W Brom West CLP’s hard questions for Labour council group after LCF suspension


On Thursday, the SKWAWKBOX exclusively reported a bombshell dropped in the heartland of the Labour right, in the form of the suspension of the right-dominated ‘LCF’ (Local Campaign Forum) – the body that controls candidate selections – in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell, home to both Labour deputy leader Tom Watson and Labour First die-hard MP John Spellar.

The following day, in another exclusive, this blog published the ‘highly confidential’ email sent by the secretary of Sandwell council’s Labour group to ‘all Labour group members and observers’, advising them of the suspension.

In a third exclusive, the SKWAWKBOX can reveal that the chair one of the three constituency Labour parties (CLPs) in the area, West Bromwich West (WBW), has written a stern email on behalf of the CLP’s executive to the Labour group secretary, asking for answers to searching questions that suggest WBW members feel that even the way notifications of the suspension are being handled might be an attempt by councillors to limit damage and influence proceedings:

wbw clp.png

The chair advises the group secretary that WBW has played a full role in the complaints about the conduct of the LCF – and challenges the ‘advice’ given by the secretary and the Labour group whips in their email notification of the LCF suspension.

In the context of that challenge, the advice in the notification could be taken as an attempt to suppress or divert:

However, as there is now an active investigation, discussion or debate on this cannot be permitted. This is in order to safeguard the independence of the investigation. For now, all queries you may have should be directed to Regional Office.

The WBW chair also points out that many of the people who have been the subject of complaints are now members of the council’s Labour group on whose behalf the notification – and the ban on ‘discussion or debate’ – were sent. The potential conflict of interest is huge.

He points, too, to the fact that the CLP is conducting its own investigation into some of the issues and expresses concern that the ban might be used as an excuse to avoid answering questions in that investigation – and suggests that the council’s Labour group is actings as if local CLPs are answerable to the group instead of vice versa.

Finally, the chair suggests that there has been a lack of transparency in the way even the earliest communications around the suspension have been conducted – that those with a conflict of interest have not been as open about it as should be expected – and asks who was behind the instruction to send the email about the suspension, making clear that he expects any discussions among councillors to be properly minuted and available.


It seems that local party officers in a position to recognise it consider that the powers-that-be in Sandwell are attempting to influence the investigation and the behaviour of members even as those influential individuals reel from the shock news of Jennie Formby’s decision to suspend the body that would have been used to control selections – unfairly, according to those complaining.

Whether it’s the new regional director to be appointed soon or a central representative of Ms Formby and the NEC, they are going to have their work cut out to unpick the rights and wrongs of a deeply unacceptable situation in Sandwell.

That makes it all the more essential that they act resolutely – and succeed.

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    1. In my youth I was enamoured of Israel for its bravery and skill at arms, surrounded as it was by enemies far more ready to attack then than now.
      Everyone I knew felt the same and I knew of no anti-Semites.
      The unspeakable atrocities the Jewish people had suffered made Israel’s successes heroic and I never thought to question the means of their defence.
      It’s been very hard to see Israel descend to apartheid and murder – and to see some British Jews opportunistically whoring out their history for cheap headlines.
      Mr. Keable is being persecuted for the views many reasonable people including myself hold and I’m convinced he’ll prevail.
      Those views won’t stop me – or Mr. Keable I’m sure – standing with Jewish neighbours against the far right if that time comes again.
      The far right that some seem to have forgotten are their real enemy.

    2. In the process of checking something else out, I just happened to come across the following article from yesterday. The headline says it all really – ie it’s not The Telegraph saying it…… they are just supposedly reporting what other people are saying, and know nothing of the Ha’vaara Agreement of course between the Nazis and Zionist organisations which led to the lifting of the boycott of Nazi Germany by said Zionists groups, and which of course is what Ken Livingstone was referring to, in passing, in his radio interview. There’s a paywall, so I can’t put a link to the article, but the headline and the first part of the article, so-called, is visible:

      John McDonnell accused of hypocrisy over Labour anti-Semitism

      John McDonnell is facing accusations of hypocrisy as it emerged that he is president of a group that is campaigning in support of Labour figures accused of anti-Semitism and verbal abuse of an MP.

      The shadow chancellor is president of the Labour Representation Committee (LRC), which has posted a statement on its website declaring that Ken Livingstone, the former London Mayor, was the victim of a “witch hunt” and that the controversial comments over which he resigned, were “not remotely antisemitic.”

      In May Mr McDonnell pledged to “call out” hard-left websites propagating anti-Semitism. The Telegraph’s disclosures prompted calls by Labour MPs for him to resign from the group.


      The following is a link to the LRC statement, and given the bogus attack on John McDonnell, I’m sure everyone will see the futility of supporting Ken and everyone else who has been falsely accused of A/S, at least as far as the fascist controlled media are concerned that is. It’s up to each one of *us* as individuals to get the truth out there to the millions who have been duped and deceived, because if JC attempts to, this is precisely what they’ll do – ie double down, as with John.

  1. Fully support Jenny and her team in cleaning up this mess in WB .
    Democratisation in progresses giving the genuine Labour supporters back their voice , for the Torylites then the exit door is always open.That means you Spellar !
    Mandatory 5 yr Re-selection an absolute “must have “

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