MP Harris leaves LFI supporter list – believed to have been added without consent

MP and Welsh Labour deputy leader Carolyn Harris

Yesterday, the SKWAWKBOX published the names of six Labour MPs that had disappeared from the list of Labour Friends of Israel’s (LFI) parliamentary supporters, after parliamentary sources told this blog that MPs had been removed after saying they were listed without consent.

The list missing the six names was an old list left in place by LFI, which the group has now replaced with a similarly-titled article.

However, one name has been removed from the list: Welsh MP and Welsh Labour’s deputy leader Carolyn Harris.

Sources close to Ms Harris have confirmed that she asked to be removed because she had not previously realised she had been included.

Fellow MPs Tulip Siddiq and Catherine West were removed form the supporters’ list in the wake of LFI’s widely-condemned statement regarding last week’s massacre of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza.

LFI has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Some of our MP’s may well have their name removed but that doesn’t mean they don’t support LFI any more. Some of them deny any direct affiliation but after watching “The Lobby” – that seems to be what is implied. A disconnection in public only.

  2. LFI: “Would you sign this petition to eradicate anti-Semitism from the HoC?”

    MP: “Yes, of course I will :)”

    LFI: “Thanks for your support!”

  3. And still senior members of the party refuse to disassociate themselves from this evil group. Why? Explain yourselves. You are answerable to us the membership.

    1. “You are answerable to us the membership.”

      They’ll beg to differ – until the next election.

  4. I find it hard to believe that, whilst under the intense scrutiny of the recent Welsh Deputy election, not one single member referred to her membership of LFI, thus alerting her to the fact. I also find it hard to believe that she didn’t know.

  5. It was probably all part of the bourgeois careerist game, join this group, join that group, helps build a network of support, helps you climb the greasy pole rather that perhaps joining causes you BELIEVE in and as left wing democratic socialists your star should emerge by saying and standing for what you believe in!
    Re Israel/Palestine I think Naura Eraket (CBS Interview, You Tube) smashed the Right Wing Israeli Govt. glass ceiling.
    Nuara pointed out that Hamas “is a scarecrow” to distract from the Right Wing Israeli Govts. unwillingness to talk.
    I argued a few years ago Hamas was clever, they got in with the poor by offering services and jobs (as Hamas fighters) to win hearts and minds, and they have won pockets but as Naura argued “The Palestinian people don’t want Hamas.”
    I think intellectually the game is up for the Right Wing Israeli Govt. and I can only conclude that I think Naura is right and for example they won’t allow the right of refugees to return (which is a right in every country) because “They want to maintain their religious, ethnic, and economic supremacy.” Freedom for Palestinians!

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