Told you so: Labour right tried to sabotage GE2017 – it’s their fault we’re suffering Tory govt

In the wake of Labour’s not-really-a-shock surge in last year’s 2017 general election, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that staff at Labour’s ‘Southside’ HQ were so confident in their predictions of electoral disaster that they had deactivated the entry passes of Corbyn’s team – who, on arriving at the building as the Tories reeled at the emerging loss of their majority, found themselves unable to get in.

‘LOTO’ extracted an elegant revenge, simply refusing to go to the building subsequently, forcing recalcitrant Southside staff into a ‘walk of shame’ each time they needed to see one of Corbyn’s team.

Dreary right-wingers went even further that evening, deactivating the email accounts of many of the opposition leader’s team in anticipation of ousting them in what they assumed would be a successful leadership challenge or a resignation on the morning after the election.

The articles were entirely accurate – but denied vehemently by embarrassed right-wingers.

The SKWAWKBOX told its readers that the laughably-called ‘moderates’ had also been busy trying to ensure their predictions came true by undermining the campaign, for example by defunding key marginal seats and funnelling cash to defend the seats of right-wing MPs. Those claims were also rubbished by Corbyn’s opponents – even though the SKWAWKBOX showed strong evidence and Blairite Alan Johnson admitted on TV that he was disappointed Labour had done so well in the election.

But new information has proven the case beyond all doubt – and revealed just how far the so-called ‘moderates’ were prepared to sink to try to remove Corbyn and get the party back to the bland Tory-lite they preferred.

The Times has revealed that Labour staffers actually rigged Facebook ads to try to fool the leadership into thinking campaign plans were being carried out when they were not – employees of the party actively working against the leadership team’s plans during a general election, when the people of this country were desperate for change:

time blairites.png

A Labour source told the Times:

Despite fighting with one hand tied behind our backs by some uncooperative senior staff, we achieved the largest increase in the Labour vote since 1945. At the next election, we’ll have a fantastic and co-operative party machine to match our incredible mass membership and popular policies.

But the betrayal goes even further.

Blairites – after recovering a little from their election night shock – have persistently tried to use Corbyn’s supposed ‘failure’ to win the general election against the left’s ‘project’ to claim it had run out of steam. That narrative fed directly into the lame attempts to claim ‘peak Corbyn’ had been reached and spun off into a variety of attempts to undermine the party and damage its polling now.

But the right-wing factions have now been definitively exposed as, utterly shamefully, siding with the Tories, against the people of this country who need a Labour government – and against Corbyn’s vision for party and country that met a huge appetite among voters.

As the SKWAWKBOX told its readers throughout the last year, the pseudo-Labour factions bear the blame for the fact this country is still suffering the viciousness and incompetence of Tory government.

A healthy dose of ‘shut the **** up’ and an even bigger one of deselection and severance are entirely justified – but no smart money will be placed on the culprits ceasing to smear while playing the victim.

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  1. Now we know why there was a rash of resignations as soon as they knew that a new GenSec was taking over.

  2. 10%? 20? More? How much of the vote did they cost us at the last general election?
    Probably impossible to calculate but certainly enough that Labour would have won if they’d only stayed silent – if they’d done half the job they’re paid to do we’d have walked into a majority the Tories would sell their babies for.
    I’m convinced the deluded Quislings think dragging us down earns them respect and friendship in the Tory circles they so yearn to join.
    “Useful idiots” doesn’t even come close to describing them.

  3. Some of us didn’t need telling, we knew even before Jeremy Corbyn decided to stand, who the ‘wreckers’ would be and what would be their tactics. They were so sure of their own grip on the Party and their support in the right wing media that they were confident they could see Corbyn off without too much difficulty.

    The one person who did manage to fool many of us though was Tom Watson, we didn’t know or believe just how devious he could be. We certainly know now and he should be at the forefront of the queue heading for the exit.

  4. Skwawkbox is there clear cut evidence as to whome those party officials/employees are .
    Are they still employed and in what capacity and if so is there a case for culpable inefficiency for dismissal .
    Obviously HQ is aware but what is being done by them to remedy the situation. We know that for MPs its whip removal or reselection BUT for employees its a very different matter and cases will need to be handled carefully to avoid cliams of unfair dismissal.
    Also to avoid accusations from those laughable “moderate” MPs of bullying/intimidation purging.
    The case is clear to me , but the time for anger/outrage is past .
    Now determined persistant calm BUT utterly ruthless action is required to remove ALL Tory lite activists infesting our Party .
    The country must have and desperately needs a Labour government .

  5. Let’s ready the ship.
    The Blairites are out there supporting May and her Brexit without the exit. This would leave us as an associate member of the EU with a cabinet office committee rubber stamping all EU legislation with no say for Parliament. Chuka is gassing about the City of London and our dependence on its 80% of GDP not being included in the deal. Someone tell him we want a National investment bank where we print our own paper notes NOT a corrupt global fraud run on war, drugs, refugee and asylum trafficking for, slavery, sexual exploitation, organ harvesting, proxy terrorist armies, theft of educated and trained labour from poorer nations.
    Let’s get rid of the unelected EU council the commission and its growing unified military and financial union. Let’s have a people’s Europe where the economy is run for the people not the people run for the economy.
    Let’s stop the illegal wars of aggression that are used to drive the people from their own nations into the arms of the Soros colour revolution NGO mafia.
    Let’s have a world where Africa the Middle East, South America and Asia is allowed to keep its middle classes and develop rather than bleeding heart LibLabCon Neoliberal cry’s for “refugees and asylum seekers welcome” are people so indoctrinated that they cannot see that slavery has never gone away? That mass migration is racism writ large.
    The European Union needs to be exposed for what it really is. Undemocratic, authoritarian destroyer of Europeans sovereign nations and rich cultural identity which is Enlightenment, Science, Reason and Christian principles.

  6. Yes the poorly read and uncritical thinking Right.
    The Crumbs for Working People but Nice and Rewarding Careers for Themselves as They Stand for Nothing Brigad
    Need 620 left wing democratic socialist candidates.
    Perhaps we also need urgent plans in place for selections in the remaining parliamentary seats just in case an election comes at any time.
    We don’t want any more candidates appointed by some obscure regional boards.
    Let ideas and internal democracy decide.

  7. A Labour source told the Times: ‘At the next election, we’ll have a fantastic and co-operative party machine to match our incredible mass membership and popular policies.’

    Getting shut of co-operative MP’s is 90% of that battle won… Norhing ‘fantastic’ about them.

  8. Surely they ‘Deselected’ themselves when they left the party You don’t resign from job create a new business then use your ex employers resources and customer base to promote that business. I also don’t understand since they walked away from Labour how they think they’re going to continue representing wards as independents. It seems constituents have no say in the matter. Will they still have access to their respective councils resources be able to attend meetings or vote on council matters?

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