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It’s been almost a month since the last SKWAWKBOX update – and a busy one. Here is just a small selection of the information this blog has brought to its readers either exclusively or when the mainstream media was largely ignoring it – and some of the key impacts that information has had:

  • a letter that showed Atos paying cash bonuses to staff for pushing through assessments of disabled people at higher speeds
  • LFI’s hideous – and later deletedstatement on the massacre of unarmed Palestinians by Israeli soldiers and the backlash against it
  • details of Labour First trainer and Lewisham East chair Ian McKenzie‘s vile ‘gang-rape’ comments about a Labour front-bencher – along with news of his suspension and the right-wing figures who leaped to defend him
  • exclusive news of the two ‘centrist’ MPs who went further than merely defending McKenzie – by joining him for drinks on the Commons Terrace – and the condemnation heaped on one of them by his local members
  • Labour First‘s attempt to distance itself from McKenzie
  • the disturbing online behaviour of the NCC disciplinary committee member likely to have the casting vote on McKenzie’s expulsion – unless action is taken against him for his own sexist tweets
  • the ‘Labour’ member who sent social media abuse – about front-bencher Diane Abbott – who moderates a Tory Facebook group and has claimed to vote Tory
  • the email that triggered an earthquake in the Labour right’s Sandwell heartland – and the suspension of its local campaign organisation, followed by hard questions from local members about its undemocratic conduct
  • the revelation of the ‘Labour club’ in the same area sending ‘unauthorised’ delegates to influence local constituency party business
  • also in the same area, the harassment by local officials of new Labour members in deputy leader Tom Watson’s constituency
  • another earthquake in right-dominated Enfield as members rise up to challenge anti-democratic practices – exposure leading to the likely fall of Enfield’s new, ‘irregularly‘-elected council leader
  • the eruption in right-dominated Rochdale as members demand action over local government and party corruption
  • allegations in Greenwich about a property-scandal cover-up involving a close ally of the council’s leader
  • details of Labour’s shortlisted candidates for the Lewisham East by-election – and exclusive interviews with two of them
  • video of Tory Defence Minister Gavin Williamson‘s stunned expressions as ITV’s Richard Madeley shut him down for repeatedly not answering a question
  • the hilarious ‘fail‘ by two Corbyn critics to embarrass him over the (not-)assassination of Russian journalist Yevgeniy Babchenko
  • the embarrassing attempt by former leadership challenger Owen Smith to ‘gotcha’ a Labour staffer – who turned out to be the wrong person
  • the ‘death’ of ‘Tory Momentum‘ Activate
  • details of Labour’s new disciplinary processes – and exclusive news about the appointment of its new, highly-qualified in-house Counsel
  • Owen Smith‘s naming by the Information Commissioner as the source of data unlawfully passed to right-wing former Unite challenger Gerard Coyne
  • the pseudo-Labour organisation using genuine events to ‘harvest’ member data
  • details of the dangers posed to the ‘left slate’ of candidates for this summer’s vital NEC (National Executive Committee) members
  • exclusive confirmation of a commitment by two key NEC candidates to serve the full two-year term after both had previously stood for other positions while serving
  • exposing the mainstream media’s fake news when they claimed Jennie Formby had been overruled to keep candidate Sakina Sheikh on the Lewisham East ballot after an appalling attempt by the right to sink her candidacy
  • the MPs’ names that were deleted from LFI’s supporters list after the statement – including at least one who was said to have been added without her knowledge
  • video showing the reasons for John Bercow‘s extraordinary condemnation of the Tory Leader of the House – and his barbed ‘explanation’
  • exposing the fallacy of the MSM claim that ‘thousands’ of young Labour supporters were calling for Jeremy Corbyn to change the party’s stance on Brexit – when in fact it was just two
  • the MPs who visited Israel in the wake of the massacre and posted tourist-style pictures – and the justifications published by two of them for their participation
  • right-wing Labour MP Ian Austin‘s refusal to deny his is planning to run for West Midlands metro mayor
  • exclusive comments from Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary on why she was maintaining her membership of Labour Friends of Israel, even after the horrific Gaza massacre
  • the extraordinary action by LFI in throwing an MP supporter ‘under the bus’ to limit damage to its reputation

In addition:

  • the BBC’s Have I got News for You programme became the latest in a long list of ‘MSM’ to use SKWAWKBOX material without credit – in this case the now-famous meme that triggered the ‘gammon’ phenomenon
  • the SKWAWKBOX was mentioned as the right’s ‘bogeyman’ at the launch of yet another new right-wing ‘think tank’

In these ways and more, information revealed, often exclusively, by the SKWAWKBOX regularly shakes right-wingers inside and outside the Labour Party and changes the political narrative in the party and the country.

If you can afford to do so without hardship and would like to support its work, please click here to set up a one-off or modest monthly donation. Your support and solidarity mean a lot.

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