Mann’s threatening response to press enquiry over ‘grandson’ claim

“Odious”: MP John Mann

Labour MP John Mann launched a public attack – on social media and quoted in the hated S*n – on a Labour member, after the member took him to task on his behaviour as a Labour MP and its impact on our National Health Service.

Mann tweeted a complaint about the closure of an NHS facility, which had meant that he had to drive some distance with his ill grandson to get treatment and Mr Speakman responded:

speakman mann.png

A simple reading of Speakman’s response suggests he was referring to having to choose between a long wait and a long drive was karma, given Mann’s history of attacking Labour’s leader and members who support him. But Mann responded differently – though still with an attack on his party leader and the members who supported him:

mann karma.png

Some responded to his tweet with horror at what Mann claimed Speakman had done, but those who saw what had actually been tweeted responded with horror at Mann’s claim:

mann apolmann whyte

Dorset Eye published an article accusing Mann of ‘trying to make political capital out of his sick grandson’.

Speakman responded to the attacks on him – which were substantial from those who took Mann’s claim at face value, especially after the Murdoch S*n ran with it, by pointing out that in his second tweet he had wished Mann’s grandson a good recovery:

speakman contempt.png

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Mr Mann for comment. He replied denying that there had been any second tweet by Mr Speakman:

There was no second tweet from Speakman. He has been referred to the Labour Party General Secretary. There is no ambiguity about the disgusting comments from this appalling man. Any decent person would delete and apologise for his gross offence.

karma 1-2
Speakman’s original tweet, clearly stating that it is the first of two.

But Mann wasn’t finished. He followed it up with a second email – with no suggestion that it was off the record – containing what appears to be a clear threat to this blog for asking:

As for you, your motive is clear and action will be taken against anyone and everyone abusing my family.

Other actions have commenced and of course we have secured previous expulsions/ convictions and I will be asking for Jeremy Corbyn’s direct intervention to fast track action on this latest vile attack.


The SKWAWKBOX has lodged a formal complaint against John Mann, both as a Labour member and as a writer following good journalistic practice in giving him opportunity to comment.


  1. Kudos to Chris Price if it was he who came up with the Mannipulated hashtag 🙂

    Almost as much fun as being woken this morning by an unwarrantedly supercilious duck on the water ten feet away honking like the geezer in the ‘drive smug’ advert.
    Hyaaarh—hyah-hyah-hyah-hyaar — repeat.

    Having him over for dinner tonight.

  2. Mann, what a man in his own mind!
    Does he look in the mirror and make funny faces?
    Or was he born with the aggressive look on his face, when he disagrees with anything negative said about his obnoxious behaviour?
    He hasn’t long to go before he himself will be censored for his remarks on TWITTER!

  3. I hope that John Mann’s grandson is fully recovered/recovering. However, it is unbelievably tasteless of JM to use such an event as an opportunity to attack Corbyn and Corbyn-supporters. I would be appalled if my parent used the illness of my child for political ends.

    1. John Mann is a psychopath of course, and but for the psychopaths our reality and our history would be totally different, free from war and aggression and greed and poverty, and the rape and destruction of the planet, etc, etc etc. They really are the vilest and most evil creatures that have ever inhabited the Earth, and probably the whole universe.

      1. I have found nothing objectionable about your point. Good post. I do worry about the Tapeworms and their fragile fear of being offended. How does one offend a fearless giant of all that is true and honest and wise? Perhaps the shout, “Your round, and are your dues in good order?”.
        Best wishes to you all.

    1. Wasn’t that dead bird story from years ago and it had nothing to do with antisemitism and something to do with a man standing as a cllr who Mann had insulted?

  4. The comment was insensitive and could have been worded better but if Mann wasn’t so cynical and didn’t want to turn everything into a weapon to attack Corbyn, then he would not have said it was ‘done in Jeremy Corbyn’s name’. Corbyn has nothing to do with it. I hope Mann’s grandson gets better quickly.

  5. what’d you expect it’s Mann ! , will take any comment and twist it to suit his needs .
    Perhaps he’d do well to focus his energies on helping his constituents re the NHS ?
    A Corbyn Labour Govt would fully fund the NHS maybe if this simple fact had sunk into his dimwitted thicko head he’d have got his GS seen sooner . It’s the same crap we are all facing with our NHS being decimated by the Tories , not just Mann and his GS but all of us and our loved ones.So Mann should stop undermining and start supporting Corbyn , it’s a simple equation even he should be able to grasp. Then again ????

  6. There’s a certain irony that the odious Mann attacks Corbyn so often, get goes running for his intervention.

    It’s clear to see how Mann has twisted seceral aspects of Mr Speakman’s tweet to suit his own diatribe.

    I like the comment- Mannipulated! Apt.

    Oh, and Mann’s constituents DO deserve better. I sincerely hope his CLP are taking note.


  7. Remember who gave us the scatter-gun accusations of Anti-Semites! at all the counter-demonstrators against enough is enough AND all the demonstrators supporting Marc Wadsworth?

    Remember who was clairvoyant enough times without number, despite being a Goy or Gentile himself, to kindly tell all of us, Jewish comrades included, who is the wrong type of Jew?

    Clue-his name is contained in the article.

  8. I have a grandson, Speakman is a turd. But right wingers and old people aren’t allowed to have feelings are they? Back off, the guy was hurting! Don’t you get that?

  9. I’m a long time reader of this blog, a supporter of Corbyn, and a disliker of Mann, but Speakman/Chris Price’s explanation for the karma comment doesn’t make it any better I’m afraid.

    Saying that the ambulance wait for Mann’s ill grandson being longer/him having to drive him a long way for treatment, is karma, due to Mann’s “grandstanding” against Corbyn supposedly preventing a Labour government/leading to Tory govt, is a terrible thing to say. I’m sure Corbyn would agree with me. Come on, saying that it is karma that the child is in the situation of a long ambulance wait… wow.

    Even if you personally have a different viewpoint for some reason, e.g. You’re dislike of Mann, which I share, step back and think about this and how it makes you look. Drop it. It is doing Labour left, and Labour no favours at all.

    Mann was wrong for linking Corbyn to the comment. But now you’ve written this article you’ve kind of given his viewpoint more credence. Or at least given credence that this is done in the name of Corbyn supporters.

    And Pete Whyte’s tweet accusing Mann of using his ill grandchild in some sort of political game, is ironic considering Speakman brought politics, and more specifically political factionism into it.

    All this creates is a cycle of abuse and ill feeling. Sorry I’m going to have to agree with Mann on this single occasion. Any decent person would (even if it involved swallowing some pride and holding their nose), delete the tweet and just apologise. Attacking Mann over this (apart from politely disagreeing with him about him linking Corbyn into it) is now making themselves, corbyn supporters and Corbyn look very bad. This article along with the photo you’ve chosen is unnecessary, and not appropriate. This is about an ill little boy.

    This is doing Corbyn a disservice.

    Choose not to post this comment, or reply to it in a demeaning way. It won’t change what I’ve written.

    1. Saying that the ambulance wait for Mann’s ill grandson being longer/him having to drive him a long way for treatment, is karma, due to Mann’s “grandstanding” against Corbyn supposedly preventing a Labour government/leading to Tory govt, is a terrible thing to say.

      Don’t see why. It’s the same for mann’s (Or his grandson’s) neighbours & fellow townsfolk isn’t it?

      They voted him in to do something about it – NOT do f**k all but cause division & discord in the party, by slating the hierarchy at any opportunity (And every one’s been a false flag, the snidey wee shit) and thereby prevent a Labour Govt.

      Blaming anyone & everyone (falsely & maliciously) but himself, the gobshite. F**k him.

    2. Hey Man, what is it you missed?
      Like the Mann himself, “twisting the night away”!
      Your remarks are to befuddled, for a person of reason to be taken in by anything you and Mann say or write!

  10. I’m trying to imagine how the parents of that dead bird (That was sent in the post to his missus by some supposed Corbynista) felt when they heard mann’s latest wilfully misconstrued rant.

    …I wonder if they tweeted about their ‘dizzguzzt’ eh, john boy?

    Godawful snivelling little shitehawk that he is.

  11. With respect Ceredig , did you see the tweet from Speakman wishing no ill will and good wishes to this MPs GS ?
    Perhaps thought should be given to the cheap shot Mann played using his own GS as political fodder to make a pathetic attack on Corbyn , now that is a turd of a bloke if you ask me .
    The valid point being made ( altho somewhat bluntly ) is that due to there not being in power right now a, Labour Govt , then the NHS will continue to be devastated by the Tories , Mann’s own belligerency plus others on the RW helped ensure that Labour didn’t win and continue to jeopardise Labour winning at the next election because they don’t want a Socialist Govt in power.
    As I pointed out in my earlier comment Mann isn’t the only one suffering here cos of the NHS cuts but , as he is in a position of power and able to affect things , then his choices and actions to stop Corbyn at all costs makes him somewhat responsible for the outcomes , where as the rest of us powerless individuals have to suck it up .
    All of us are human beings even those on the RW and their MPs altho some don’t act like one as Mann does most of the time .
    Roll on the new Neolib Tory lite party and Johnny boy can go join em .

    1. A guy’s grandson has to be driven to hospital, and that is karma for imagined past crimes?
      That is just sick. You can’t polish a turd.

      1. I repeat
        As I pointed out in my earlier comment Mann isn’t the only one suffering here cos of the NHS cuts but , as he is in a position of power and able to affect things , then his choices and actions to stop Corbyn at all costs makes him somewhat responsible for the outcomes , where as the rest of us powerless individuals have to suck it up , including of course his own constituents .

        No not imaginary past crimes , but in reality the continued sabotaging and undermining of Labour under Corbyn because of his belligerent hatred of one man , this has rebounded on him and unfortunately on his constituents in that we now still have a Tory govt . He’d do well to remember who the real enemy is and that’s not Corbyn but the Tories .

        Think Iraq , think dead kids and grandchildren , think who exactly voted for that war and who voted against it , and now who is acting like a human being ?

        Quite correct no matter how much you try and polish Mann he is still a turd .
        I wish his GS a speedy recovery all the same as he is the innocent in this trash and his Grandfather should be ashamed of using him in this politically cheap shot way.

        I’ll just leave it there with the latest appalling act by Mann who has apparently released the personal information of Speakman out to the web and putting him and his family in danger from the RW fascists nut jobs , appalling , just well ,,,, shocking .
        Deselection ASAP

      2. How is the youngster doing? About the polishing who did you mean? The stress has quite possibly caused his recent coarse behaviour. Could be that he enrolled in Lady Pottymouth’s course, consisting of;improving ones vocabulary, charm and empathy and it’s just a matter of time for the benefits to surface. Slow and steady wins the GE.

  12. All of us are human beings even those on the RW and their MPs altho some don’t act like one as Mann does most of the time .


    100% THIS^^^^ Outraged by everything (Corbyn related) , ashamed of nothing.

    Worse than those ‘women’ (berger & smeeth) , making claims of ‘abuse’ where none existed…Except mann’s already got form. Malignant wee prick that it is.

    1. Not a very good protector of the party’s reputation from my view. Still, I suppose that this ignoramus must have some value. I mean to us and not just the Tories and MSM. Regards.

  13. ‘Asked why we came so far…Because YOU shut the children’s ward in Bassetlaw at night.’


    Who’s this ‘you’ , mann? The health worker you asked? Was it the doctor/nurse/paramedic who shut the ward?

    No – It was the TORIES, wasn’t it, mann? You know, the ones YOU were voted in to OPPOSE, instead of ‘opposing’ your own party’s leadership; culminating in them doing as they bastard-well please.

    You utterly useless f***ing moron. Just f***off and allow someone capable, competent and without your infantile temper to do the job instead.

    Not a peep about your constituents, who are also faced with the same problem…Some who might not have the luxury of their own transport…Oh, no – it’s all about YOU and your grandchild…Until your pulled about it – then you just have to shoehorn Corbyn into your pathetic blame game.

    Boils my p1$$, so he does.

  14. Speakman basically gave Mann an excuse to paint the Left as heartless, whether justified or not. The kid isn’t to blame for who its grandfather is. In fact it should be pitied that horrible fact.

    There is a way to express Mann’s responsibility for his long wait/drive to the hospital that doesn’t involve using karma. Using that word is effectively saying: “Serves you right.” Thing is that the child is the innocent party of this spat, which Mann seized upon.

    I can see what Speakman was trying to say, but using the word karma ends up letting Mann off the hook. Mann being the political opportunist that he is seized onto that word. Speakman should never have given him that opportunity whatever his ulterior motives, benign or otherwise.

    Best thing would have been to delete it and explain that he didn’t mean to bring in the child for the faults of its grandfather. I couldn’t care a jot for Mann’s feelings, but the kid should be left out of it.

    1. I think it’s quite clear to most people what Speakman was driving at in his tweet – ie that Mann is in effect responsible for the situation he found himself in and, as such, he has no right to complain about it when it affects him personally – and it had nothing whatsoever to do with the grandson in any personal sense.

      1. Still gave room for Mann to twist it. Best thing is to think before giving them a chance to use it against you. They’re like that, you know. 😉

        The term karma wasn’t needed. Simply saying something like, “You and your kind allowed that to happen to the NHS. Welcome to the world of your constituents.” Using karma just gives the impression that the kid deserves it for the fault of his grandfather, whether you meant it or not. Not a good move.

        Saying that, I do believe Speakman should be defended, because I do believe his intent wasn’t as Mann wants to twist it to be. However, that doesn’t mean that he was wise to go down that route. One can defend someone and be critical of their actions.

      2. Have to admit that because of the severity of the alarm, perhaps as soon as being made aware that response would be slow ( could be because of a disaster) I would drive him myself immediately. Let’s hope the kiddie is o.k. and that he is recuperating well. What was the nature of the problem? Surely not corbynitus. Cheers.

  15. Before posting future tweets perhaps instead of gifting the likes of Mann with another big stick to bash Corbyn and his supporters with it would be prudent for Speakman to review his tweets before posting them

    The Karma comment was obviously crass and open to misinterpretation and/or misrepresentation so why give them the ammunition.

    It is irrelevant that Speakman may not have intended Mann to interpret his tweets in this way, the fact remains that he was politically naive enough to present Mann and the MSN with yet another opportunity to undermine Corbyn and his supporters.

    1. As we ALL know steve, Mann didn’t ‘interpret’ anything, as such….. He deliberately misrepresented it and distorted and twisted it out of all recognition, as the saboteurs and the fascist controlled media do all the time with anything related to JC and his associates and the Left in general.

      So in your book, anyone who has something they said twisted and distorted by the blairites or whoever, then it’s THEIR fault. What a pile of horse manure!

      1. If one is going to attack the likes of Mann then it is advisable not to make it so easy for him to make himself out to be the victim whilst simultaneously kicking you where it hurts.

        The “karma” comment was incredibly crass so yes the author does unfortunately have bear a degree of culpability for the shitstorm that followed. With just a little thought it could so easily have been avoided.

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