Enfield North members statement of support for Corbyn is censure of their MP

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Joan Ryan

Enfield North MP Joan Ryan has been sharing posts on her social media that attack the Labour Party’s and its leader’s actions and integrity in their dealings with Jewish people, in spite of Jeremy Corbyn’s long record of activism and principled stands against racism generally and specifically against antisemitism.

Those posts have included her own statement via Labour Friends of Israel in which she echoes her ally Louise Ellman’s misleading representation of Labour’s new code of conduct:

Such is the rabbit-hole down which we have been dragged, with the aid of a more than willing Establishment and its media.

But Ms Ryan’s activities have been neither unnoticed nor welcomed by her local members, who have today gone to the lengths of making a public statement of support for the Labour leader and his record – and therefore of censure toward Ms Ryan, particularly in the second paragraph:



The statement is a firm signal of support by Enfield North Labour members to the party’s leader and a blistering condemnation of the Establishment they believe is ‘deliberately misrepresent[ing]’ him – and of those ‘closer to home’ they feel are complicit.

More such statements from around the country – and especially from members in constituencies whose MP has joined in the attacks – are likely to follow.

Ms Ryan was contacted for comment.

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  1. Demonising, by which she means criticisng, the State of Israel, has nothing to do with antisemitism, against which Labour members struggle just as vigorously as Joan Ryan does. The state of Israel (and Joan Ryan) on the other hand is happy to “demonise and delegitimise” the Palestinian people whose lands and livings were appropriated by the state of Israel. Is that not antisemitism too?

  2. Bravo Enfield North. Treachery against our leader who is our best hope to defeat austerity at home & war-mongering abroad must be confronted. Criticising Israeli land-theft & apartheid is NOT antisemitic!

  3. I think we just have to take it on the chin. Let us choose the moment to fight our battles. There is no evidence that the public (other than natural conservatives) believe all this nonsense. 800,000 listeners have left the Today programme this year. People are abandoning the BBC in waves the face of this crass campaigning and lobbying. Once the NEC elections are over – the cries will die down. Let us pick these traitors off one by one at a time of our choosing not when they want.

  4. Played, Enfield North!

    I trust most MSM outlets have been copied in.

    Next on the agenda, the referral of ryan to the NCC for spouting more bullshit and bringing the party into disrepute by labelling the NEC’s democratically arrived-at actions: ‘shameful’.

  5. What thumped me like a punch ii. the guts is the names of tbe people who signed here.The wonderful meltig p?ot of London which is NOT England but oh how I wish it was….

  6. It is not easy to go against your CLPs management at the moment. Introducing e-voting will be more democratic as a lot of people are intimidated at meetings or can’t get to them.

  7. See the £50,000 ‘expenses’ she had to pay back and other facts at wikipedia.

  8. In October 2007, the Evening Standard reported that Joan Ryan claimed £173,691 in expenses for the 2006/2007 tax year,[3] the highest for any MP. She was the second highest claimant in the 2005/2006 tax year.

    In May 2009, it was reported that Ryan had claimed more than £4,500 under the Additional Costs Allowance for work on a house she had designated as her second home.[4] In February 2010, based on an audit report looking into the United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal, Ryan was asked to repay £5,121 mortgage interest.[5]

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