Video: at last blairite admits what we all knew – they wanted #GE17 to go badly

It’s long been believed by many Corbyn supporters that the right wing of the party wanted Labour to fail badly in the General Election under Jeremy Corbyn – and by almost as many that they were doing their best to make it happen.

How better to explain the constant briefings and whinings to press and broadcasters about unelectability, the manufactured misogyny smear (and worse), the damaging interventions by New Labour dinosaurs no longer in Parliament and the attempts by right-leaning HQ staff to undermine Corbyn and weed out his supporters? Hard to think of a better explanation that fits the facts.

‘The truth will out’, as the saying goes – and former New Labour front-bencher slipped up and let it escape his lips during a television interview.

Asked whether he was disappointed by Labour’s surge in the General Election because it spoiled the chance of getting rid of Corbyn, Johnson admitted: “yes”:

To put icing on the cake, Johnson – whose faction has persistently labelled Corbyn’s mass support as ‘trots’, ‘rabble’, ‘entryists’ and even ‘dogs’ – bleats about a

narrow, sectarian left that is intolerant of other views.

Right. Clearly Johnson and other blairites still feel it’s ‘their’ party, in spite of the fact that blairism was in fact the entryist into what was always meant to be a socialist party.

And in spite of the fact that the vast majority of members – grannies, teenagers, rich, poor and everyone in between – are both solidly behind and inspired by the very leader Johnson wants to topple.

And he was not only ready, but actively hoping, for Labour to tank last month in the hope it would further that goal.

Yet the right-wingers still complain about supposed intolerance by the members who want rid of them. The real question is, how can anyone not want rid of people who want the party to fail so they can get back their prestige and perks – and who were so delusionally confident it would happen that they cancelled the HQ door passes and email accounts of Corbyn’s team on election night?

The full interview will be broadcast on RT at 10.25pm tonight and repeated at the same time on Sunday.

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  1. The right wing of the Labour Party is exactly the same as the corporatists in the DNC.

    Both groups would prefer to lose elections to the Conservatives and Republicans than lose power over their respective parties.

    In that sense they are fellow travellers and enablers of the Conservatives and Republicans, which makes perfect sense of course when you consider that their policies are so similar to those right wing groups.

  2. QUOTE: narrow, sectarian left that is intolerant of other views?
    Really given that when Blairism was in power I supported the party as I still do now and thought a lot of Johnson thinking he was a working class ex-postie, who is it that has moved from there roots? certainly not me or any other Corbyn Supporter

    Johnson you need to take a long hard look at yourself

    1. Johnson is a sociopath, as are/were just about all the Fake (New) Labour mob, And the sooner we get shod of them and replace them with real traditional Labour MPs the better.

  3. I am so sickening and I know many people share my feeling. In any level of ages and society now realised that something very very wrong in the society and politics, totally lost democracy. I went to a meeting about Media Reform. It was great, from academic to journalist to any social organisation representers felt that the matter exactly the same. We really need reform in every corner of the society. The system made under the name of democracy has to be reviewed. Ideology has to be debated and every independency should be respected to be functioned as democratic society. Blairight has to face the reality what people now want and do not want. Blair should not hang on his glory force upon some certain people for his own sake. He wants to think whatever he did was correct including Iraq War but he has to know that many people disagree. He ignored democracy but promoted further Thatcherism under the believe of that greed is marvellous. On the other hand we have to be very careful, and remember all communism and socialism, that many country failed. But capitalist has gone too far and now facing disfunctioning we need a new ISM that have to have element of socialistic ideology but respect human freedom that would be the biggest issue for the fairer and nearer to the idea of modern democracy. Many intellectual, academics and people who are in charge of any organisations and cooperations have get together and think about it and move ahead instead arguing nonsense all the time. That is waste of time. Be positive for future and we need new ideas and new movement.

    1. Hi Kumiko, I am no advocate for communism but we have to look to the trade embargo’s that the west place on them, if you cannot sell your produce or buy without huge tariffs any country would suffer, there were other problems of course with huge defence spending projects, Socialism isn’t the same with a mix of Public and Private enterprise, but what I really wanted to say to you was your thinking that socialism curtails freedoms isn’t something I recognise.

    2. Knockout post, Kumiko.

      I disagree with Peter Hitchens on several things, but in this instance he’s been bang on the money. We’ve had more-or-less the same politics for over a generation. Corbyn has provided what’s been needed in politics for the last 40 or so years.

      There was very little difference between blairism and thatcherism. The ‘middle ground’ was the reason people didn’t bother voting, as the ‘centre’ had been dragged to the right; thereby dragging what was once regarded as the ‘left’ to the right. It has been most definitely a case of ‘More of the same’.

      We (As the electorate) desperately needed a ‘schism’ , and Corbyn’s set a clear agenda. The difference is now determinable, thankfully. Those what disagree or disapprove need to find themselves another party to belong to; because they don’t belong to the labour party what most (Including meself) want & understand it to be.

  4. People like Johnson should never be accepted in to the Labour party and there is quite a few more like him, who idolise Blair who relly is a Tory.

  5. The Labour Party Right has often failed to listen to the grass roots, the unions and the party’s overall mood. This is just the same and it must end, NOW! We cannot afford divisions and individualism as these lead to failure. Get on the bus or go kiss the Tory Filth’s filthy feet!

  6. The hard right traitors and their billionaire tax avoiding media backers still haven’t got the following messages:

    ◽newspaper sales are plummeting

    ◽people are switching off their TVs in their droves

    ◽each time the RW media stir the pot and give oxygen to a Red Tory dinosaur, Labour Party membership numbers are given a very welcome boost

    Keep it up Alan.

  7. Why are they still in the Labour party??? If they are running things as a separate party, why not go and create themselves a Party of their own and leave us to get on with things? I thought Progress was just a fringe party Like they tell us Momentum is?

  8. The real truth is that people wants a Socialism political and economic system, but we are being told and brainwash into saying and thinking that we don’t want socialism, we want failed system called capitalism. Lets face it when the first industral revolution happen it showed cracks that could not be repaired, it started to show the true face of capitalism and ever since that as happen its just got worse for capitalism those cracks got bigger. We have found out that capitalism will go to war deliberity than to face change and lose control. after all its not them or they family that will be in the front line getting killed, capitalist treat war as a game like a fox hunt, to thin out the numbers and keep control.
    We must end this false idea of greed is good, its only good for the few. the rest must suffer.

  9. Reblogged this on The Night Owl and commented:
    How dare Johnson – clearly a traitor to the working classes – call the members of the Labour Party a ‘narrow, secterian left, that is intollerant of others views’.
    The Labour Party is made up from people in every walk of life, but the one thing we all have in common, is the dream that Jeremy Corbyn brought to us, that we, as a country, could be united by a common cause!
    There has been the same constant cry from the Blairites (who are the newbies in the Labour Party, whether they acknowledge that, or not) that life isn’t fair, because we have rejected their Tory ways, and have gone back to the grass roots, to the way that Labour began – where we all have an equal say in how this party is run, and an equal share in the responsibilities of running it.
    We don’t do this for power and wealth, like the Blairites do, we do it For the Many, not the Few!

  10. we had a dream but was suffed out by the greedie of the party many many left but now a old star rises and the greedie don’t like it its time for them to cross the floor into those ranks of greedie ones

  11. Well Johnsons dismissal of 62% of the membership was breath taking. His smearing of hundreds of thousands of Labour members shocking and totally outrageous. It is him who is the intolerant and arrogant one. Saying he was disappointed Labour did so well in public is an offence under rule. I think he needs to leave, now.

  12. Alan Johnson belongs to a right wing fraction of the Labour Party that is intolerant of other views as they think they are always right.
    They fail to realise that the Party has moved on and that the Blairites are has beens. He needs to wake up and get real and either accept the Party or leave.

  13. Why is that helmet even given ANY airtime?

    ‘Johnson’… The Americans have something right with their description of a ‘Johnson’.

    MSM regards him as ‘The voice of the working class’ because he was once a postman…Well, so was I. Knobhead doesn’t represent me in any way, shape or form.

  14. From wikipedia…

    Johnson was initially announced on 6 May 2005 as being “Secretary of State for Productivity, Energy and Industry”, but after just a week, on 13 May, it was declared that the new title would not be used, after widespread derision of the new name, because the abbreviation for Johnson’s title, Productivity, Energy and Industry Secretary, would have been “PENIS”.

    Pity…How apt.

  15. I saw the programme. You could have warned us about Simon Danczuk being in it!

  16. Ed Milliband resigned when he didn’t win & I expect it was thought a simple Leadership Election as all candidates were in the right wing – Then they allowed a token lefty without the expectation that he could actually win – same with Deputy candidates except no lefty.
    Shock Horror the Membership loved & voted Jeremy Corbyn & would again as he reflects our own views. It is the dirty tricks of the right coup members which have driven the Membership of Momentum which isn’t a load of trots left over from 60’s/70’s. The Coup Members will not be forgiven easily by most unless they start working very hard for a Labour Win in Unity.

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