real issue.

    1. Right again, Kumiko.

      The holocaust started with the (mentally) sick & (physically) disabled; and it’s happening – albeit in a manifestly much ‘subtler’ manner – right here, right now.

      Instead of culling people they don’t like physically; they’re doing it financially. Stopping their life support rather than stopping their lives outright. The end result’s the same.

      And rather than learning from history and banding together to ‘nip it in the bud’ (Far too late for that – I just couldn’t think of a better expression) to oust the toerags and their financial ‘Aktion T4’ programme, certain sectors of the labour party would rather harp on about definitions of antisemitism while allowing history to repeat itself right under their snouts.

      The holocaust wasn’t all about Jews; the first concentration camp (Dachau) was made for ‘politisch unverlassig’ (Politically undesirables) and the nazis started murdering the disabled almost from the moment they took power in 1933 – years before ‘kristallnacht’ so where’s the same outrage from the likes of hodge, mann & screeching for those actually being killed today by tory ideology?

      It’s simple. The unemployed & disabled don’t fund them, so they don’t matter. The medai arent arsed because they’d rather watch hodge, mann & screecing etc cause a shitshow when there’s more important things happening to ordinary people.

      They make me want to vomit, the treacherous worms.

  9. ‘The Parent of an eye witness said’.
    What actually happened doesn’t matter, does it Skwawk?
    Somebody got hurt in a Barnet Council office. Result!
    Solidarity, Discipline, Unity.

    1. No idea what point you’re trying to make here. If you’re disputing the facts, say so – but the article is entirely accurate

  10. May said they were the “Nasty Party”, it’s a lot nastier now she’s in control

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