This video has nothing to do with why the Tories are attacking Speaker Bercow…

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Last week, Commons Speaker John Bercow was attacked by the Tories and Tory-supporting mainstream media (MSM) for allegedly calling Tory ‘Leader of the House’ Andrea Leadsom ‘stupid’ and ‘f***ing useless’.

The assault on Bercow has continued for several days, with yesterday’s Sunday Times reporting Tory front-benchers calling the remarks ‘unacceptable’ and that a formal complaint is to be made today.

The following video:

  • shows the parliamentary exchanges that immediately preceded Bercow’s alleged pronouncement regarding Ms Leadsom
  • highlights Ms Leadsom’s behaviour and Bercow’s formal response
  • makes clear that Bercow’s ire was driven by his determination to protect the integrity of the House from unconstitutional Tory tactics to avoid accountability
  • shows that Bercow himself knew his determination to use his powers as Speaker to stop such tactics and hold the Tories to account for them was likely to result in considerable ‘flak’ – and intends to proceed anyway


The Opposition Day debate that the Tories wanted to deprive of time was not some dry, esoteric discussion of fine legislative points on some technical issue.

It was the Grenfell Tower debate.

It has – of course – absolutely nothing to do with why the Tories may wish to bring Bercow down or a desire to be able to continue their Commons cowardice unhindered.

They’d surely never do anything so base and self-serving…

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  1. The fact that the RW across all parties have such a propensity for lying, deception and underhand tactics in order to further their ideology should tell us something.

  2. Bercow just needs to go the whole hog and roar at the top of his voice: ‘AND WHERE THE F’ING F*** DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?’ to the likes of johnson, gove, grayling and ids, the next time they try to slope out of the chamber to leave their lackeys to front the questions.

    He might even cow the rats into submission doing that…

    1. The following is an extract from a Huffpost article re Ken’s resignation:

      In 2016, Livingstone was suspended for bringing the party into disrepute after declaring that Adolf Hitler had a policy in the early 1930s of wanting to move German Jews to Israel.

      “He [Hitler] was supporting Zionism – before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews,” he told BBC Radio London at the time.

      Despite an outcry, he refused to back down and a year later said there had been “real collaboration” between the Nazis and some Jews. However, the former GLC leader has always said it was a ‘lie’ to claim he had said Hitler was a Zionist.


      Funny isn’t it how numerous journalists would have their readers believe that they – said journalists – have never taken a couple of minutes to do a simple internet search to ascertain if what Ken said was true. Then again, you can be 100% sure that they have and, as such, they know what he said is a matter of historical fact. But then that’s the last thing they want their readers to know! Because they have an agenda of course, and Hitler and Gobbels themselves would have been impressed with their Big Deception. As Malcolm X said:

      “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

    2. A Labour party without Ken isn’t a promising omen for the future and isn’t one I’ll be joining any time soon.

      I can see a whole load more selling out to get JC into No 10 and afterwards, too…

      1. “selling out”? Could you elaborate? And if Ken resigned from the LP because he felt his situation was an ongoing distraction, as he did, then why would that deter you from joining the LP? And why haven’t you joined before now anyway?

  3. I watched a lot of the Grenfell Tower debate, and for most of the time there was only 10 or so Tories there. To be fair although we had more, there weren’t that many from us either for a debate on one of the great avoidable tragedies of the decade.

  4. Yes Grenfell Tower – the local Tory Neo-Liberals spent £1.7m on cheap cladding following their national Tory Neo-Liberal lead of promoting go cheap so called “value for money?” when more fire resistant cladding would have cost £3.1m. So we can work out under the Tory Neo-Liberals diverse working class people were worth £1.4m that’s about £20k per life – get the Tory Neo-Liberal Barbarians and Neo-Liberalism itself in the dock! Justice 4 Grenfell!

  5. Yes Grenfell demonstrates the Tories with their Neo-Liberal ideology KNOW THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING AND THE VALUE OF NOTHING!

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