Corbyn team’s elegant ‘payback’ for election-night HQ lock-out


As the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed on Friday, right-leaning Labour HQ staff got ahead of themselves on General Election polling day.

Believing their own propaganda about electoral disaster for Labour and assuming a coup could be launched the following day, they deactivated the door passes and email addresses of Jeremy Corbyn’s team – who then arrived that evening as news of Labour’s surge began to crystallise, to find they couldn’t get into the building.

Labour’s gains in the election put egg all over the face of those responsible for this prideful idiocy and lamentable lack of connection with what was going on at the grassroots.

The hubris of the move ought to be astonishing, but sadly is not. A clear-out at Labour’s HQ is long overdue, to bring the Labour bureaucracy into line with the party’s vision and membership.

The Southside building that houses Labour’s HQ

But those recalcitrant, over-eager staffers are already paying a price for their ‘premature attackulation’ – thanks to some impressive sang froid by Jeremy Corbyn and his team.

A senior Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX:

Jeremy’s team don’t even know whether the access cards or email addresses have been restored – they haven’t bothered checking. They’ve been using their parliamentary emails instead for some time now. It’s more secure – and if a meeting with Southside is necessary, they make them come to Westminster.

So, humiliation isn’t the only cost to the HQ plotters for their rash action and ‘echo-chamber’ insularity. They’re also now having to trail half a mile along Victoria Street for every meeting with Corbyn or his team, like naughty schoolchildren along the corridor to the headmaster’s office.

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  1. This also raises questions about the recruitment policy Iain McNicol is running at Labour HQ.

    It can’t merely be coinicidence that so many Labour staff are right wing. It also isn’t credible that people who are employed by Iain McNicol to work for Labour suddenly turn right wing after their induction.

    It seems more likely that the HR department at Labour HQ, which reports to McNicol, is operating a discriminatory recruitment programme which is knowingly and intentionally colluding with the right wing of the Labour Party to fill roles with pre-determined candidates.

    That would of course be illegal.

    1. You know you have a very good point there. It’s not a stretch to believe it. McNicol must go. In fact they all must be looked at & get rid of the 2 illegals

  2. Labour needs the Socialist Party back in its ranks and to do that the party rank and file must over ride the nlc and local lic, they must force the issue across and get a vote on it (Invite the TUSC party to become part of Labour and be allowed to candidates to stand for selection at the next election) the TUSC as the members that would stand in elections, standing at elections is not for every ones liking, the TUSC is made up from many groups for those groups to put up candidates for those that would stand. ——– The TUSC stood down for the last election (general election) and is the reason why Labour did so well, because they had the TUSC voters also, whitch tip the balance. Come the next Elections the TUSC will once again be putting up candidates selection as all ready happen in most parts, With this Labour votes will drop again, so would it not be better to have the TUSC party with in the Labour party seeing while corbyn is leader the policys are nearly the same, also when corbyn do stand down, Labour would have replacements who are in the same way off thinking, coming from the TUSC. people who think the same way as corbyn ended up in the Socialist Party. ——- If Labour fails to invite the TUSC to join with Labour as one party, Labour leadership will swing back as it was under Kinnoch, Blair, Brown and Milliband, back to right wing capitalist control and Labour becoming a puppet to those with money once again.

  3. I’d love to see Corbyn go all ‘CJ’ off Reggie Perrin when the rats have to traipse to his office.

    *Knocks on door*

    Keep ’em waiting at the door,
    Always pays to make ’em wait,

    And the delayed whoopie-cushion chair’d just top it off 😀

  4. So why doesn’t Jeremy fire McNicol and all the recalcitrant staff?
    Is it right that Labour Party members are paying for these vermin?
    Sack the lot of them!

    1. Because he can’t, in fact *nobody* can sack McNichol under the current rules (thanks Blair!) and he’s there until he stands down voluntarily or there’s a challenge at conference.

      1. The Labour Party Rule Book 2017 contains the following statement:-
        Clause II.
        Procedural rules for elections for national officers of the Party
        4. Election of General Secretary
        A. The General Secretary shall be elected by Party conference on the recommendation of the NEC and shall be an ex-officio member of Party conference. S/he shall devote her or his whole time to the work of the Party and shall not be eligible to act as a parliamentary candidate. S/he shall remain in office so long as her/his work gives satisfaction to the NEC and Party conference. Should a vacancy in the office occur, for whatever reason, between Party conferences, the NEC shall have full power to fill the vacancy subject to the approval of Party conference. [Pages 14 – 15].
        NOTE: ‘S/he shall remain in office so long as her/his work gives satisfaction to the NEC and Party conference.’
        This means any CLP could submit a motion to the Annual Party Conference, calling for the removal of McNicol on the basis that his work has not given satisfaction to the Party Conference and that the NEC should rule on his conduct similarly and remove him from the post of Labour Party General Secretary.
        He can be removed!
        Any CLP up for this?

      2. Reply to John- doesnt that mean only NEC can vote to dismiss McNicol?I thought the Blairites still outnumber true Labour members on the NEC so that wouldn’t happen?

  5. Jeremy can’t fire McNicol because he is employed by the NEC… and after the shenanigans at the last Conference, the NEC is still finely balanced between Corbyn and anti-Corbyn supporters. Whilst McNicol retains the support of GMB, he is safe.

  6. Yes, a clear out is most definitely long overdue. Starting with that RAT McNicol.

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